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Starpro boxfit routines and workouts

If you have just joined the gym and started your kickboxing classes, the Starpro boxing and training gloves will take your training experience to another level. Analyzing the importance of kickboxing for fat loss, the boxing gloves are a sufficient source of inspiration to never skip your cardio and kickboxing classes. Apart from the gloves, the Starpro jumping ropes will tell you how to get ripped at home without equipment. Moreover, if you are looking for advanced footwork drills the punching bags are great for the workout for the legs and shoulders, ensuring amazing box its routines. A good cardio and boxercise workout routine is also a great source of getting rid of stress and anxiety. Apart from kickboxing for fat loss, it is an amazing source of self-defense as well. Simply put, Starpro envisions better health for all athletes and aspiring boxers who are looking for the greatest sports equipment and jump rope to get ripped.


Boxfit is a rather new term and quite a hype these days. The term is basically a combination of boxing and fitness and entails exactly that! The traditional brutal and harsh image is changing nowadays and the sport is becoming popular among the youth as a mainstream fitness routine by the name boxfit.


What Exactly is Boxfit Routine?

A box fit routine is a fitness regime that incorporates boxing exercises, strong punch workouts, and full-body exercises. It is a cardio workout consisting of 45 minutes to one-hour classes. The class includes the whole boxing routine, from skipping and warm up to boxing drills, punching bag work, footwork, and abdominal exercises. The main focus is to make you sweat for fitness, develop a toned body with high strength and endurance level. A box fit routine includes the best punching bag drills sizes and stands for home.


Who is Boxfit Exercise for?

Boxfit routine is for any and everyone who wants to get fit. Boxfit exercises involve the complete boxing routine in an organized and friendly environment. It is changing the perception of boxing from an interest-specific, high intensity, brutal sport to a fitness sport focusing on mental as well as physical health.

Boxing training is for everyone, irrespective of the size, shape or gender. Moreover, box fitness is for every level of fitness and you can move forward at your own pace, however, the benefit of working out in groups and classes is the additional motivation boost you get from working together. The instructors in boxfit classes gauge your fitness and physical activity level and commence your training accordingly. You can join the classes with friends or alone since there is no need for a partner.


How is Boxfit Different from Boxing?

Boxing is a full-contact sport that involves training as well as sparring and competition. Now that you know how helpful workouts are, There are many Great Workouts to get ripped. All you need to do be consistent with them. Make a routine and follow it until you see the results. Boxfit only takes up the training part of the boxing routine and turns it into high intensity, full-body fitness routine.


The Essentials to Start Your Box fitness Training

You don’t need much to start your boxfit training as the boxfit routine is simple and doesn’t involve sparring or fighting. All you need are comfortable workout clothes. And maybe some hand wraps, boxing gloves and best kickboxing gloves when you start your mitts workout and the strong punch workouts on the punching bag.


The Boxfit Routine – How it Works

The standard boxfit routine starts with a warm-up, some skipping, pushups, and situps, the boxing routine, the floor work once again and the wrap up with some stretches to cool down the body.

  • Warm-up – like all other workouts, it all starts with some basic stretching, jogging, and jumping jacks


  • Skipping – Next comes a bit high level of activity, which is the skipping rope. You start with the basics and then try different forms as you move ahead in the classes.


  • Floor Work – Then comes the floor work or the pushups and the pull-ups. This stage of the workout might also involve some yoga exercises. There is something new and different each day so that you never get bored with the same routine.


  • The Boxfit Workout – this is where your fitness routine really turns into box fit. This part starts with shadow boxing and when the technique becomes right to some extent, you move on to mitts workout and pads. This incorporates a great deal of footwork too and helps develop speed, stamina, strength, and endurance. It also improves hand-eye coordination. The punching bag is also incorporated in this routine occasionally for strong punch workouts with the best boxing gloves for punching bags.


  • Floor Work – after the intense box fitness session, you once again move to the floor work to calm down the body. This really helps burn calories. Pulls, pushups and yoga exercises when the body is fully worked up are best.


  • Wrap Up – Finally, the wrap up comes with some more stretches to relax the muscles. This gives time to the body to cool down the right way. It also helps avoid sore muscles after the workout.


Benefits of Boxfit Exercise

Boxfit routine is high intensity yet fun fitness workout that helps with body toning and overall fitness. Here are some of the key benefits of boxfit training:

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Enhances strength, stamina and endurance level
  • Relieves stress and aggression
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Boosts overall physical health and body composition


Boxfit workout routine is a great fitness workout routine, which improves physical health. At the same time, it improves mental wellbeing too. So gear up and start your boxfit training with Starpro boxing training equipment.

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