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Competition gloves are the most essential fighting aid of every boxer since the impact of their hits, their impression and overall performance during the fight is highly dependent on the gloves they wear. Therefore, having a trusted and reliable pair of fighting/competition gloves is crucial to every boxer and MMA artist.

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Starpro believes in comfort and performance-oriented product development. That is why they use premium quality raw material, high-tech manufacturing, and assembly procedures along with intricate and meticulous craftsmanship of their experienced professionals to deliver you the best completion gloves in the market.
These lace-up boxing gloves are cushioned with foam padding at the knuckles for maximum protection and minimum impact to your hand while delivering your hardest hits with full impact to your opponent.

Starpro Sports competition gloves are a boxer’s dream come true. The sheet padded wrist and tough cushioning reduces the impact on your forearm and keeps you safe from injuries and bruises during fights. And while the well ventilated inner lining keeps your hand cool and dry, the laces provide you a customizable snug fitting and additional support to your wrist and hand, thus allowing a balanced force distribution and improved punch strength and technique. These gloves are a product of art, technology, and experience, all put together, for a comfortable yet reliable and durable fighting partner for boxers.

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