How To Predict Punches & Avoid Them?

Fighting in full arenas with the audience cheering for you if you are lucky can be great pressure and many distract from seeing the boxing punches. Be it jabs, hooks, or uppercuts, it is hard to see them coming. At times, you get below the belt punch and this is the pit where you have to go to the corner and manage yourself within 10 seconds. New fighters rather any fighter stepping into the ring for the first time start with jabs. If you want your opponent to kiss the canvas, you have to get your hands on MMA punches and Boxing punches.

The power of Boxing punches can be realized by the fact that Floyd Mayweather earned $500,000 for every punch he landed in the last decade.

Spot and stop the punch:

Spot & Stop Punch in Boxing and MMA
Out of hooks, uppercuts, and jabs, the punch thrown straight at you is the hardest to spot. As they leave you with less time to reach and punch back, you need to work on spotting punches. Naturally, you can better spot boxing punches that emerge from the sides instead of the one coming from the front. For in-fighters, it is essential to train your eyes and mind to see the boxing punches. Where out fighters have the advantage of the gap, in-fighters need to be careful and protect their chin because uppercuts can be lethal and knock them down.

Predicting jab:

Predicting Jab in Boxing and MMA
As mentioned before, the jab is the first punch that every boxer learns, and its utility is not acknowledged until the boxers start relying on it during bouts. It does not have the power of other boxing punches as it cannot knock out your opponent but many leading boxers jab their opponents and they have enjoyed significant wins. Whether you have a southpaw or orthodox stance, the lead hand is used to throw the jab. The one thing that can benefit you is that this hand may not be your opponent’s dominant hand. You can see the launch of jab coming by keeping an eye on the body movement of your opponent. It is not always preferred to block the boxing punch as dodging it can also help.

Before jabbing you, your opponent is going to twist his body to add more power to the jab and this is your hint.

Jab is also great in terms of dodging. One has to tuck his chin in while throwing a jab and as you are open for counter-reaction from your opponent, the tucked in chin protects you from uppercuts and hooks that might come from the other side.

Foreseeing right cross:

Foreseeing Right Cross in Boxing and MMA
The cross is one of the most powerful boxing punches that every boxer must have in his arsenal. It can put your opponent down for the count as it blows your opponent. The right cross is an exceptional boxing punch as it is powerful and devastating at the same time. The only flaw it has is that the boxer takes time in setting up as he has to push off and twist his torso. This gives you space for counterpunches and lands a more devastating punch. You can see this punch coming by analyzing the twisting torso of your opponent. The key to own the ring is to land bolo punches on your opponent while he prepares for the right cross. Like George Foreman, you can have a combination of power punches and you can defeat your opponent with faster and big blows.

Knockouts by the hook and uppercuts:

Knock Outs By Hook and Upper Cuts in Boxing and MMA
The hook leads to knockouts and this has been proven by Mayweather and Muhammad Ali. A hook is brilliant in the sense that it improves your timing and strategy altogether. You will not have to go to the scorecards if you have the hook in your arsenal. Mike Tyson and Joe Frazier use their legs to jump and leave the ground as they throw haymakers. One way to avoid a hook is to dodge it. Since it is powerful and high-paced, you need to be aware of your foot position.

Undoubtedly, the uppercut is one of the most shattering punches in boxing. Many skills boxers have knocked out their opponents by uppercutting them. The foremost task is to protect the chin as a southpaw and orthodox boxers can land uppercuts. This can be predicted by analyzing the position of the knees because knees are bent to add more power to uppercut. Hip movement is also another sign as the weight shifts in landing an uppercut.

Early detection of boxing punches:

Early Detection of Punches in Boxing and MMA
Before predicting punches, you have to see the combination used by your opponent. This will allow you to know his strengths and weaknesses and you can plan accordingly. Punches do not originate in your hands as your entire body is involved in it. From the power that is loaded from the ground, moving to the legs, and completing its journey via the torso, shoulders, and arms, a punch is originated. You need to realize that focusing on the hands of your opponent is not enough. Focus on his chest as well and twisting his body. The best way is to never give up if you have failed to predict the boxing punch and getting up again and stand in the ring with full motivation. As Rocky Balboa says:

It isn’t about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.