About Us

Our Story

-Starpak Martial Arts (Pvt.) Ltd. in 1978 with an aim to develop high quality, long lasting sports gear. The company's legacy goes back to 1919. It was one of the first innovators to develop protection products for boxing, MMA and fitness training in 1984. Over the decades, Starpak Martial Arts (Pvt.) Ltd has evolved into a mature industry or rather an institution.

It is an official Olympic supplier, the lead manufacturing partner of some of the most exquisite international sports brands and first choice of the best athletes and fighters worldwide.

Starpak Martial Arts Pvt. Ltd. known for their devotion and passion for the combat sports. They believe in cross fitness and box fitness. That is why, they aim to introduce boxing, MMA and martial arts as mainstream lifestyle sports.

In 2016 Starpak launched its own brand, Starpro – a high-end combat sports brand, that uses cutting-edge technology, highest production quality, and the best work practices, to produce innovative combat gear, protection goods, sportswear and accessories for boxing, MMA, martial arts and fitness training.

With the vision to be able to connect directly with the end consumers worldwide, Starpro doesn’t just sell the products but the whole concept. From innovation and unmatched product quality service, on-time delivery and the best quality/price ratio you could ever get, Starpro products and services are designed for the aid, comfort, and safety of their consumers. We operate worldwide including Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Gulf with multiple warehouses and the global headquarters in Helmond, Netherlands.



Our Values

Starpro believes in innovation and understands what it takes to be a combat sports player. You are an athlete and an artist. You deserve the best athletic and combat gear that you can confidently rely on, for training and competitions. Our products unleash your human potential. With experience, passed down from three successive generations, along with continuous innovation and research, we create products that are technologically advanced yet resilient and long-lasting to keep you safe and help achieve your long-term goals.

We make sure our combat gear is an inspiration to the athletes and enhances the training experience, skills and techniques they work so hard to achieve. Whether training for fitness, self-defence or competition, and combat Starpro understands the drive for self-improvement and wants to be a part of your journey to actualization. Every milestone of yours is a testament to our craft.


To create high quality, technologically advanced fitness gear for boxing, MMA and so that while putting in the hard work to be the best version of yourself, you can count on us to take care of the rest.


To become a trustworthy inspiration partner in your daily grind to fitness, self-improvement and a healthy lifestyle.