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Starpro best boxing gloves for weak wrists

One crucial question asked by many beginners is what weight gloves do boxers use. Before we start analyzing the aspect of weight gloves, it is important to point out that the weight and strength of the boxer play not as crucial a role as does the perfect weight of the gloves. It is also important to note that the weight of the sparring and training boxing gloves differs from the weight of the boxing gloves used during the original boxing matches. Typically, the weight of the boxing gloves sued during boxing range between the ranges 10 and 12 oz. In addition, it is typical for professional boxers to agree on the weight gloves that they intend to use. This also answers the question of what size gloves do boxers wear.


1- Different Weight for the Respective Use

Typically, the range of the weight of the boxing gloves starts from 8 oz. and can go up to 20 oz. As mentioned earlier, during the intensive training sessions as well as sparring the weight of the boxing gloves used by the boxers comprises 12 oz., 14 oz., and 16 oz. Nonetheless, the decision with regards to the weight of the boxing gloves depends on the boxer as well as his/her trainer. With regards to the professional boxing matches, the typical weight of the boxing gloves is 10 oz.; however, there are also instances where the boxers might choose to wear boxing gloves of 8 oz. depending on their lightweight.

2- Heavy Weight Boxing Gloves Associate with Protection

The boxing gloves come in a variety of sizes as well as weight; they serve a variety of purposes with regards to their weight. Nonetheless, the fundamental reason why the professional boxers, as well as the aspiring athletes, put on boxing gloves is mainly due to the protection of their hands as well as wrists. Not to mention the fact that the boxing gloves also minimize the damage to the opponent’s anatomy, such as their face where the majority of the punches and strikes are aimed at. Furthermore, the padded boxing gloves also serve as a support to the hands, knuckles, and wrists during the delivery of the power punches, so that the hands, knuckles, and wrists do not break on impact. In other words, the more padding the boxing gloves include, the better the protection for the trainers and the professional boxers.

3- The Badass History of the Boxing Gloves

You might be surprised to know that the origins of the earliest form of boxing gloves date back to early Greece where the Greeks used to wrap their hands in cloth and leather wraps during the Olympic Games as well as the fighting arenas. The initial purpose of these hand wraps was to protect the hands of the fighters while adding a boost to the punching fist. Originally, the ancient Gladiators used to wrap their hands with clothes and leather straps in order to protect their knuckles from damage and breaking. Later on, boxing bouts were introduced in Great Britain during the 1600s; however, the fighters preferred to fight with their bare knuckles. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that the boxing gloves were made mandatory for the boxing matches. The primary version of the boxing gloves was invented somewhere in the 1700s; yet, even during that time, the boxers preferred boxing with their bare hands.

4- Boxing Gloves for MMA

Many people who aren’t familiar with the various forms and designs of the fighting and boxing gloves carry the notion that there is no difference between the different types of gloves. The truth, however, is that the MMA boxing gloves differ from the original boxing gloves. The boxing gloves for MMA include holes so that the fighters can get hold of each other; also, the weight of the MMA boxing gloves differs from the original boxing gloves for these typically weigh only 4 oz. the MMA boxing gloves allow for the movement of the thumbs. On the contrary, the original boxing gloves are made of attached thumbs that don’t let the boxers and aspiring athletes move their thumbs.

What do Padded Gloves Protect the Boxers from?

After having successfully analyzed the different types of boxing gloves with regards to their weight; we will proceed to the analysis of the aspect to the purpose the padded gloves serve in particular with regards to the protection of the wrists. As mentioned earlier, the boxing gloves for sparring and the intensive training sessions are different than the boxing gloves for the boxing ring. Sparring involves certain strategies, such as attack, counter-attack, striking, etc., therefore, different boxing gloves are used for the sparring and training sessions.

The sparring boxing gloves include additional layers of padding along with a design that is molded differently from the boxing gloves used in the boxing matches. The boxing gloves that have been specifically designed for sparring come in a different padded version that lessens the impact of the punches and strikes. They also provide better protection for the wrists and the knuckles. In other words, the boxing gloves for sparring and training are slightly more cushioned than ordinary boxing gloves. These boxing gloves also ensure that the opponent doesn’t get hurt since the holistic purpose of sparring and training is to improve the striking and punching strategies along with the development of boxing and defensive skills. The aim is not to knock out the opponent but to improve the striking and punching strategies.

