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How To Train For MMA at Home?

MMA is one of the most excellent martial arts training for beginners at home. Without a doubt, people who excel in MMA are amongst the strongest and toughest people among us. The people who know MMA are amongst the most disciplined people along with being the fittest as well. Not to mention the fact that they are incredibly flexible as well; undoubtedly, mixed martial arts for beginners at home is the best source for transforming oneself inside out. If you are looking for MMA training workouts at home for beginners then you are here at the right spot for we are completely in favor of it and want to convince you a bit more with regards to why it is so important to train for MMA.


1. Learning of Self Defense Skills

    MMA is a great source for the buildup of confidence and self-reliance. The knowledge of this amazing form of self-defense martial arts is also an essential source for boosting one’s morale. One cannot stress enough on the importance of self-defense in today’s world where we are living quite uncertain lives due to the increasing number of criminal activity. In other words, if you are planning to learn martial arts at home it might prove quite empowering to you for it will boost your level of confidence as well as self-assurance. You will buildup strength and power and rely on yourself during survival situations. In other words, you will be carrying a contingency plan at all times.

    2. Reduction of Body Fat and Increase on Physical Strength

      if you are looking for the best martial arts to burn calories than you ought to try your hands on mixed martial arts at home. If you would opt for jiu-jitsu training at home, it would assist in the perfect plan for burning calories as well. In fact, you might start a home martial arts gym that would be equipped with your favorite boxing and MMA accessories, such as the punching bag and a heavy bag. As indicated by the terminology of “MMA”, it stands for mixed martial arts that include various fighting techniques that include but are not limited to grappling, wrestling, kicking, punching, Jiu-Jitsu, etc. The best part is that no part of your anatomy will remain untouched contributing to a stronger and more toned body. Another effective way to train and strengthen your body in relation to MMA is ‘cross-training’ because all muscles of your body get engaged; hence, your body gets stronger and better.

      3. The Learning of Discipline and Fighting Skills

      How To Train For MMA at Home?

        MMA is indeed one of the best martial arts to learn at home. With the MMA training, one can grow significantly from a mental and physical perspective. Typically, the masters of MMA are well-known as being highly disciplined as well mentally and emotionally balanced. This attribute can be contributed to the fact that it incorporates mental and physical discipline amongst the learners. It impacts all aspects of your living; in other words, you will be able to learn how to eat, sleep, and train in the right manner.

        4. Relief of Stress

          As mentioned earlier, MMA and other categories of martial arts are a great source of stress relief. The mere act of training with a heavy punching bag allows the trainee to get rid of pent up negative emotions. An intensive workout session that will last for one hour will serve to benefit with respect to getting emotionally, mentally, and physically strong. You will also learn how to master and control your emotions in stressful situations. Lastly, you will be able to handle real-life stressful situations with a leveled mind.

          5. Socializing

            Learning any martial arts will assist you in becoming part of a society or community that shares similar interests. Your friends and family might be asking you the question of whether you can learn mixed martial arts at home, the answer to which is definitely YES! However, you will always have the option of teaming up with other people from the MMA community for a training or sparring session which is also an excellent way to keep track of one’s learned skills along with the determination of one’s physical capabilities.  

            What Kind of MMA Training Can You Do at Home?

            How To Train For MMA at Home?

            This is an essential guide to the ultimate MMA training for beginners at home. If you are striving to be a professional Mixed Martial Artist, then you have to understand that your home is going to be your ultimate gym and training studio. Nothing in your surroundings ought to impact or dampen your spirit and will power. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a low budget and not in the position to obtain a membership at a renowned MMA training center or gym. Even if you cannot afford any of the equipment required for MMA, this guide will still guide you through the basics of the MMA training workouts at home for beginners. In case you are wondering about how to start MMA training at home, then this is the best guide for you. Just keep on reading and let yourself be guided through the basic steps of learning MMA at home for free.

            1. Training at Home

              If you are looking for MMA training at home for beginners, then the first thing that you need to know is that you will require space. The open space might consist of space in your garage, backyard, or even a home martial arts gym. Even if space consists of such a place where you can train in the art of shadowboxing, it will suffice for it will give you ample confidence to believe in yourself and your physical abilities. You will, however, need to keep in mind that you ought not to ruin your house in case you really don’t have enough space in it. Nonetheless, remember; space can always be created, even if you are living in a tiny apartment.

