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Boxing mouth guard for braces holds similar importance for a boxer or MMA fighter like a Helmet worn by a Grand Prix 1 Racer. It is all about Protection, Protection and Protection!

Every fighter likes to fight with passion and win every time they enter a ring but protecting your body from nasty bouts of your opponent is also crucial as injuries have both short-term as well as long-term side effects.

But before we dwell into details such as what kind of protective guard is the best mouthguard for MMA fighters or even why are mouth guards only for top teeth, let us discuss the importance of a mouth guard for braces, teeth and even the brain and skull of a fighter.

Why Boxing Mouth Guards Are Important?

There are a lot of cases where a boxer had to suffer significant injury just because they did not buy a mouth guard that fitted perfectly. Any boxer or fighter that does not value mouth guards while entering a ring – whether for a regular fight or a practice session – risks more than losing a tooth or two. Jaw injuries and concussions are bigger and more possible risks when you opt to go into a ring without a mouthguard.

A boxer needs protection against punches but an MMA fighter has to navigate a match through a more varied range of weapons such as knees, punches directly hitting the jawline and a super flying kick directed towards lower jaw. So finding the best mouthguard for MMA fighters is not just an investment for their professional career but insurance that they cannot just take lightly.

Let us explain the extent of injury that you might have to endure in the absence of right boxing guards for braches:

  • When you are kicked or punched in the face, a shock wave travels to your jaw
  • The direct impact of a kick or punch then moves from your jaw to your brain
  • It does not stop there but travels through to your skull.

This is also one of the main reasons why sparring is preferred overtraining on punching bags as you get to know the right feel or size for a mouthguard.

Scientific Evidence Supporting Mouthguards

It is not just a boxing practice or MMA fighting necessity, why you need to look for the best mouthguard for MMA fighting. The notion behind boxing mouth guard for braces is that there is scientific data supporting the idea to use mouth guards for fighting. In fact, the question “Why are mouth guards only for top teeth” also has a scientific basis.

Studies have shown that using a mouth guard significantly reduces the danger of incurring an injury during a boxing match or MMA fight. Best mouth guard for MMA fighters is a sure shot guarantee against injury to face or teeth. It also helps in reducing chances to sustain a concussion, something that is common within MMA fighters after a fight.

Boxing mouth guard for braces is also important in deterring long-term illnesses that are considered part and parcel in the game of boxing.

How Does A Typical Mouth Guard Works?

Since we are discussing the importance of mouthguards for fighters and boxers, it seems relevant that we also explain the working phenomenon behind boxing mouth guards for braces that is same as the best mouthguard for MMA fighters.

Built with exceptional quality plastic and strengthened by hardening materials, mouth guards for fighters are molded to fit with the teeth of the professional boxer and fighters. Most famous MMA fighters and boxing pros even get a mouth guard that is designed to sit perfectly with the shape and bite pattern of their teeth.

Mouthguards are primarily just shock absorbers that allow distributing the brute force of a punch or kicking across the entire jaw rather than just affecting the point of impact. So if a fighter is hit on the right corner of their jaw or under their jawline by their opponents, instead of losing a tooth or two, or the entire shock going directly to the brain in the vertical direction on to the skull, it is distributed horizontally through the teeth that can easily absorb the distributed impact.

In this way, you will be prevented from sustaining any fractured jaw, broken tooth, brain damage or even a concussion-like feeling because distributed force that travels horizontally rather vertically.

Why Are Mouth Guards Only Work for Top Teeth

To answer the question of why mouthguards are only designed, sold and bought for upper teeth, it is because of the biting pattern of human teeth.

It does not necessarily protect just the teeth of the upper jaws but it is actually chewed into by the MMA fighters and boxers, thus pushing down on to the teeth of lower jaw as well.

The distributed force principle of mouth guards means that even in case the punch from an opponent boxer or a knee kick from opposing MMA fighter lands on the lower jaw, the force will be distributed all around the jaw onto the upper teeth as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Mouthguard

So now that we have discussed in detail the working principle and importance of mouthguards, let us explain important factors that you must consider when selecting boxing mouthguards for braces. These are equally good points to choose the best mouthguard for MMA fighters.

  1. Proper Fitting

This is an important thing to consider that a mouth guard must properly fit inside your mouth and appropriately cover all your teeth. No amount of good quality or hardened plastic can protect you from getting your teeth broken if you have bought a boxing mouth guard for braces that actually does not properly fit.

When we talk about proper fitting, it is not just limited to getting your teeth covered by your preferred mouth guard before an MMA training session. It should also have a firm bite that aligns perfect with your natural bite. In the case of crooked teeth, you have 2 options. Either get it fixed by a dentist, otherwise find a mouth guard that can adjust itself around that crooked tooth.

However, in no condition, you should compromise on the fitting of your mouthguard over any other factor. Brand, price and any other factors should not dictate your decision in deciding a boxing moth guard because what good is the best mouthguard for an MMA fight if it cannot fix properly in your mouth.

  1. Comfort

Now it is also important that the mouth guard should only not get fixed in your mouth but you also have to feel comfort wearing it on your teeth and while you close your mouth. In a ring, during those vital moments of a boxing match or MMA fight, the last thing you want is to feel discomfort that you chose just because it belonged to some famous brand.

Even during training and sparing, mouth guards need to feel comfortable and in order to do that, make sure that you test as much mouth guards that it takes.

  1. Size

Now there are varying opinions when it comes to a boxing mouth guard for braces. Some professionals prefer sleek design mouth guards, others consider wider ones as the best mouthguard for MMA fighting and training.

Bulkier mouth guards are a norm in MMA fighter or boxers that have wider jawlines to adjust with their teeth. It means that they have slightly more room in their mouth to fixate a wider mouth guard without compromising on the comfort zone that we have already discussed.

