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If you are new at Muay Thai and have recently been bitten by the bug of this amazing sport, we WELCOME you to a life of excitement, fitness, and extreme competition. However, like any walk of life, there are some set rules to follow in order to adopt that particular way of life. Therefore, we have compiled a list of Muay Thai tips for beginners that include a bunch of Muay Thai basics and Muay Thai drills.

How can Muay Thai impact your life?

Muay Thai can help cater to any number of goals you might have. Whether you want to get in shape, want to intensely train for self-defense or want to adopt Muay Thai as a professional career, there are virtually unlimited reasons to turn towards Muay Thai.

But in order to achieve your goals from Muay Thai, you need to give your heart and soul to this striking game as it demands nothing less than your full devotion. There are a number of Muay Thai basics for beginners that must be adhered to by heart to excel in this game. For that, there are a number of Muay Thai drills for beginners that can help you accustom with the rigors of the game without causing any unwanted strain on your body.

  1. Choosing the right Gym

Now, this goes without saying that you need to select a gym for proper training in Muay Thai but always choose a gym that is less fleshy and more devoted to the game. Especially when you are starting out new, there is a great chance that you might be attracted to a gym with some amazing décor and gear but where the instructors have little to no information about Muay Thai basics.

At the beginning of any passion, it is important to get the right guidance, as those tips will lead as the foundation on which you will build your entire career for years to come. One wrong tip from a less than proficient gym instructor can take you back years. But if you get under the wings of a really talented Muay Thai instructor, you can even surpass any of your competitors without a sweat with only a few months of training.

  1. Let go of Your Ego

It surely is one of the most important Muay Thai Tips for beginners because without letting go of your ego, it will be extremely hard to excel in this art of striking. You will be punched in the guts, kicked on the head or get an elbow every now and then. But if your ego comes in the way, you will be more focused to get back at your sparring partner rather than focusing on the weakness that leads to you being kicked, punched or elbowed.

An important aspect of Muay Thai basics for beginners is to remember the fact that it is a full-contact game that requires competitors to be literally in each other’s face. Your personal growth as a fighter will not only be stunted by your ego but soon you will find out that no one wants to train or spar with you because of your egoistic mindset.

One of the foremost Muay Thai drills for beginners is to let go of their egos as soon as they get into their training gear.

  1. Buying the right gear

For any beginner in the world of Muay Thai, it is important to have the right gear that fits their specific weight category. Muay Thai gear might seem expensive at first, but the price tags on the Muay Thai gloves are an indicator of quality.

On the other hand, if you opt to buy cheaper gear for your Muay Thai practice sessions, you will have to buy new gear every few months. However, you cannot go for cheap mouthguards and headgear because their wearing down can put you in serious danger, even before you know it. Not to forget the health risks you opt to ignore with cheap gear like that.

Price and Quality should not be the ONLY guiding principles for your Muay Thai gear, as you actually have to find the gear matched to your individual needs. For example, the Muay Thai gloves have to be of an appropriate weight category because you do not want to buy 12 oz. gloves when actually you need 16 oz. gloves. Disregards to such minor details can actually cause you or your companions at the Muay Thai Gym a lot of problems.


  1. Adopt a comprehensive training routine

While most of the professional or long-time students of Muay Thai might not have to spend, too much time on getting warmed up but as a beginner in this field, you need to adopt a comprehensive training routine.

This means that you will have to perform a few cardio exercises before actually getting down practicing sessions. It will help you gain higher stamina and if you are working on strength development, cardio will support you with that as well.

Breathing – an important aspect in Muay Thai – is also improved significantly with cardio sessions. Swimming, skipping, jogging and rowing are all nice cardio exercises to choose from. Once you get accustomed to the rigors of the game, these cardio exercises will become part of your warm-up sessions.

To perform cardio without spending too much time on it, make sure that you jog to your Muay Thai gym, even if it is located at some distance from your home. This can serve as one of the easiest Muay Thai drills for beginners.


  1. Mastering Muay Thai will not be Easy


There are countless stories of people getting fascinated by Muay Thai at first and thinking that they can master it, as it seems slightly easier than MMA fighting. But the truth of the matter is that the precision and hard work required to master Muay Thai is much more complicated than usual striking competitions.

So it is OK to suck at first at Muay Thai. After all, excelling in a rule-based game where you have to use your entire body to defeat your competitor can never be an easy task. So if you visit the gym with a lot of inspiration but are dejected whenever you leave it, don’t feel bad. Everyone feels more or less the same in their initial days.

