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If you are into boxing or MMA fighting, YouTube provides the perfect platform to not only learn about the craft of fighting and boxing but also analyze various fighters. Some of the top boxing YouTube channels and best MMA YouTube channels are run by MMA professionals, coaches, and boxing mentors. These channels provide a plethora of information to boxing enthusiasts and die-hard fans of MMA fighting.

Recently, YouTube surpassed Facebook to become the 2nd most visited website on the internet and this showcases the importance of this video hosting & streaming service. We have compiled a list of Top Boxing and MMA YouTube channels for you that have plenty of amazing video content whether you want to learn about fighting skills, strength development, boxing analysis & boxing psychology or simply if you want to be a part of MMA community

MMA Shredded

When it comes to the basics of MMA, there is no better MMA YouTube channel then MMA Shredded. With a focus on teaching tactics about MMA fighting, there is abundant video content uploaded on the channel about sparring, fight breakdowns and overall strategic aspects of MMA fighting.

The channel was created by Jeff Chan and he makes sure that MMA strategic breakdown is done basically through the tactics used by MMA legends in their professional fights. He has reviewed and analyzed tactics used by professionals such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor.

Why we recommend it: Pure MMA Content, Fight Strategy, Tactics Breakdown

Precision Striking

For every boxing enthusiast that wants a combination of training, tactics, and strategy of boxing rolled into a single YouTube channel, Precision Striking is the right choice.

Run by Jason Van Veldhuysen, this is by far one of the top boxing YouTube channels. From fundamental footwork to powerful jabs, this channel has all the necessary videos to help you train on your own. Drilling exercises recommended by Precision Striking will help you train wisely with your punching bags or sparring partners.

Why we recommend it: Perfect for self-training and sparring tips.


This is a YouTube Channel that provides ample video content for both Boxing as well as MMA enthusiasts. It includes news stories, exclusive interviews, and reviews on the latest fights being conducted around the boxing and MMA universe.

It provides regular video content for its subscribers keeping them up to date with the breaking news, interactive features, and Several boxing & MMA series. Simply said, if you were either searching for Top boxing YouTube Channels or Best MMA YouTube Channels, FightHype provides the best of both worlds.

Why we recommend it: Proper News source for both Boxing & MMA lovers.

If you were looking for a proper channel devoted to MMA fighting and a resource to provide you no-holds-barred access to the world of Mixed Martial Art fighting, then you need to subscribe to this channel ASAP.

Videos are frequently uploaded on the channel and because this is supported by a proper MMA media platform, the channel upload frequency is the most impressive in this entire list of top boxing YouTube channels and best MMA YouTube channels lists. The channels upload interviews from the biggest and most popular fighters from all over the world. Whether a fighter is signed by UFC, Bellator, Invicta FC or any other MMA organization, you will find their exclusive interviews on this channel

Why we recommend it: A YouTube channel devoted to MMA exclusive video content


A channel started by Shane Fazen, FightTips is the right channel to subscribe to anyone who is just starting out in the world of MMA fighting. Whether you want to learn multiple fighting strategies, training tips for beginners or tips that might come handy in a street fight, you will find that everything is covered in this channel and its multiple videos.

If you are a newbie in the world of MMA fighting and do not know exactly where you should start from then make sure that you go through the crash course offered on FightTips. It will provide you the perfect starting platform before you join your nearby MMA fighting club. If you are struggling with grappling or want to learn new and innovative fighting strategies to impress your peers, be sure to check out new videos uploaded frequently by FightTips.

Why we recommend it: Newbies in MMA cannot find a better resource to learn MMA basics


Fightland is a platform where multiple creators have come together to teach MMA enthusiasts various ins and outs of fighting. The one creator that stands out among the rest is Jack Slack. He has created a special series by the name of “RingCraft” and true to its name, the videos in the series explain the craft of ring fights, whether MMA or boxing.

 It is a bunch load of information explaining step by step fights held in UFC rings, boxing matches or any other random street fight explaining the dynamics of each move, tearing down into a strike and every hook landing on the face of a fighter.

From moves mastered by Tyson to sucker punches from a random fighter in an MMA fight, Jack explains to his viewers how important is the stance, how quickly the arms move or what landed a respective boxer into the winner’s corner. So next time you want to look into videos where attention-to-details are crucial while explaining different moves or MMA tactics feel free to browse through a video library of Fightland.

Why we recommend it: Excellent learning resource for newbie and upcoming fighters and boxers.


