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Starpro how do boxers cut weight

Boxers' training routines are no doubt the most well-designed training regimens. They include both aerobic as well as anaerobic exercises. With a combination of the right exercises and diet, boxers develop power, endurance, stamina, speed, balance as well as coordination. Here are the best exercises for boxers training routing.

Warm Up and Jump Rope

All exercises and training routines start with a warm-up session to get the body physically working. A boxer's training routine is the same. You start with some light exercises like jumps, squats, and then move to the jump rope. A jump rope is a kind of native to boxing. It is a fun yet intense cardio workout that helps burn fat and lose weight while improving your endurance, coordination, and footwork.

You can try all different styles like running in place, crisscross, double under, single leg jump. There are so many variations you can do with this simple piece of training equipment and the benefits as equally good.

Shadow Boxing

It is another way to increase endurance. Though it will probably not help with the weight loss, it will provide you the endurance and stamina to work for the weight loss. Practice your punches and do some joint rotation exercises in between for a safe training session.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is another significant exercise that definitely helps with weight loss. Incorporate multiple weight loss exercises into your circuit training. Add push-ups, pull-ups, squats, burpees and include some weights too. Do the circuits at a fast pace to make it more intense. Set 30-second stations and give your best for the best results.

Use Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is very interesting equipment to develop explosive strength and power. Especially the plyometric exercises that use the medicine ball in tons of variations are very effective in developing explosive strength as well as weight loss. The chest passes, high throws, overhead throws, underarm throws, twisting throws all work to build strong muscles while burning all the excess fat.

Heavy Bag Training

Heavy bag training done right is the most effective way for boxers to lose weight. The rigorous heavy bag training routine of a boxer works for every muscle group in the body. It needs you to rotate and move at the torso and involves a lot of footwork too. Therefore, this is the real deal when it comes to how boxers lose weight. The punching works up the entire body especially the arms and the shoulders. The torso rotation helps reduce belly fat and builds the core muscles.

Mitts Workout

The focus mitts training not only prefects a boxer's accuracy, speed, and agility, it also helps boxers lose weight. When every muscle group in the body is working at an intense level of physical activity, the weight loss goals become easier to achieve.

Overall, it is the intense level of physical activity not the number of rounds or the exercises that help boxers lose weight fast. Perform the same activity at a slower pace and the result will be equally slow even nonexistent.

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