              2. Take the First Step

                Shadowboxing is mandatory; shadowboxing is the primary drill for working your way up to the greatest ranks of MMA. The best place to practice shadowboxing is definitely in front of a mirror. The mirror will enable you to look at yourself while you deliver the strikes and punches; furthermore, you will also be able to detect your weaknesses and be able to correct and amend them. If you are not familiar with the art of shadow boxing, then you ought to know that the best way to finish your training session is to end it with kicks and knee strikes.

                Nonetheless, if you are an aspiring boxer, then you can focus on incorporating more of the various punching strategies in your training flow.

                Another tip for the best shadow boxing session is that you ought to visualize your potential opponent in front of you so that you can strike and punch at the ‘opponent’ from various angles. The benefit of this ‘visualization’ is that it will be of great assistance during a real-life situation when your survival will be at stake. The focus of shadow boxing ought to be on the aspect that in no way should you become stagnant with your movement; in this regard, the perfect footwork is as important as the power and various angles of your punches and strikes. Moreover, while you are at learning the art of shadow boxing, you will have to be confident that you can witness visible progress as you proceed with the MMA training at home for beginners.

                3. Establish a Good pace

                  Apart from having the perfect space, you will need to focus on the establishment of the perfects training pace too with regard to shadow boxing. Your training pace of shadow boxing ought to resemble the striking and punching pace of a real-life fighting situation. It doesn’t matter whether you start your sessions of shadowboxing at a slower pace, i.e. five minutes for each round of shadowboxing. You might aim for 2 to 3 rounds; if you do it correctly, even two to three sessions of five minutes each will suffice for an intensive workout that will boost your level of confidence and boost your physical and mental capabilities.

                  The duration for the MMA training sessions relies on individual preferences; for instance, some of the MMA fighters who perform the MMA training at home also opt for a couple of intense rounds of shadow boxing that lasts till 30 seconds each. Keep in mind to take sufficient breaks between the training sessions. Nonetheless, you don’t really need to follow anyone; you can set your pace and interval of the training sessions as per your convenience and physical capability. Before you start on your intensive workout session, it is crucial to have a tiny warm-up session as well. You don’t have to spend much on the warm-up equipment as well; training with the jumping rope will suffice in having your body warmed up for the intensive MMA workout and training sessions at home. The jumping rope is the most widely used equipment for a warm-up that is used by the majority of boxers and MMA fighters.

                  Can You Learn MMA at Home?

                  This section will deal with MMA training at home for beginners; it doesn’t matter whether you want to learn MMA for self-defense or simply for staying physically fit and strong, there are essential ways to train for MMA at home. Kickboxing and MMA is a great way to lose extra weight as well as to get your body in shape. Without a doubt, an experienced instructor can help you in a better way with regards to demonstrating the different training and fighting techniques for the ultimate MMA training for beginners at home; in addition, an instructor also serves as the best sparring partner. Nonetheless, nowhere does it indicate that one cannot learn mixed martial arts at home. Nothing in this world is impossible!

                  How to Equip Yourself Properly for the Ultimate MMA Training for Beginners at Home?

                  How To Train For MMA at Home?

                  As mentioned earlier, you can learn martial arts at home without equipment as well; such as, with the help of shadowboxing. For an effective way of practicing with punches, strikes, footwork, and kicks. Nonetheless, nothing can replace the possession of quality MMA and kickboxing equipment at your home martial arts gym. In fact, with the help of equipment, you will be able to take your MMA training sessions up to the next level.

                  Basically, the first thing you need is athletic clothing; you definitely don’t want to start your training session while wearing formal clothing. Athletic clothing will allow you to move freely during the delivery of punches and kicks. Your shoes need to be different as well; you cannot train while wearing flip-flops. In fact, it is highly recommended to wear cross-training shoes or trainers for better foot flexibility. The right kind of shoes will also ensure that you don’t get accidentally injured during the training process. While buying the perfect training shoes, you will need to ensure that the thickness of the soul is perfectly made in a way that it provides stability to the feet; thus, enabling you to move with agility and quickness.

