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MMA and boxing inner gloves are a must-have for every combat sports athlete. They offer a snug fit and a sweat-free, hence more comfortable experience when worn under boxing gloves. They keep the boxing gloves odor-free, allow the players to wear their gloves for longer duration and provide additional protection to hands, forearm, and shoulders by relieving pressure on the forearm.

Designed for Optimal Protection and Comfort

Starpro MMA and boxing inner gloves are made with woven elastic polyester fabric, aero foam padded knuckles, moisture-wicking breathable palm and back along with an elastic cotton wrap-around bandage for the wrist protection and Velcro enclosure at the end.

These gloves provide the ultimate hand and wrist protection against bruises and a sweat-free workout experience when worn under boxing gloves or on their own. Find Starpro MMA and boxing inner gloves, Inner glove wraps and inner glove liners for a hygienic and safe experience.