But before you go for a bulky version of boxing mouth guards, do remember that size of even the best mouthguard for MMA and boxing can affect your breathing and we don’t have to tell you the importance of breathing during fights.

You don’t want a big enough mouth guard in case you are choked during an MMA fight, forcing you into a tap down, just because you were already gasping for breathing air.

If you have chosen an appropriate mouthguard for yourself then surely you need to make sure that it is easier to bite and clenching you not be a big problem. In fact, the best mouthguard for MMA fighters is the one, which is not required to be chewed on or taken a bite out of, rather than it must have a size that fits your jaws perfectly.

Design of The Mouth Guard

It is important to get your design for the boxing mouth guard right because there are significant chances that you might end up with a mouth guard that does not properly fit into your mouth. Some people even opt for a unique style that has to be made specifically for them and they ask for special material to be used in those mouth guards.

Others opt to get their name or initials engraved on those mouth guards. But no matter which design or style you prefer or whether you decide to get your own customized boxing mouth guard for braces designed, make sure that the protection – the main reason for owning a mouthguard in the first place – is actually provided to your teeth without any problem.

Is This the Best Mouth Guard for MMA & Boxing?

We have now discussed in detail the different aspects that usually decide the selection of a boxing mouth guard for braces and have even informed you about the interesting answer to the question Why are mouth guards only for top teeth, let’s have a look on the kind of mouthguard that is most favored by MMA fighters and boxers.

Although most of them prefer to work with customized mouth guards that carry their signature initials, brands or vanity items, there is this one kind of Mouth Guard that is preferred by many other MMA fighters and boxers as well.

These are called Boil and Bite Mouthguard that is economical when it comes to prices and even provide almost the same functionality as one of the customized boxing mouth guard for braces of a fighter.

There are a couple of benefits to the boil and bite mouthguards as opposed to run-of-the-mill and branded mouthguards. They provide a vast range of styles and designs to choose from, so if you are a first-timer and have no experience what kind of mouthguard you might be needing then you must opt for the boil and bite mouthguard as they are the best mouthguard for MMA enthusiast that are just starting off their training.

You need to make sure that you properly take care of it because once you adopt the regimen of properly taking care of it, this boil and bite mouthguard category can act as a worthy companion to have in your training sessions and within fighting and boxing rings.

If you are tight on budget and do not want to spend a fortune on fancy or customized mouthguards, then these are surely the best mouthguard for MMA fighting. They fit right in your mouth and despite their affordable nature, they provide immense value for money because they are designed to last longer and even the nastiest of the hits.

Made out of specialized material, these boils and bite mouthguards are perfectly designed to get soft when put in a water bowl and once it is game time – or even practice session – this boxing mouthguard for braces will fit right in your mouth as the ultimate protection against the most brutal kicks, punches to your teeth and jaws.

What Kind of Mouthguards for Sparring Is Perfect?

Just like any other normal situation, boxing mouthguard for braces needs to be perfect for sparing as well as full-on ring fights. Some fighters save their best mouthguard for MMA ring fights and prefer sparring with a thinner version of their customized or even boil-and-bite mouthguards.

However, in reality, you need to have the same mouthguard for both your professional ringside matches and sparring. Otherwise, a thinner boxing mouthguard for braces might even lead to an injury during sparring exercises.

Some of the manufacturers use additional EVA material in order to thicken the mouthguard for the protection against brain and teeth injury. Dispersal of the attack force has to be uniformly distributed and this can only be done with the help of a mouthguard that is built to sustain and pass on the shock of a punch or kick horizontally.

Little Downside of Thicker Mouth Guard

It has to be kept in mind that usually, boxing mouthguards for braces that are too wide or are packed with additional EVA material can cause breathing issues when placed in your mouth. Others might expose your jaw for harder punches.

But most importantly, a thicker mouthguard can cause a lot of irritation, which means that even if you think that the best mouthguard for MMA style fighting or boxing is the one that is slightly thicker, you must at least make sure to use it over and over. These practice sessions will make sure that you have spent enough time with your boxing mouthguards so that they don’t feel like an alien item in your mouth once the big moment comes.


Mouthguards are the ultimate protection for a fighter or a boxer so it is important that you put in a lot of thought before deciding on what kind of mouthguard you want. After all, it will protect you the best against the punches and kicks from your competitors.

Starpro offers the best mouthguard for MMA fighters. They are not only available in different designs and styles but each one of them is designed to endure the harshest of blows time and time again. We also have a vast collection of Boxing mouthguards for braces that are perfect for sparring as well as regular boxing fights.

Many MMA fighters and boxers will tell you that after their gloves, it is the 2nd most important item in their training bag. Most would not dare – or even dream – of entering a ring without their boxing mouthguard for braces covering their teeth. It is unbelievable the number of fighters and boxers who have sustained serious concussions, jaw fractures and experienced broken teeth just because they considered themselves too cool to wear a mouthguard during practice or sparring.

So make sure that you choose only the best mouthguard for MMA fighting – or boxing, if that is your thing – and, as most of them tend to last for a lifetime, do not overthink about the prices. But if you are just starting out, maybe it is ok if you just stick with a boil and bite style mouthguards.

However, it is important to be cautious about the fact that you get enough practice time before entering a ring with that ultimate protection for your braces. Never compromise on the comfort level or the size of a mouthguard just because of the brand. It is important that you value your personal safety beyond anything else if you intend to continue with your passion.

“Just in case” and “better safe than sorry” are the working principles when using the mouthguards and selecting an EVA induced mouthguard that fits in your mouth can help you find that best mouthguard for MMA style fighting.

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