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Starpro Training Boxing gloves

Are you considering kickboxing for fat loss and looking for other ways to get ripped? Apart from the Starpro boxing training gloves and punching bags for boxercise circuit ideas, we recommend trying your hands on the Starpro jump rope to get ripped. There is no reason to doubt that is kickboxing a good way to lose weight; Starpro works with the vision of promoting a healthy and essentially fit lifestyle by laying the foundation of workouts to get ripped and build muscle. Apart from the Starpro jump rope, the engaging variety of boxing bags also ensures that the pro and beginner engage in strong punch workout and fighting footwork drills.


Combat sports like boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA are brutal intense sports. You need the right training equipment as well as protective gear to perform well in these sports. Boxing training gloves are the most significant tool for your training. They keep you as well as your partner safe during training. Practice a good maintenance routine for your gloves to ensure a comfortable experience.


Boxing Training Gloves are Sure to Get Dirty in Training

Boxing training gloves are for the churning, aggressive and rigorous training. These gloves are for the heavy bag workout, mitts workouts as well as sparring. You will definitely get dirty and sweat a lot during this high-intensity physical activity, so will your boxing gloves. In case you were wondering if you can know how to get ripped at home without equipment because the equipment is just too hard to maintain and you are lazy, the answer is, yes you can. 


Take Care of Your Boxing Training Gloves

Nobody wants to wear a sweaty, dirty pair of gloves. Likewise, nobody wants to put on a stinking pair of gloves. It's hard to work with the punching bag drills at home with those stinking gloves. It is not only uncomfortable for yourself but a major nuisance for others too. Therefore, keep the kickboxing gloves you choose and the boxing gloves clean. In fact, make it a rule to wipe them clean after each use. This way you will have a fresh pair of training and sparring gloves for every session.


Invest Some Time & Effort to Save Your Training Gloves

Be it gloves for a punching bag or some of the boxing training gloves for men, women, or kids, taking good care of them is necessary for a comfortable experience. It improves your performance. At the same time, it increases the lifespan of your gloves. However, if your gloves are giving off a bad whiff, do not throw them out immediately. Most of the time, a little time, effort, and patience can restore those beauties into mint condition.


How to Remove Foul Smells from Boxing Training Gloves


Starpro Training Boxing Gloves

Follow these simple yet effective tips to remove the bad odors from your training gloves. It can earn some extra life for the gloves and save you quite a few bucks.

1- Let Them Sit in the Sun

Natural sunlight is one of the most effective ways to kill germs. Simply open the laces or straps of your gloves and leave them out in the sun for a day or two. Sunlight will kill the bacteria and molds while the fresh air will remove any bad odors. This rather simple method is actually quite helpful. However, make sure you do not leave your gloves in direct sunlight for too long as it can dry and crack up the leather.

2- Use Silica Gel Packets

Ever wondered why all your leather/suede shoes and bags have those small silica gel packs inside? These small gel packets efficiently absorb all the moisture. This keeps the germs and bacteria away. Simply leave these silica gel packets inside your boxing training gloves. They will absorb the moisture as well as any bad odors. Again, do not leave them in your gloves for too long as these might dry up the leather.

3- Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most effective non-toxic cleaners out there. It efficiently removes moisture, grime, and dirt. Wipe the dirt and moisture from your gloves with a clean, dry fabric. Sprinkle some baking soda inside the gloves and let it sit for a while. Then, simply wipe them clean with a fresh piece of cloth. The baking soda will remove the moisture as well as any bad stench.

4- Use Disinfectants

You can use homemade as well as commercial disinfectants to kill germs and remove odors from your boxing gloves. Natural disinfectants like salt-water, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar are quite effective at removing bad odors. Just soak a clean cloth in the solution and wipe the gloves with it. In case this does not work, you can use the stronger, commercial disinfectants.

5- Use Boxing Glove Deodorizer

Commercial glove deodorizers are sacs filled with scented moisture absorbents. They effectively absorb the moisture from the gloves while replacing and bad stench with pleasant scents. However, do not leave these deodorizers in your training gloves for too long. You can also make your own natural glove deodorizer. Simply fill two socks with cedar chips and place them inside your gloves. Cedar chips are conveniently available at pet stores as bedding for small animals.

6- Bathe Them Out

In case your gloves stink too bad and none of the above remedies works, just wash them out. Use natural cleaners like a salt-water soak, or vinegar-water solution. You can use mild cleaners as well. Soak your gloves for a while. Rinse well with plain water. Then let them air dry. Hanging the gloves is a good way to let all the water seep out. Do not squeeze hard or wring the gloves. Press out the water lightly, if you must. Never, ever, put the gloves in the washing machine or the dryer. It will break the foam, peel off the leather and tear your precious boxing training gloves apart.

7- Does Freezing Work?

No! It does not. Although, some online blogs might recommend freezing the gloves to remove bad odors, do not freeze. It is not effective at all. Freezing does not kill the bacteria. It only makes them dormant. Your gloves might not smell as bad after the freezing process; the germs will still be there. This will bring all the smell back in no time. Therefore, freezing might work as a temporary fix, but it is not a good way to get rid of the germs and the foul smells.

Regular maintenance not only makes for a comfortable experience, but it also improves overall performance. At the same time, a little effort can prolong the lifespan of your training and sparring gloves. Apart from the care, when you buy boxing training gloves, make sure they are superior quality gloves from a trustworthy brand. Most quality brands offer gloves with moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial technology. Not only these gloves are easy to clean, but this technology also helps keep them from stinking too.

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