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Hand wraps are an essential combat sports equipment, especially for martial arts training. MMA, Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Boxing Hand Wraps keep the hands safe from injuries and your MMA and boxing gloves sweat and odor-free.

Designed for The Ultimate protection and Comfort

Starpro premium quality 100% cotton hand wraps are free from AZO dyes. Complete with a thumb loop, these gloves adapt perfectly to the hand thanks to the elastic, stretchable fabric. They absorb sweat effectively, keeping your boxing and MMA gloves dry and odor-free. These wraps are easy to put on and slip-proof because of the Velcro closure at the end.
These easy maintenance hand wraps are perfect for use on their own during workouts and as inner wraps with gloves for a snug-fitting. Find MMA, kickboxing and boxing hand wraps, martial arts, karate, Judo, BJJ and Muay Thai hand wraps in interesting colors at Starpro.