The incredible Mexican junior underweight champion Saul Canelo Alvarez is known for his deadly boxing combos. At the age of 27, he garnered enough attention and is distinguished for his Canelo boxing combos. Many fighters have the know-how of boxing combinations but they lack power and accuracy to land them.

Learning devastating boxing combos is one thing and developing the rhythm is another thing. To land your combinations effectively, your boxing rhythm and combinations must be in line.

If you are planning to learn southpaw boxing combos or advanced boxing combos, ensure you are aware of your body movements and rhythm. The rhythm of your body is going to help you in moving in multiple directions and using every possible reflex. To learn boxer’s rhythm for landing advanced boxing combos, you need to:
  • Focus on learning proper stances and balance techniques
  • Concentrate on the rhythm of your opponent as well
  • Stay relaxed and limber while throwing punches
  • Never lose control in the ring physically and mentally
  • Always be in motion
Once you grab the nitty-gritty of your boxing style, you must start practicing boxing combos with pads. Learning devastating boxing combos is only possible through practice. Practice will help you with motion, balance, exceptional footwork, speed and range, and movement. One can learn boxing combos with slips and southpaw boxing combos by focusing on every dimension and this exercise will turn your movements into a rhythm.

Canelo has devastating boxing combinations as he has ultimate speed but he overpowers the other fighter first. He has the shorter arm but he employs tactics to box from the outside. Canelo plays with body and mind and this has put deadly boxing combos in his arsenal.

To have an exceptional boxing combo, one needs to focus on all aspects ranging from footwork to punches. Throwing punches and knocking your opponent is not going to work in every case. To become the king of the ring, you need to have a classic boxing combination having the ability to shock your opponent by your unpredictable punches.


The famous fights of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson had few punches but they managed to knock out their opponent. Those were not 2-3 punches but deadly boxing combos that allow a boxer to set up a trap for his opponent.

Classic advanced boxing combos to learn! 

Every boxer has different boxing combos. You cannot predict their moves in the ring as every time they step inside the ring, you see the new version of them. May fighter relies on their head movements to win the game like Muhammad Ali and many rely on the power of their punches and body movement like Mayweather jr. to make their opponent kiss the canvas. Canelo boxing combo has one thing that blows the mind of his opponent and it is his head movement.

Canelo loves uppercuts and unlike other fighters, he throws uppercuts from the outside. His tricky angles allow him to beat the other fighter by using fewer punches but at tricky angles.


The basic boxing combo one-two has the jab and the straight-right punch. Start practicing it with your shoulders first. All you need to do is work on coordination between your upper body movements and dragging while moving forward and backward. This movement has two separate areas that one has to breakdown and follow. To follow the trick, make sure you twist your core and synchronize your punches and footwork altogether. Remember not to hyperextend your elbows and exhale after every jab.


One-Two, Left Hook

Whatever your stance is, one-two left hook starts with hands down. One-two is thrown with your shoulder with your hands in a relaxed position but once you are in a position to throw with your left shoulder, throw it with your left shoulder forward. To throw it perfectly, find the rhythm. Do not swing your right arm too much and avoid overextending your arm. The key is to distribute your weight on both feet.

Head Movement Baits

It is fun to watch Canelo and his aggressive yet tricky moves in the ring. The way he uses his head movement to make his opponent reach off balance is truly commendable. Head movements make your defense strong and give you multiple chances to have the other fighter off guard and attack him. Canelo moves forward and slips to create this space. Learning too much head movements is not the goal, using the learned ones at different angles, and developing a rhythm is what you need. Many think head movements are for blocking and parrying whole you can do land your boxing combination by using tricky head movements.

Head movements allow you to defend the jab by leaning your head into different angles and at the same time, it makes a space for you to attack. With perfect head movements, you can block left hooks, roll your head away and you are good to go.

To conclude, deadly boxing combos allow the boxer to use their speed and skills to throw devastating punches in a rhythm. No matter if you have a shorter reach and high power like Canelo, your deadly boxing combo is going to make you a champion like 27 years old. Use different and tricky angles to land your punches and use different angles for slipping. The first and foremost thing is balance and control. Learn this and you are the next champ.