                  Moreover, if you plan to train with a partner or a punching/ heavy bag, you need to ensure to use hand wraps underneath your pair of boxing gloves. Hand wraps provide the perfect protection and support to your hands, knuckles, and wrists. There are also special boxing gloves that have been specifically designed for sparring; these gloves contain extra padding that is perfectly made for the protection of wrists and hands. If you want to invest in a couple of mandatory fitness equipment, it is recommended to get one of the top quality punching bags as well as the best fighting gloves and hand wraps. Other items include other protective items, such as head guards, and guards for shin and mouth.

                  Training with the heavy bag at home for the best mixed martial arts training at home will let you learn how to throw effective and powerful punches from different angles. Not to mention the fact that a punching bag is also essential for the development of better hand-to-eye coordination which is essential if you want to become the best MMA fighter. Even at home, you can take help from a sparring partner who can assist you with the equipment of strike shields and focus mitts.

                  How to Learn the Basic Moves if You Want to Start MMA Training at Home?

                  How To Train For MMA at Home?

                  If you aren’t familiar with the art of MMA at all, then you need to start with the basic moves, such as the foundational kicks and punches. In other words, you need to get a thorough understanding of the basic moves before you can proceed to learn the advanced MMA fighting techniques. Ensure to adopt the best fighting stance which is part of the basic moves of MMA training. The adaptation of the perfect fighting stance provides the foundation for strength and stability. Your body stance also depends on the position of your feet; it is highly recommended to start your training session with staggered feet positions. Your one foot needs to be positioned in the front; whereas, the other foot ought to be positioned behind. The position of your knees ought to be slightly bent; whereas, the heels of the feet ought to be slightly lifted. Your arms need to brought upward with the elbows resting near your ribs; whereas, the fists need to be held near the chin area. Meanwhile, the palms ought to be facing in. Prior to punching, make sure that your fingers are tightly curled in; whereas, the thumb should be placed above the first two fingers.

                  Once you have established and adopted your perfect fighting stance, you are ready to start executing the MMA fighting and training moves. During the training sessions, make sure to keep your navel pulled in towards the spine for this position will keep the muscles of the core in a contracted form.

                    How to Get Conditioned to Learn Martial Arts at Home?

                    How To Train For MMA at Home?

                    Learning mixed martial arts at home requires a strong commitment and level of determination. In other words, if you want to gain mastery over MMA, you will have to make an effort to make time and space for it. If you are having a busy schedule and work multiple jobs, then you will have to make it a point to invest at least 10 to 15 minutes in intense workout sessions. This is the only way to have your mind and body conditioned while you set yourself to learn MMA at home for free.

                    Furthermore, the mere knowledge of the moves will definitely do you no good. The knowledge of these moves is just the basic part for moving oneself up to the elite ranks of the MMA. If you are looking forward to becoming an accomplished and essentially successful kickboxer and MMA fighter you will have to condition your body in a way that exhibits endurance, strength, stability, agility, and great stamina. It is also suggested to engage in healthy warm-up activities as well while having them included in your daily fitness routine, such as jogging and jumping with the jumping rope. You can also opt for cycling and any other physical activity that gives you the essential kick before you start with your intensive MMA training session at home.

                    Moreover, you might want to add some weights in your training session for it will train your body to gain stamina and build up for resistance. This sort of resistance training can be performed without weights as well. You can find a number of online guides in this respect online. Or, you might want to catch up with some MMA trainers and professionals who might be willing to guide you through the essential rules for the ultimate MMA training for beginners at home. For the enhancement of muscles and strength, you can also opt for relevant training a couple of days in a week. There is nothing to worry about if you don’t have weights at home; the basic exercise of squats, push-ups, lunges, burpees, etc. are enough for a full-body workout.

                    How to Train Your Body for MMA with the Boxing Bag?

                    How To Train For MMA at Home?

                    There are a number of ways of training and workout that you can use with respect to the ultimate MMA training at home for beginners. The most effective equipment in this respect is the boxing bag. If you don’t have a piece of equipment and still looking for an intensive workout session for the MMA or jiu-jitsu training at home, then you don’t need to worry for we have covered everything for you in this section of the article. Nonetheless, if you are looking forward to learning martial arts at home and open your own home martial arts gym, then all you need is a boxing bag, a jump rope, some weights, the best boxing gloves, and the necessary boxing bandages for the support and safety of your hands and wrists.

                    The below-given list will tell you about the various exercise that you will be able to perform with the equipment vital for intensive MMA training at home.

