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What Gloves Do Pro Boxers Use?

Professional boxing is all about strength and unparalleled technique to knock the opponent down. When wearing paramount boxers glove, the first thing that came in the mind of a boxer is hard punches and face protection. A boxer must know how to save his face from opponent’s punches when sparring and fighting. Sizes can vary, but before a match, both boxers agree on the weight of the glove to perform with the same kind of glove.


Different kinds Of Gloves for Competition And Training

Different age groups have different boxing gloves. Also, it depends on the size of a boxer to decide which one is the best preference for him or her. Of course, it is not much possible to wear a glove that is so tight or loose. When you visit different online stores, you will find the range from 8oz to 20oz. All the kinds of gloves are useful for the heavy bag, sparring as well as for the fights. When it comes to finding the closing of a glove, two types of gloves are widely available, i.e., Velcro and Lace-up. Professional boxers use Velcro for training and sparring. As far as the lace-up gloves are concerned, these are for the competitions. The major reason to use these gloves for the competition is that you can adjust them to your specific fitting needs.

Heavier Gloves Offer More Protection

Covering a range of purposes, boxing gloves are available in different weights. Your knuckles and wrist should be protected properly, so you need reliable boxing gloves. These are essential to reduce the risk of injury just to keep you fit and solid for regular training sessions and fights. It is true that lightweight gloves are easier to wear and also easier to carry on during the fights, but the heavier a glove is the more it has the foam padding. This means, the more padding the more safety to your hands.

According To My Research Following Gloves Are Widely Popular Among Professional Boxers.

Starpro Pro Boxing Lace-up Gloves are the choice of professionals when it comes to fighting in a competition. Genuine cowhide leather is what makes these gloves sturdy, and give a boxer a right fight feeling. This is a nice looking glove, available in gold and white color that ultimately attracts your eye. One of the special features is that it has the shock of protecting foam padding to keep a boxer’s hand from shocks or injuries. This is a premium quality boxing glove in which quality is taken care of a priority. For a fighting experience that a boxer wants, this product is the right choice. The available sizes in these professional boxing gloves are 10oz and 12oz.

Professional Boxers Never Use Common Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves are the choice of many professional boxers, such as Kelly Pavlik, Manny Pacquiao, and Amir Khan. Among the list, there are several other top boxers that are proof that professional gloves are somehow different than the common boxing gloves. A little less foam padding on the knuckles doesn’t mean these are not the good choice. There are a huge number of gloves that are light on the foam padding, but it would not give you any shock. The only concern is that if you have some hand-related problems in the past, then these gloves are not recommended.


Control Your Nerves And Emotions – Throw Heavy Punches With A Boxing Glove

Stepping into the boxing ring to place hard punches on the opponent's face is not a simple task, as you may think in your starting career. It is really important to control your nerves and emotions, as these are necessary to stay in the game for a longer period. Most boxers ignore this factor and just want to throw heavy punches on their opponent’s face. After a certain period of time, they got exhausted and end up losing the game with a knockout. Never be like them! First judge the opponent, save your face and other hitting parts by blocking your rival boxer. Then, if you feel he/she is a bit tired, place hard punches and knock him/her out. There must be no mercy. Ranging from 10oz to 20oz, it is up to you which weight you are comfortable to carry. With several boxing gloves available in the market, figure out the right one of your hands.

Boxing equipment comes first, while you are entering in a ring. Professional boxers have trust in their abilities, but they can’t fight without the right boxing glove. Feeling a lot of difficulty inside your gloves mean you cannot focus on the punching and defending. What else a boxer does, if he exhausts in the middle of a fight just due to a bad fitting glove? The answer is ‘Defeat with a knock out’. Never end up like a loser – Wear Starpro boxing gloves.