Boxing seems to be an unpredictable game and many exceptional fighters get knocked out once the bout starts. Everyone must remember the bout when Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson. This knockout is considered to be the biggest upset in the history of boxing and watching the match makes one realize the common mistakes made by Tyson who never became the same fighter again.

At the time of his bout with Douglas, Tyson had 37 victories and was the heavyweight champion known for his killer knockout power. Douglas lost his mother before the bout and also contracted flu and it was obvious that Tyson would knock him out but what happened became history.

Though Tony tucker KO Douglas, he was a strong contender when he stepped in the Tokyo dome against Mike Tyson. Without getting intimidated, Douglas maintained Tyson outside and went for a lethal choice and dropped Tyson to the mat in the 8th round.

After 37 victories, Tyson was defeated in the 10th round by Douglas and this shook the world and Tyson as a fighter.

This one fight is not enough to demonstrate the deadly impact of common boxing punching mistakes. Boxing punching techniques are important as they allow you to have a better stance while fighting your worst enemy. It helps you in keeping control and allows you to maintain perfect balance in the ring. Following are the few punching mistakes that are quite common and can be devastating in any situation:
  1. Exposed Chin while throwing the Jab

Many fighters have this habit of lifting their chin while throwing a jab. This makes their chin exposed to an attack from their opponent. Everyone has a different style of throwing a jab and some expose their chin while doing it while leaning their head in either direction. Moving your head sideways while throwing jab also turns out to be lethal at times. You must be covering your face no matter which punch you are going to throw for countering any counter-attack.
Ask your trainer to throw a hook whenever you jab as this will allow you to check your defense points. Adjust your position in a way that you land your jab perfectly while escaping the hook coming from your trainer. Trying uppercut after landing a jab or right cross can be helpful in this regard. All the fighters need to make videos while they train. This will allow them to look at their punching mistakes and they can amend them by working on them.
  1. Dropped right hand while throwing the left hook

If you drop your right hand while throwing a left hook, do not feel embarrassed as many expert fighters make this terrible mistake and that too again and again. This is a common punching mistake which is undoubtedly the deadliest one. Many professionals make this mistake and they get a right-hand punch on their chest while they are busy throwing a left hook. This punching mistake is very common and this is the reason why many experts feel that the best response to a left hook is a left hook. Just have a tighter hand and throw left hook. Undoubtedly, this is the deadliest mistake and this one technique has led to many knockouts in the ring to date.

The best way to check and experiment left hook is during sparring. You can practice the left hook while managing your footwork and body balance.  

  1. Exposed Body is going to yield terrible results

Like exposed chin, the exposed body is yet another major mistake made by many fighters. When you extend your arm, your entire body is exposed and your opponent would not find a better chance to strike you. The best part is that you can also take advantage of the exposed body of your opponent but for that, you have to be a pro in terms of slipping. Slipping allows you to escape head punches and protect other areas from attack. Countering the attack while slipping is going to be a challenging thing. It is essential to keep an eye on the opportunities and it is a sane idea to grab every opportunity to attack your opponent. Make sure your body is not exposed while landing uppercuts or hooks as this can be deadly for you. Do not extend your arms too much or you will have your body exposed for the attack.

Boxing is a dramatic sport where anyone can lose within seconds. There is always a high probability of someone hitting the 10-run home run and own the ring.

Look for every opportunity to land your lottery punch and carve your name in the historic knockouts. If you want to end the game earlier, make sure you know the perfect knockout punches. In a fight between Spinks and Tyson in 1988 for the heavyweight title, Tyson dropped Spinks twice and the bout came to an end in just 91 seconds. Work on your defense and work on your punches and you are good to go.