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A Complete Guide To Defend Your self in Boxing and MMA

When people see Muhammad Ali, Wilfredo Benitez, Willie Pep, Cody Garbrandt, Jorge Masvidal, or Nate Diaz, they will believe that offense is the essential part of Boxing and MMA because whether they take an orthodox stance or southpaw stance, the major focus is on their Boxing and MMA punches and Boxing and MMA combos. Very few people identify their defense techniques which play a paramount role in the victory. Whatever Boxing and MMA stance you take, you need to learn extraordinary Boxing and MMA defense styles because offense plus defense is going to make you a champion. The sound way to win the game is your Boxing and MMA combos which must include a strategy to launch effective attacks on the opponent and using defensive tactics to affect the spirit of your opponent at the same time. This article includes proven defense techniques to defend yourself in Boxing and MMA.


Like the offense, the defense is a vital part of the skillset of every boxer and one becomes a fighter by knowing Boxing and MMA defense styles. If we shed light on the work of Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Pernell Whitaker, they are known for using remarkable defenses. They have developed their Boxing and MMA punches and footwork on both ends. However, many young people in the field fail to develop their Boxing and MMA defense styles as they are more focused on the development of offense and train for it. You can upgrade your defense with the mentioned defense techniques:

1. Bobbing and Weaving

Bobbing & Weaving in Boxing and MMA

Bobbing and weaving ensure great defense as head movement is one of the most tried and tested Boxing and MMA defense style. When your opponent bombards you with Boxing and MMA punches, you can hit his spirit and destroy him psychologically by using head movement. Moving your head up and down, and indifferent sides allow you to conquer your opponent mentally as all of his attacks go in vain. Boxing and MMA defense styles make you a moving target which becomes difficult for your opponent to identify and hit. When you keep on moving your head up and down and in various dimensions and patterns, this hesitates the other fighter and drains his energy as well. By bobbing and weaving along with Boxing and MMA punches, one can disturb the timing of the opponent leading to disruption of his rhythm. One must add bobbing and weaving in his Boxing and MMA defense combos. Get your hands on this through shadow boxing and you are good to go.


  • creates great angles for Boxing and MMA punches
  • helps in escaping bad positions
  • works exceptionally against slower-footed opponents


  • Slow head movement can be risky
  • hard to punch while moving
  • great energy is needed for Boxing and MMA punches

2. Blocking

Blocking in Boxing and MMA

Boxing and MMA defense blocking is a basic boxing defense and it is highly recommended Boxing and MMA defense style that helps you in defending yourself while staying in the range. The best part about it is that little skills and energy is required for Boxing and MMA defense blocking. It is a great style because it allows you to block the punches coming from the other side and protecting your vulnerable areas and attacking right after it. All you have to do is block the aggression coming from the other side and wait for the right time to punch back. Boxing and MMA defense blocking covers you from punches as it covers your body and head. You have to be very smart with blocking because the size and pace of your opponent can still cause partial damage. Balance is very important here because if you will keep on using Boxing and MMA defense blocking, you will start staying in your shell and will not be able to demonstrate aggression.


  • effective against all punches
  • basic skill, energy, and reflexes are needed
  • great for all punches except the heaviest ones
  • block and counter technique
  • the simplest way to protect the body from punches
  • good defense for jabs


  • high energy/high speed is needed to counter
  • low chance to show aggression
  • ineffective against powerful or bigger opponents
  • not useful against fighters that use long arms or volume to push you back
  • vision is affected at times

3. Slipping

Slipping in Boxing and MMA

Slipping is yet another exceptional Boxing and MMA defense style and it requires unmatched reflexes. Slipping allows you to escape the punch from the other side by slipping to either side slightly. Once this happens, you have all the chances to strike back as your opponent will not be prepared for it. From footwork to head movement, slipping is a vital part of every technique. Not everyone has controlled slipping which turns into a disaster. This defensive technique can be learned during shadow boxing and sparring. Having learned to slip Boxing and MMA punches, Boxing and MMA defense blocking, and bobbing, and weaving, you will become invincible.


  • hands and body can counter promptly
  • creates enormous vulnerabilities in the opponent
  • no contact and missed punch
  • it is an exceptional way to escape when trapped in the corner
  • while defending, one can advance forward
  • shoulder muscles are preserved
  • successfully breaks your opponent’s punching rhythm


  • highly exposed if failed
  • must not be employed against multiple punches
  • requires exceptional skill
  • not recommended against body punches 

4. Parrying

Parrying in Boxing and MMA

You can set up counter shots on your opponent by an effective parry. Deflecting your opponent’s Boxing and MMA punches with your hands and changing its trajectory is parrying. Once you are successful in parrying, your opponent is completely vulnerable and you can take this vulnerability to your advantage. This is by far the most difficult Boxing and MMA defense style. From good reflexes to exceptional reactive time, everything is required in this Boxing and MMA combo. For parrying, one has to understand the in-ring attitude of the opponent as only then he can anticipate his Boxing and MMA punches and Boxing and MMA defense styles.


  • good for push punches
  • successful against power punches
  • great for straight punches
  • good for long punches
  • create defenselessness for counters
  • tires the long-armed and power punchers


  • unproductive against fast/light/non-committed punches
  • useless against curved punches
  • not always successful against Boxing and MMA combo punches
  • difficult to do at close range
  • not useful against body punches

5. Rolling

Rolling in Boxing and MMA

The last technique is rolling. As a boxer and fighter, it is guaranteed that you are going to get a punch but you can minimize the damage by rolling. It includes twisting your body away and avoiding the punch coming from the other side. Rolling minimizes the impact of the Boxing and MMA punches. However, it is an advanced technique that must not be used without proper practice.


  • effective against multiple punches
  • great for power punches
  • prepares hands for faster counter punching
  • covers both head and body easily
  • will deflect power and minimize the impact
  • saves shoulder energy


  • not needed against weak jabs
  • less effective in cross-stance confrontation (southpaw vs orthodox Boxing and MMA stance)
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