                    1. The Jumping Rope

                      starting with the jumping rope, it is used as the necessary source for the warm-up session. There is nothing to underestimate this inexpensive yet highly valuable training equipment. The jumping rope will not only increase your heart rate but also help you in improving your footwork. It will also assist in enhancing flexibility and speed. A 3 to 5 minutes jumping around with the jumping rope can be a bit hard for beginners; however, soon you will see the results kicking in which will further serve as sufficient motivation to make it mandatory to include the jumping rope in your sessions to learn mixed martial arts at home. After completing your jumping sets, you will be ready to hit the boxing bag; therefore, all you need to do is getting your hand wraps and boxing gloves on and stepping into the game!

                      2. The Workout with the Heavy Bag

                        you have various choices when it comes to training with the heavy bag; for instance, you might want to invite a sparring/ training partner over to assist you with the heavy bag. On the contrary, you might also decide to train with the heavy bag on your own at your home martial arts gym.

                        If this is your first time with the heavy bag, then this is what we recommend to you. Start slowly at the beginning by keeping a low punching and striking pace. On your first day, you might want to start your kickboxing rounds with three sets that will last for five minutes each. Make sure that each of the training rounds ought to consist of different training and fighting techniques. For instance, your first round might include merely throwing powerful yet accurate punches at the heavy bag. During the first round, make sure that you vary your punches with respect to power and range. For instance, you might want to oscillate between punches of the higher and lower range. Keep changing the punching rhythm by throwing a couple of harder and speedier punches and then switching to a different angle with softer punches.

                        Moving on to the second round, it ought to be centered on kicking and using your legs to throw powerful punches at the heavy bag. Similar to the punches, kicks and knee strikes need to be registered from a number of different angles while changing the speed respectively. For instance, it is suggested to keep switching between ‘low-range’, ‘mid-high’, and ‘double-up’ knees and kicks. You can also aim for side-kicks, straight kicks, and roundhouses. On the other hand, you can also keep switching between high and low kicks. The best thing about a home martial arts gym is that you can perform the workouts as per your convenience and preferences. You are prone to get as comfortable creative as you can be.

                        The third set is also known as the combination round where you can involve your lower and upper body while working out with the heavy bag. Despite the fact that the third round can be the toughest one, it is still recommended top never give up and keep punching and striking the heavy bag with power. In other words, do your best to keep up your intensity along with exhibiting an excellent punching and striking caliber. In your mind, you will be burning out fats and toning up the muscles of your entire body while continuously working up to join the best MMA fighters of all time. If you follow this plan, your total heavy bag workout will be lasting for 15 minutes. Make sure that you take a one-minute rest after the completion of one round of five minutes. The one-minute can either be spent passively or actively depending on how you feel.

                        3. The Ultimate Burnout

                          as indicated by the name of this round, it also refers to the final round that is of the greatest intensity. Simply put, it refers to the ultimate battle between the heavy bag and you. This is where you can either defeat the heavy bag or be defeated by it. If you will have a partner for the round of the ultimate burnout, it might be more fun to train and work out; however, if you are alone at your home martial arts gym, then it might be a bit of a challenge; especially if you are new to the training world of MMA. The final burnout round includes simultaneous sets of exercising and resting that are of 30 minutes each. The purpose of this final round is to push yourself as hard as possible even when your body is screaming for help.

                          4. Push-Ups

                            You can learn mixed martial arts training at home with ease and convenience; even, if you don’t have a heavy bag, you can perform the basic core exercise without them. For instance, push-ups are a great way for core work. You can set the timer and perform as many push-ups as you are capable of doing. For the workout of your core, you can also opt for leg lifts, planks, and sit-ups. Exercises like these are an effective way to train the target areas, such as the chest area and the tabs. Even, if you would opt for a core-workout session that lasts for up to 10 minutes, it will work wonders and leave you highly satisfied.

                            Some Final Words…

                            If someone asks you can you learn MMA at home, you will know the affirmative answer. You can learn mixed martial arts at home with or without equipment. It might be a bit hard to obtain an adrenaline rush with the mixed martial arts training at home; however, you will definitely have a way to release your stress and improve your strength, power, caliber, stamina, and health. MMA isn’t confined to being capable of delivering hard and powerful kicks and punches; on the contrary, it becomes an art of living by making you physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger. Trust us! MMA work-outs at home like Jiu-Jitsu training can do wonders.

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