The best boxing gloves are specifically designed to obtain a certain level of compression.  In case the boxing gloves lose their ability to compress, it will associate with the inability of reducing the effects of the punches and strikes. Therefore, the best boxing gloves are not only reliable and durable but also resistant to speedy impacts of the punches and strikes. In this regard, the boxing gloves made of leather are deemed as high-quality boxing gloves due to their level of durability.

There is a huge variety of the best boxing gloves available in the markets and online stores; however, the sparring boxing gloves of 16 oz. are typically the most widely used boxing gloves for the sparring and intensive training sessions. The determining factor for the right size of boxing gloves is determined by the factor of the boxer’s weight. The less the boxer’s weight is the smaller their boxing gloves can weigh in size. Similarly, the more the weight of the boxer, the heavier their sparring boxing gloves ought to weigh. If you are new to the boxing game and looking for the best sparring and boxing gloves, then it is recommended to get the pair of sparring boxing gloves that feel the most comfortable in your hands and fists.


Some Recommendations for Beginners…

If you are a beginner and new to the boxing game, it is recommended to start with slightly bigger boxing gloves for safety and protection purposes. Bigger boxing gloves will offer more protection due to additional padding. Once you are into the boxing game, you will be able to work yourself down to the ideal weight of the boxing and sparring gloves. If you are looking for the perfect pair of sparring and boxing gloves, you ought to look out for the following things:

  • Snug Fit: if you will opt for a pair of boxing gloves with a snug fit, then there will be minimal room for your hands to move inside the boxing gloves. The less the room for moving around the mess the risk of fractures and hand injuries. Nonetheless, it is crucial to leave some space for the adjustment of hand wraps.
  • The Material of the Boxing Gloves: if you will opt for PU-leather boxing gloves these will prove more reliable and durable. In addition, these will also last longer. It is also recommended to try on the pair of boxing gloves before you actively proceed to purchase them.

Tips to Maintain the Boxing Gloves…

  1. For the longer life of your boxing and sparring gloves make sure to dry them thoroughly out after each training and sparring session.
  2. Moisture has the tendency to destroy and ruin your pair of boxing gloves; therefore, ensure to keep them in a dry and cool place. Also, keep them away from direct sunlight as this can have a damaging impact on the boxing gloves as well. Moisture causes the disintegration of the padded gloves at a quicker pace due to the accumulation of bacteria. In addition, moisture and sweat also cause the buildup of odor that can be quite disturbing as well. For the longer life of your boxing gloves, you ought to take precautionary measurements with regards to the cleanliness and maintenance of the boxing gloves.

What Causes Wrist Pain after Punching Bag?

Boxing requires focus and strength of body and mind; above all, it also requires you to know about certain safety measurements in order to stay protected from unnecessary injuries and fractions. Many beginner boxers tend to forget about the safety of their wrist when it comes to boxing. When it comes to selecting the best boxing gloves they tend to ignore the factor of searching for the best boxing gloves for weak wrists. Nonetheless, as long as someone uses the right kind of boxing equipment, nothing can go wrong in the boxing ring. Referring to the best boxing gloves for the support of the wrists, it is important to know about the different types of boxing gloves so that you can get the best for your intensive training sessions as well as the boxing ring.

Before we proceed to our list of suggestions with regards to how to hit a heavy bag without hurting the wrist, let's talk a little more about the importance of wrist support during the boxing games. Typically, the majority of the boxing gloves provide wrist support; however, there is a variety of the best boxing gloves that are specifically designed for the protection and support of the wrists during the hitting of the punching bag; the intensive workouts, and the boxing matches. Some of the best boxing gloves are slightly bigger with the intention of providing more support.

The structure of bones differs from person to person; naturally, some people have slightly weaker bones and smaller hands than others. Due to the fragility of the hand structure, the wrists of the individuals are prone to get broken easier than others. Such boxers with fragile hands require a bit more support than others. For instance, Floyd Mayweather was all the time having difficulties with throwing powerful punches due to his rather delicate hands. In other words, he wasn't an avid power puncher despite the fact that he won in the boxing ring, still, he faced problems due to his delicate hands and bones.

One has to keep in mind that the hand structure includes a number of bones in the hand and wrist as well. The bones aren't big; therefore, one has to adopt precautionary measurements if one doesn't want to damage the bones. In other words, the act of throwing power punches requires one to transfer the power from the arm through the wrist onwards to the hand; therefore, it is required for the support to be extremely good. However, one needs to keep in mind the precautionary measurements while boxing and intensive training. This article will guide you through the ways and measurements with which you can avoid wrist pain after punching the boxing bag.


