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What are the Basic Punches for Martial Arts Training for Beginners at Home

Learning MMA is an excellent way of training your body as well as learning self-defense. It will not only boost your confidence level but also enhance the strength of the body and mind. You might be surprised to know that MMA is an effective way for stress-relief as well. Hence, if you have had a tough time at work, an intensive workout session is all you need. Also, if you opt to train and learn MMA at home, you will definitely have an upper hand in sudden street fights and other forms of attacks.

From the viewpoint of fitness, the act of throwing powerful punches is an effective way of toning and strengthening the upper body, including arms and the core area. After regular training sessions at your home martial arts gym, you will find that MMA is an effective source of cardio workout. Let’s read about the basic punches of the mixed martial arts training for beginners at home:

  • The Jab: In order to throw the mighty jab, you will need to put your foot forward and stand. Subsequently, the right hip needs to be rotated along with the extension of the right arm. Meanwhile, the forearm needs to be twisted in a way that your palm faces in the direction of the ground. If you want to throw a jab with your left hand, you will need to put forward your left foot.
  • The Cross: again, you need to put your right foot forward. While you will be extending out the left arm, your left knee, hip, and foot need to be rotated as well. The forearm will be twisted in a way that it faces down. If you intend to throw the cross with your right arm, then you will have to stand with your left foot forward.
  • The Hook: While having the left foot extended in the forward direction, the heel of the right foot will be brought to the floor. The knee, shoulder, and hip will be rotated to the right; whereas, the left foot’s ball will be rotated along with it. The Hook also requires the striking arm to be extended across the body while the elbows need to be kept in a bent position and the forearms need to be in a parallel position to the floor. While standing in a position with the right foot forward, one can throw a hook with the left arm as well. It might a couple of training sessions before you get the gist of these basic types of punches and jabs that are the foundation of the MMA training at home.
  • The Upper Cut: Step forward with the left foot along with the slight drop of the right hand; whereas, the hips need to be rotated to the left. While keeping the palm faced down, the right fist will be punched up.

After having successfully gone through the basic punches for the mixed martial arts training for beginners at home, we will proceed to the basic kicks with respect to learning MMA at home for beginners. The training of your lower body is as crucial as the training of your upper body. In other words, MMA is a whole-body workout. All you need to do is tackle the power and strength in such a way that you can impart powerful kicks with your legs and knees along with powerful roundhouses. MMA assist in toning all parts of the body including the buildup of stamina, agility, flexibility, and strength in the upper and lower area of your anatomy. Along with increasing the strength of your body, you can also lose weight through your home martial arts gym.

Let’s have a look at the types of kicks and lower body strikes that are part of the mixed martial arts training for beginners at home:

  • The Front Kick: As mentioned earlier, if you are opting for MMA training at home, then it is highly recommended to get one of the heavy bag/ punching bags so you can work out the muscles of your legs and arms. For the delivery of a powerful front kick, you will have to stand in the fighting stance while positioning the left foot forward. While you are at it, the next step demands you to transfer the weight onto the right foot along with pulling up the left knee till your chest area. While you pull the left heel in the direction of your gluteus muscle, make sure to flex it in a way that you can deliver a straight and powerful kick with it while you kick with it straight out in the direction of the punching bag.
  • The Roundhouse: for the delivery of the roundhouse, you will need to stand with the right foot in the forward direction. The next step requires you to bend the right knee in the direction of the gluteus muscle. Strike with the right foot in the direction that resembles an arc; whereas, you will be rotating on your left foot moving your left hips along with the direction of the strike of the roundhouse. Keep the toes in a pointed position while you extend the leg for a kick from the knee. It might take a couple of training sessions for the perfect mastery of the delivery of the roundhouses.
  • The SideKick: The sidekick makes another crucial part of the basic kicks that are typically used in the MMA. For the delivery of this kick, you will have to start with the left foot of yours positioned in the forward direction. Next, the toes of the right foot will be slightly pointed out while you will be rotating your hips in the right direction as well. Subsequently, the left foot needs to be kept slightly flexed while it will be brought to the chest. Lastly, aim for a rather forceful and essentially balanced kick while kicking out the left leg. It might take a couple of training sessions for getting this basic kick right as well.

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