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Starpro What makes boxing gloves good

There is a wide variety of sports and every sport has its own unique equipment necessary to practice the sport safely. Similarly, the central equipment used in boxing is boxing gloves. There are many brands that provide quality boxing gloves, but the question is what makes boxing gloves good.


The ultimate goal of boxing gloves is that the fighters do not injure each other during the fight. When it comes to boxing gloves, there is a fascinating technology behind them. The materials that are used for the boxing gloves tell a lot about the quality of the gloves. Synthetic leather is commonly used to cut costs and it can range in quality. Some use poor vinyl while some use a material that is almost indistinguishable from real leather. Leather gloves are much more durable as compared to other materials and are of higher quality.


Purpose of Boxing Gloves

Before getting boxing gloves, you must know their purpose and why you want them. For example, there are a few differences between standard boxing gloves and the gloves designed for Muay Thai. The gloves designed for Muay Thai are padded in a little different way. They are looser around your hand and provide more flexibility for clinching. So you cannot use standard boxing gloves for Muay Thai and vice versa.

It is essential to consider what the training sessions are going to consist of for which you are using boxing gloves. There are a lot of brands that offer general training gloves for general boxing training and sparring gloves for sparring separately. These gloves are designed according to the requirements of the training sessions and all are different from each other.

1- Protection for the Hands

Boxing gloves aim to protect the hands of the boxer and the opponent. Larger gloves naturally provide more protection as compared to smaller gloves. Because padding enhances the duration of a strike and reduces the impact that target feels. Another benefit of bigger gloves is the surface. Larger surface spreads out the force of a punch. Boxers know all about this, so they use different gloves for training and matches. Training gloves have more padding while the ones used in the ring are smaller and harder to maximize the force of the impact.

2- Material

Manufacturers use vinyl and leather for making boxing gloves. For kids and beginners, vinyl gloves are the better option as these gloves are cheaper than the leather gloves. Vinyl gloves usually come with Velcro closure, which makes them easy to put on. Professional boxers use leather gloves. Leather gloves are more durable and effective as compared to vinyl ones and mostly last for several years. Due to high-quality, leather gloves are expensive but a better choice in the long run because of durability. Proper maintenance of the boxing gloves is also important to make them last longer.

3- Padding

Padding is of great significance when it comes to boxing gloves because it ensures your and your opponent's safety. Quality padding is what makes boxing gloves good. The majority of the boxing gloves available in the market have foam padding. In the case of sparring gloves, a layered foam system provides excellent protection to both you and the person you are hitting. Layered foam is all the padding that you need for your boxing gloves. But some brands are now launching gloves with gel-infused foam padding. The gel-infused foam provides a slightly different feeling when you strike and improve the force dispersion through the padding. This padding keeps your hands safe and produces more power to punch as hard as you like.

There is another option, basically, a traditional one that is horsehair padding. It was the most common boxing gloves padding before foam padding came up and horsehair gloves transfer more force to your target with every punch. The downside of this padding is that it is not durable.

4- Wrist Support

When it comes to boxing gloves, wrist support is one of the striker's priorities. When you are boxing, it is quite easy to injure your wrist and the support your boxing gloves offer is what makes all the difference. High-Quality wrist support is what makes boxing gloves good and perfect. For this always try the boxing gloves before buying. In the case of boxing gloves, it is not a good idea to opt online shopping as you cannot check whether the boxing gloves fit on your hands and provide the needed wrist support or not. It’s recommended to look for a wide cuff that extends down your wrist with a broad Velcro closure, which means you can strap them uptight and support your wrists well.

5- Shape Formation

Before the padding is put in, the stitching and forming of the shape of the gloves are done. The base of the gloves is stitched inside out at first, which means when the gloves are inverted most of the stitches and seams are inside and are not visible. It gives a fine look at the gloves. At the same time, breathable meshes and grip bars are stitched into the gloves.

6- Closure Options

Boxing gloves have Velcro closing as well as a lace-up closing system. Velcro gloves are recommended for heavy bag practice, sparring, and training. They are quite easy to put on and put off and you will not need any external assistance. But Velcro gloves can bruise your arm and your opponent's face too. On the other hand, lace-up gloves are used by professional boxers in boxing matches because they fit snugly and there are no chances of slippage. But a drawback of these gloves is that you cannot put them on without assistance.

7- Hand Wraps

A boxer needs to use the inner gloves or the hand wraps before putting on the boxing gloves. Boxing gloves alone do not offer maximum protection for your hand. Hand wraps or inner gloves are made especially with shock-absorbent materials to provide protection against the repetitive punches. They also assist the fighter is forming a firm fist.



In the modern diversity of options available, choosing a good pair of boxing gloves is a tough task. Failure to find the right one can lead to defeat in the boxing ring. For this, the boxers must be aware of what boxing gloves they should buy and what makes boxing gloves good. Some people have a preference for gloves that is heavier or slightly lighter. Never follow any rules blindly, the ultimate judge is you and how comfortable you feel while wearing the specific gloves.