How to Deal with Wrist Pain after Punching Bag and Boxing?

If you are new to the training and boxing sessions, then you might have noticed that the wrists tend to get sore and painful after a couple of strikes and punches. Typically, wrist pain and wrist soreness result from the fact when the boxers or trainers do not wrap their hands in boxing bandages or wear boxing gloves. In severe cases, the boxers and trainers even require a proper hand and wrist surgery that can further keep them out of the training sessions and boxing ring. The below-given list includes the most common reasons for the boxers and trainers to develop wrist pain or wrist injury during their boxing matches and the workout sessions.

  1. Overtraining and Overuse of Injuries

Boxing beginners and trainers are prone to hit the punching bag that is heavy or the opponent.  The "overuse" injuries include the inadaptability of ligaments, tendons, and muscles due to excessive stress after the hands and wrists have been exposed to the constant hitting and punching actions. The condition gets worsened due to the lack of resting time between the training and boxing intervals. Such injuries can also lead to other wounds and injuries, such as the syndrome of carpal tunnel. In order to avoid this injury, it is recommended to ensure the usage of boxing bandages and boxing gloves that are of the perfect sizes. If you are currently suffering from this condition then it is recommended to apply cold compress or ice for the reduction of the swelling of the affected area. In addition, it is also recommended to pay your physician a visit at the earliest so that the injury can be addressed properly.

  1. Osteoarthritis

The condition of osteoarthritis occurs when the joint's cartilage breaks down. Typically, this condition is related to aging and the natural wear and tear of the joints. Due to the excessive boxing participation, the boxers experience more of this issue as the wrists must endure constant pressure that results from the punching and other boxing activities that indulge the bearing of weight. If one is suffering from the pain, the best thing to do is to wear a pair of wrist braces for support. Generally, the best way to deal with soreness resulting from osteoarthritis is exercise along with the intake of supplements (glucosamine). Nonetheless, it is always recommended to check in with your physician for the treatment of wrist soreness and osteoarthritis.

  1. Boxer's Fracture

This type of fracture is quite common amongst the boxers which is also the typical reason for wrist pain. The bone that joins the pinkie finger with the wrist might get fractured during the forceful collision of the punching fist with an object. Usually, this happens when the boxer isn't wearing a punching glove or any other protection for the punching fist and wrists. Proper wrist support and padding assist in the avoidance of this injury; however, in case of injury, it is recommended to seek treatment as soon as possible. The fracture needs to be treated with medication that is inflammatory along with proper and thorough rest.

  1. Carpal Bossing

This wrist injury causes a lump at the backside of the hand where the joint meets the bones of the long fingers of the hand. The pain can be minimized by taking proper rest during long intervals; in addition, the boxing bandages also assist with respect to precautionary measurements. In addition, the best boxing gloves ought to be of the size of 16 oz. the application of ice in the swollen area can also prove helpful in the healing of the hand; in addition, the physician needs to be consulted at any cost for the cure of carpal bossing. 

Why Should You Use Padded Gloves For The Heavy Bag?

Many beginner boxers and aspiring athletes worry about the aspect of how they can prevent injury and how to hit a heavy bag without hurting a wrist. If this is your concern as well, then you are here at the right spot.  If you have ever had the painful experience of delivering misplaced punches on the heavy bag, then you will have definitely experienced the sharp shooting pain that gushes through your arm and wrist at the highest speed. This kind of pain is common to experience among those who have never weight lifted before and are relatively new to the punching and boxing game.

Without a doubt, the heavy bag is amongst the primary choices as fitness equipment for the majority of the boxers and aspiring athletes; however, this is also amongst the most basic source for causing pain and injury. Since you are here reading this article, we recommend that you go through the below-given list of tips that will assist you in avoiding hand and wrist injuries prior to going ballistic on the heavy bag during your next training session.

1- The Importance of a Quality Heavy Punching Bag

The best heavy bags come in a variety of styles, designs, forms, and sizes. If you are intending of making the heavy punching bag as your primary fitness equipment, then it is suggested to never compromise on the quality of your punching bag for this will ensure the avoidance of wrist and hand injury. A punching bag of poor quality usually transforms into a hard rock at its bottom that is obvious to cause pain and injury to the wrist and hand during the intensive workout and training sessions.

