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Boxing is a high activity sport. There is a lot of sweat and grime involved in the training. What suffers the worst from it is your most significant equipment: The Boxing Gloves!

What Makes Your Boxing Gloves Stink?

These closed beauties get dirty and humid with sweat due to the intense workouts. If you do not air them out, the humidity will cause bacterial and fungal growth. As a result, they will start giving off unpleasant orders.  It can also cause the foam to break apart and leather to get molds. In short, if you do not take good care of your boxing gloves, they become a perfect breeding ground for bacterial and fungal molds. They will stink, tear apart, and give way, sooner than expected. It's hard to work with the punching bag drills at home with those stinking gloves.

Invest in a Good Pair of Boxing/ Kickboxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are your most important training gear. They not only protect you from injuries and offer safer training but also act as a weapon in combat. You can improve your combat as well as fitness training experience by investing in a good pair of gloves. A good pair of boxing gloves enhance your experience in terms of comfort, protection as well as performance. However, even the best kickboxing gloves need care and attention.

How to Take Care of Your Boxing Training Gloves?

Starpro Best Boxing Gloves

Treating your boxing gloves right, leads to a better experience as well as performance. At the same time, it also increases the lifespan of your training boxing gloves. Follow these tips to have a fresh pair of boxing gloves for each training session and improve your overall performance.

  1. Wear Hand Wraps: Always wear hand wraps with your gloves. Make sure you are wrapping your hands the right way. Hand wraps keep the delicate bones in your hand in place, offering additional support and protection to your hands. At the same time, they effectively absorb all the sweat and grime from your hands. In short, they keep your boxing gloves from getting sweaty and dirty on the inside. This keeps your boxing gloves dry and fresh for the next use.
  2. Do Not Let Them Sit in Your Bag: One of the most common mistakes athletes make is to leave their boxing gloves in the gym bag. Your gym bag is enclosed space, only to keep your gear conveniently portable. It is not for storage. Keep this in mind and never ever let your gloves sit in the bag after use.
  3. Wipe Your Gloves Clean Inside Out: Make it a rule not to ever leave your boxing gloves in your gym bag. Instead, as soon as you can, take them out and wipe inside out with a clean, dry cloth. Remove all the sweat, dirt and grime. This will keep the gloves from getting stinky from the moisture and sweat. This means your gloves will not only be clean for the next use, but they will also last much longer.
  4. Dry Them Out: After cleaning the gloves, it is best not to pack them up right away. Let them air dry for an hour or two. Airing out the gloves will help avoid any bacterial or fungal growth by keeping them dry and fresh on the inside. This way, your boxing/kickboxing/Muay Thai gloves will be good as new for each use.
  5. Stuff the Gloves Up: It is quite an effective way to increase the life span of gloves you choose for punching bags. Stuff your gloves with glove dogs, cotton sacs with cedar chips, or even newspaper. This will not only help retain the perfect shape but also keep your boxing gloves dry and fresh.
  6. Let Them Breath in the Sun: In case you cannot air your gloves out after every use, at least make it a habit to wipe them clean. In this case, leave your gloves to air dry at least once every few weeks. Leaving them in the sun for a while is even better. This will kill the germs and remove any bad odors as well. However, do not leave your gloves in the sun for too long. It can cause them to fade and dry out the leather.
  7. Avoid Washing Machine and Dryers: Avoid washing your gloves especially with soap, surf, and other harsh chemicals. The overall construction of the gloves, including the foam, the inner lining, and the leather cannot stand the harsh chemical. Washing machines and dryers are big no. The cycles can distort the shape and tear apart the material and stitching. However, if you really need to wash them, use salt-water soak or light, detergent, and chemical-free cleaners. Moreover, do not wring or squeeze the water out. Just press down slightly to flush out the water and let them air dry.

Keep your boxing gloves clean. Take good care of them. After all, your boxing gloves are the most significant training partner. It will not only keep them odor-free but also fresh for every use. Moreover, it will also make them last much longer.

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