S90 Training Bag Glove

S90 Training Bag Glove

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Train Like A Champion With Starpro Training Bag Gloves


A Wise Choice For Comfortable Training Sessions

Heavily padded18-ounce, Starpro S90 Training Bag gloves offer the best protection to the hands of athletes. Perfect for pros as well as beginners, they provide great protection along with snug fitting and comfort.

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S90 Starpro Training Bag Glove
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Premium Quality With Supreme Protection

Designed with 100% premium quality PU synthetic leather, these 18-oz gloves are designed for the heavy bag workout with a thick injection molded foam padding. IMF padding allows natural fist closure along with helping you deliver powerful punches. Premium quality foam padding with strong stitching makes these training gloves a reliable and durable option that can withstand all the heavy-hitting.

Additional Wrist Support

The latest technology of injection molded foam padding is ergonomically shaped in order to maintain the natural position of the hand at all times and relieves pressure on the forearm, while the boxer is forming a fist. The wide 6.5 cm wraparound Velcro strap is incorporated in the design for additional wrist support along with snug fitting of the gloves. The Velcro strap makes it convenient to wear without the help of any other person.

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A Comfy Option For Longer Training Sessions

The moisture-wicking Korean inner lining and hydra-flow mesh ensure the utmost comfort for longer training sessions. It keeps your hands comfortable and also helps in maintaining a pleasantly cool hand temperature while keeping the gloves dry and fresh during long and intense training sessions.


Ensure you get the right fit


Measure your palm width circumference around the widest point of your hand just below your knuckles.