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How to Opt for the Right Kind of Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are both protective gear and a boxing tool. Some are designed to protect you and your partner during workout and training. Others are meant to inflict pain at the opponent during competition.


Boxing gloves come in a range of weights, styles, and designs, each serving a specific purpose. But they all have one thing in common. They are meant to polish your skills and refine your boxing techniques. That is why it is especially important in boxing and MMA to have the right kind of gloves for workout, training, sparring, and competition.

The main difference lies in the style, padding, weight, and fitting of the gloves. Boxing gloves are specifically developed and designed keeping in mind the purpose of use. The main types of gloves are bag gloves, training gloves, sparring gloves, and lace-up gloves. Each varies in the weight, size, and padding according to the purpose they serve.

Boxing Gloves for the Bag Work – Bag Gloves

Boxing bag gloves specifically for the punching bags. They are used for training on speed bags, heavy bags, Muay Thai bags, and double-end bags. Bag gloves used for speed bags are usually lightweight gloves with gel padding. They might also be open hand fingerless ones. Whereas, much heavier gloves with multi-layered foam and gel padding are the best boxing gloves for heavy bags. These gloves vary in weight from 8oz to 16oz gloves. The heavier bag gloves are mostly used by athletes as a conditioning tool for strength and stamina training. 10oz and 12oz sizes are the best boxing gloves for beginners. However, if you are working up the punching bag for muscle building opt for 14oz or 16oz bag gloves.

Bag gloves are designed to avoid hand injuries and bruised bloody knuckles. They usually come with a Velcro wrist enclosure to protect the wrist from strains and injuries.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves for Boxing / MMA Training – The Training Gloves

Boxing / MMA training gloves are what you usually find at the gym. These gloves are used for the training purpose, be it fitness training, or training against a partner. These gloves come with dense foam padding and are designed to protect your hands during training. Trainers usually prefer their students to wear training gloves, especially when training with mitts and Thai pads. This is because these gloves are designed to let you feel the impact of your punches while still providing optimal protection against injuries. These gloves usually come with injection-molded foam padding to provide added support to the fist. These are the best all-round boxing gloves and can be used for training and sparring both.

Starpro boxing training gloves are an ideal choice. They ensure perfect fitting along with a well ventilated inner palm with their Hydra-Flow mesh and Mono-Tec fitting. Choose bag gloves with wrist wraps to ensure the wrist and forearm is well protected for when you practice your power punches.

Boxing Gloves, Boxing MMA Training, The Training Gloves

Boxing Gloves for Sparring with a Partner – The Sparring Gloves

Boxing sparring gloves are used for sparring with a partner. They are designed to offer maximum protection to both you and your partner. That is why these gloves come with a thick gel and dense, multi-layered foam padding. So that the athlete, as well as the sparring partner both, are well protected against injuries. These gloves range from 10oz to 18oz boxing gloves. The right size is chosen based on the height and weight of the athlete.

These gloves are usually pre-molded into a fist shape to offer a better fit and relieve the pressure on the forearm for a comfortable sparring experience. They also come with a long wrist wrap to keep the wrist and forearm safe. This allows the athletes to focus on their skills and technique rather than be worried about their safety.

Boxing Gloves Sparring, The Sparring Gloves

Boxing Gloves for Competitions and fights – The Lace-up Gloves

Lace-up gloves are used in competitions and boxing championships.  These gloves are meant to protect the athlete while being able to inflict the impact of hits on the opponent. They come in weights ranging from 10oz to 16oz gloves. Sparring and training gloves are usually heavier than competition gloves.

Lace-up gloves have the weight of the glove distributed across the glove surface for maximum impact dissipation for the athlete. So that they don’t get hurt easily during fights. At the same time, these gloves are designed to deliver full strength punches at the opponent. Lace-up gloves offer ideal hand fit because the laces can be adjusted to the individual size for perfect fitting.

Choose boxing gloves wisely. Because they are designed to improve the skills and enhance your performance. The right gloves are crucial to your performance in both the ring and the gym. Choose the glove type and size according to the purpose you will be using them for. You will also have to opt for the right size according to your height and weight.

Do consult your trainer for the best option. And, if the gloves are for competition then keep in mind the specifications. This is because most competitions and championships have certain requirements and gloves have to be approved by them. You can check out a wide range of best boxing gloves online at Starpro. Use their size chart to find the perfect size options.

Boxing Gloves for Competitions and fights, The Lace-up Gloves