If MMA fighting is not your thing and you are more interested in top boxing YouTube channels, then be sure to check out the official channel Boxingego.

With a tagline of “Dedicated to the world of boxing”, Boxingego does not take lately their responsibility to teach their respective audience about the art of boxing. Although, most boxing YouTube channels are more about fight analysis and news updates about the boxing world, what makes Boxingego one of the top boxing YouTube channels is its roundtable segment and exciting new video series providing unique content to its users about the field of boxing.

Exclusive interviews with some famous personalities of the boxing world also make it a YouTube Channel worthy of your subscription. There is also fight analysis and boxing breakdowns to help the boxing aficionados to explore some new tricks of the trade.

Why we recommend it: Boxing Roundtables, Exclusive Interviews, and Comprehensive boxing fight analysis

Fight Smart

There are a number of top boxing YouTube channels and you might rate some as the best MMA YouTube Channels but there is more to fighting then just breaking down the moves of greats or analyzing any current matchup between 2 boxers of MMA fighters.

Fight Smart is an appropriate channel that dwells deeper than common tactics of how to balance yourself in the fight or how to practice your jabs. It provides practical tips on how to get not only in the right physical shape for a career in boxing or MMA fighting but lights the way to achieve the right state of mind to fight with positive intent.

A few of the videos even explain the process of fighting with fear before a match. The basics that a common enthusiast of MMA and boxing need to learn even without joining a boxing and MMA gym are excellently explained on this channel.

Why We Recommend it: A channel that handles boxing and MMA fighting deeper than mere tactics and strategy.

Boxing & MMA

If you are just a spectator for the game of boxing and MMA fighting and not interested in too many technical details of training, sparring and how to throw punches on a leather bag, then visit this Youtube channel as it has some amazing collection of fight clips and videos from classic boxing and MMA fights.

If you have just been bitten by the bug of Boxing or MMA fighting and want to find out why millions of people from around the world are in love with this “blood spewing game”, then check out the videos on this YouTube Channel. You’ll find compilation for greats of boxing such as Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali and Junior “Cigano” Dos Santos and will get a glimpse into the fact that why they are considered greats.

An entertaining collection of videos from the world of boxing and MMA fighters are still uploaded from time to time on this channel. But it is an accepted fact that the frequency of new uploads is not very satisfactory but you need to visit this channel not for what will it present in the future but what it has uploaded in the past.

Why we recommend it: Entertaining compilation of knockouts and famous boxing matches.

Phil Daru

For MMA fighters, it is not just important to build on techniques and strategies but having substantial strength development is crucial as well. For this, there are no other top boxing YouTube channels that can compete with the quality of videos produced and uploaded by Phil Daru.

Especially those MMA fighters that want to train to the level of UFC, Phil Daru is the right person to follow as he has hands-on experience of preparing MMA fighters such as Joanna Jedrzejczyk, King Mo Lawal and Tecia Torres to name a few.

So for hardcore strength training, subscribe to Phil Daru and receive regular updates on building mass at the right places whereas also gaining unprecedented ocean of strength.

Why we recommend it: Ideal platform for strength development

Muscle Madness

You want to move to a higher weight category or feel that your overall MMA skill fighting is not complemented by your body mass, then Muscle Madness should be your destination on YouTube. In this list of Top Boxing YouTube Channels and Best MMA YouTube Channels, there are many channels explaining the tricks and trips of MMA fighting.

However, with muscle madness, you get to know the working regimen adopted by top-rated MMA fighters. Athlete training videos are an exceptional means of not only motivation before a muscle-building exercise of your own but you can learn many tricks from these training sessions as well, making them part of your own training routines.

Why we recommend it: Learn the preparation routines of famous MMA fighters.

Boxing Legends TV

Last but not least of all the top Boxing YouTube Channels, Boxing Legends TV provides ample resources for boxing lovers. Uploading frequently, Boxing legends TV is home to some amazing collections of boxing matches, boxing lists and even tributes compiled to honor greats of the game.

That is not just it as you can view boxing career breakdowns and even comprehensive documentaries chronicling the reigns of legends and some arch nemesis level rivalries between boxing greats on this YouTube channel.

Why we recommend it: A Boxing YouTube channel to remind people why this game is so great.


The above list of Top boxing YouTube Channels and best MMA YouTube channels is a perfect gift for professionals fighters, amateur practitioners and lovers of the game.

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