Typically, this kind of injury happens due to some basic reasons, such as the material; especially, the filling material of the heavy bag. Either the punching bag is filled with a bad quality filling or it is filled in a poor manner with less foam to fill into the punching bag. In case the heavy bag feels like hard rock, you ought to never do the mistake of believing that this aspect might pass with time and that it will get softer as your training sessions might proceed and the delivery and frequency of your punches might have a softening impact on the punching bag.

In case the heavy bag is filled with the material of sand or grains, then it is typical for the content to get settled at the bottom of the heavy bag which further results in an over hard bottom and a somewhat softer top. There is nothing to worry though for the majority of the best manufacturers have started using a fabric of high density as the perfect filling of the punching bag. You might be surprised to know that as per the latest technology, there is even heavy punching bag that has been filled with water instead for greater consistency, durability, reliability, along with the best user experience.

2- Importance of Hand Wraps

Apart from wearing the best boxing gloves, it is also important to use hand wraps before you proceed to slip on your excellent pair of boxing gloves. The majority of beginner boxers usually do the mistake of slipping on their boxing gloves without paying heed to the importance of boxing hand wraps. Not to mention the fact that the act of slipping on the pair of boxing gloves without wrapping up your hands is unhygienic as well. Apart from that, the hands and wrists are provided with an additional layer of safety with the help of the hand wraps making them the least susceptible to fractures and injuries during the boxing bouts as well as intensive workout sessions with the heavy bag.

One has to remember that the boxing bouts and the intensive training sessions with the boxing bag impart stress to the knuckles, wrists, and hands. Therefore, the hands need the utmost support with the help of the boxing gloves of the perfect size as well as hand wraps. The mere possession of hand wraps won’t suffice for it is important to know how to wrap the hands in the best way as well. Each of the boxers might have their own particular style of wrapping their hands with the hand wraps before slipping on their pair of boxing gloves; however, you ought to focus on the aspect that all parts of your hand, as well as wrist, are securely wrapped multiple times over before you start with your workout sessions.

3- Utilize the Correct Punching Technique

Punching a heavy bag is essentially a tough task to do for you require consistency with regards to your movement, stance, punching power, and strength. In case of any inconsistency, you are more likely to feel it after some time has passed of your training session. It might not come as obvious instantly; however, with the passage of time, you will find out about the fallacy in your punching technique and body posture.

If you are new to the boxing game, then it is usual to face some difficulty while trying to establish consistency along with finding the best punching technique; in this regard, shadowboxing can be of utmost value to you. You might be surprised to know that physical exercises, such as shadowboxing and rope jumping are utmost fruitful when it comes to the development of strength and consistency. Apart from this, you might also want to hit up a trainer and ask them about how you can deliver the perfect jab, cross, lead hook, or attempt to throw an overhand.

Once you are familiar with the various punching and boxing techniques, you will pleasantly find the punching workout sessions with the heavy bag quite easy. It is also suggested to take it slow in the beginning and avoid going ballistic at the start. You will have to slowly but steadily build up your punching tempo and striking techniques. Learn to punch the heavy bag lightly at first while using the correct punching and fighting technique. Trust us when we say is that the gradual sharpening and intensifying of your punches will assist you in leveling up your punching bag along with keeping your hands and wrists safe from injury and fracture during the intensive workout and training sessions. At the end of each of the training sessions with the heavy bag you will feel better, improved, and definitely more powerful. All you got to do is to take it slow in the beginning.

4- The Significance of Using the Best Boxing and Punching Gloves

At first, we stated that you needed to make effective use of the hand wraps while delivering punches on the heavy bag. The hand wraps ensure that the hands, knuckles, and wrists stay protected and least susceptible to injury and fracture during the training sessions. Now, we are proceeding to the importance of using the right kind of punching gloves while striking and hitting the heavy bag. Many people who are new to the boxing world might think of the boxing gloves to be one and the same thing. However, the truth is that there is a variety of boxing gloves available in the markets and online stores; whereas, each pair of boxing gloves serve their respective purpose.