But once you have spent enough time learning Muay Thai basics for beginners, sweated enough during sparring and training sessions, you will start getting into the groove of the game. Until then, keep disappointment at bay and focus wholeheartedly on improving with every passing day.

There are only a handful of beginners that can start showing their innate talent about the game in a matter of a few months – if not weeks. Otherwise, every newbie has to go through a number of Muay Thai drills for beginners for a long time before graduating on to higher levels of proficiency.



  1. Work on Your Legs

This is by far one of the most helpful Muay Thai tips for beginners as a game that allows defeating your competitor with a deadly kick in their jaws. A strong pair of legs is vital to succeeding in any Martial Art styled fighting but the importance goes a notch higher with Muay Thai.

One of the most important weapons of a Muay Thai fighter is ruthless kicking, which makes use of the leg muscles vigorously. Not only that but moving around the rings is also attained flawlessly by the virtue of some amazing leg work. Some even say that in order to land some forceful punches, strong legs hold vital importance.

Another important reason why strong legs are important for Muay Thai is the fact that after a long round of fighting, it is the weak legs that become the ultimate Achilles Heel for a Muay Thai fighter, giving way to fatigue and eventual loss in a fight.

So now that we have established the fact that Muay Thai beginners need to work on strengthening their leg muscles, let us tell you a little about Muay Thai drills for beginners that are focused on building strong legs.

  • Squats
  • Box Jumps
  • Burpees
  • Lunges
  • Duck Walking

Some Muay Thai fighters even go with weights to strengthen their leg muscles in order to gain weight in their leg muscles, to land some fatal blows on to their competitors. Others opt to practice more explosive bursts of energy with their legs to prepare for more explosive power in their kicks.

  1. Be Friendly at your gym

A Muay Thai fighter only has to be intense during their fights or sparring sessions. Other than that, you need to relax and be social with your fellow beginners and seniors. This will not only help you in getting to know people, how they train and what inspires them to become part of Muay Thai but you will also get to learn a great deal about Muay Thai basics for beginners that no amount of book reading, tutorial video or instructor can teach you.

Everyone has their own journey, their own strengths, and their own weaknesses and by adopting a friendly and warm personality at the gym you can learn those to improve your own skillset. Muay Thai is a sport in which you need to understand the strategy of your competitor before you start applying your own strategy. Getting to know people who are undergoing or have undergone the rigors of the game, you will get different perspectives on how to approach a fight or a certain competitor. Not to forget that you will also get an immense amount of data to improve your own game by getting in friendly conversations with your fellow Muay Thai fighters.

Finding partners also become relatively easy with a friendly demeanor thus giving you ample opportunities to perform different Muay Thai drills for beginners with different partners.


  1. Eat Healthy Food

This is practically a no-brainer that no matter what kind of cuisine you preferred before taking up Muay Thai, you start taking your diet really seriously if you want to excel in the art of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai basics for beginners dictate that not only you eat the right food but hydrate yourself properly on a daily basis. It will not only help you regain your strength after intense sessions of Muay Thai training but it will prove to be beneficial in attaining a mindset conducive to your growth as a Muay Thai fighter.



Getting accustomed to the above stated Muay Thai Tip for beginners may not be the easiest of the tasks but if you love the game and are passionate to excel in it, these Muay Thai basics for beginners will soon become a part of your daily life.

As explained above, if you are new at Muay Thai, buying the right gear is important. Star Pro has high quality yet affordable Muay Thai gloves and other related gear available on our online store. Be sure to check them out and we are sure you are going to find the right mouthguard, stylish yet comfortable gloves and fighting shorts that help you perform excellently in your sparing, training and future fights.

Muay Thai fighting is a passionate game that can reward you immensely if you respect the Muay Thai basics for beginners and properly perform Muay Thai drills for beginners. Respect the rules, be generous to your companions at the gyms, work on your personal fitness and you are destined to surely become a pro in the Muay Thai fighting arena.

Even if you are looking for a way to make Muay Thai a source of your healthy lifestyle and earn some bragging rights in front of your family and friends, it surely is the right choice. You don’t have to train for so many forms of fighting as much as MMA fighting and neither you have to get your face filled with black eyes like boxing. It surely is going to be a journey worth taking and we wish you all the best.

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