Not all boxing gloves are designed to use on the heavy bag; similarly, not all of the boxing gloves are meant to use inside the boxing ring. You might be surprised to know that even the all-purpose boxing gloves are not designed to be used on the heavy bag; nonetheless, these are perfect for sparring and other aspects of bag workout including to be used on the punching bag. However, for the use of the heavy bag, it is highly recommended to make use of the pair of boxing gloves that are heavily padded.  In other words, the well-padded boxing gloves are perfectly made for the intensive workout and training sessions with the heavy bag. If you are looking for the ultimate hand and wrist protection while training with a heavy bag, then you ought to get one of the 14 ozs. boxing gloves from a good brand and made with the best material. The 14 oz. boxing gloves will assist in the absorption of the impact of the strikes and punches against the heavy bag.

5- Ultimate Power Control

Another way to avoid wrist injury during the training sessions with the heavy bag is the control of power. There are boxers and athletes who prefer taking on a rather measured approach while striking and punching the heavy bag; whereas, on the other side, there is the category of trainers who love to go ballistic on each of their punches while striking the heavy bag. Depending on the factor whether you have stronger hands or delicate ones, you will have to adapt your punching and striking style accordingly.

 In other words, if your hands are prone to hand and wrist injury, then it is recommended to adopt the measured striking and punching style since it will cause the least damage to your hands and wrists. In addition, if you are looking for ways to improve your fighting style during the boxing bouts, then you will have to adopt a measured and controlled style of training with the heavy bag. In other words, the measured way of punching refers to “set up” strikes and punches as well as the implementation of feints that ensure that your wrists and hands stay free of injury and fracture while improving your punching and boxing style. Lastly, you might be familiar with the quote that boxing is game of mind which indicates that possessing strength and consistency is as important as is having a strategy and the perfect contingency plan during the boxing bouts when you are fighting with your opponent. One useful aspect in this regard is to look up at the punching bag as if it is your enemy and start to punch and strike the heavy bag accordingly while maintaining a measured and controlled boxing and striking stance.

6- Strong Wrists and Hands

We all know that in the world of boxing, the hands and wrists of the boxers are amongst their most widely used body parts; therefore, it makes perfect sense to adopt precautionary measures that would safeguard and protect the hands and wrists from fractures and injuries. In other words, the boxing career of an aspiring boxer relies on the strength of their hands and wrists. In this connection, it is recommended to take extra steps and go extra miles to ensure the safety of the hands and wrist from accidental injury, pain, and fractures. In this connection, you might also find some hand and wrist strengthening methods online; or, you might also ask your trainer in this regard. Nonetheless, one has to be utmost careful while trying out the hand and wrist strengthening methods as the majority of them can impart more damage than good if done incorrectly. Therefore, it is important to take the assistance of some expert before attempting to do it on your own.

7- Let your Body Rest!

The excess of anything is bad and damaging; the same goes for the intensive training sessions that include hitting and striking the heavy bag. In other words, letting your hands and body rest is crucial for better and improved performance. If you are looking for a renewed sense of vigor while feeling mentally and physically refreshed, then it is recommended to have a couple of days off from the gym. If you are having a tough time staying away from the gym, then it is recommended to avoid training with that equipment for a while that are causing injury and pain.

Especially, if a heavy workout session with the heavy bag has caused injury to your hand and wrist, and it has lasted throughout the training session, then it is recommended to go for some rest and check-in with a doctor or recovery. We know that professional boxers are prone to fight through their worst injuries and pain; however, when you are not in the boxing ring, then it is highly recommended to stop training with the heavy bag and getting some rest. In other words, your priority ought to be to heal properly before you proceed with the training and workout sessions. You can always focus on personal improvement along with the development of better striking and fighting strategies after having healed thoroughly and gotten rid of the injury to the wrist and hand.

Some Final Thoughts on Boxing Gloves and Punching Bag…

Anyone into kickboxing probably knows how to deliver punches on a punching bag during the intensive training sessions; they might also know about the importance of the protection and safeguarding the hands and the wrists from unnecessary injuries and fractures. In this respect, it is important to know about the importance of boxing gloves; especially, if you are a beginner boxer and new to the boxing game. Even if you are an avid fan of boxing with bare knuckles; still, it is recommended that you start the training expeditions with boxing wraps and boxing bandages.

Some people find the task of wearing boxing gloves quite uncomfortable; the majority of the beginner boxers feel a certain restriction on their finger movements which makes them want to abandon the best boxing gloves altogether. The wearing of boxing globes is of utmost importance for beginners and professional boxers; however, at the same time, it is as important to know how to punch the boxing bag without the protection of gloves.  We hope that this article proved helpful in establishing a better understanding of how to avoid wrist and injuries while hitting a heavy bag.