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 Starpro Choose the best kickboxing gloves for beginners

There is no doubt, skipping ropes definitely get one to get ripped fast. The Starpro jump rope provides great workouts to get ripped. If you are trying to lose some weight, then you might also consider kickboxing for fat loss. The sparring and boxing gloves by Starpro will also inspire you to come up with your own boxercise circuit ideas. The heavy boxing bags ensure that the professional, as well as beginners, develop an essentially strong punch workout. The jump rope combined with the variety of punching bags ensure advanced footwork drills. The Starpro boxing gloves along with the jump rope and the punching bags allow for crazy workouts to get ripped and build muscle. Undoubtedly, the Starpro boxing training gloves pave the way for fitness and kickboxing for fat loss. 

Several risks are involved, when you start participating in a combat sport. When it comes to kickboxing, self-defense skills are of the utmost priority. Trainers always advise selecting the best kickboxing gloves for beginners. Aside from staying fit and energetic, it is essential to maintain the overall fitness of the body systems.


What Are The Common Weights And Sizes Available?

The size and weight vary when it comes to choosing a pair of kickboxing gloves. The common weight and size of gloves are given below for your convenience.

       Weight          Size

  1. 40-54 kg 8 oz
  2. 54-68 kg 10 oz
  3. 68-84 kg 12 oz
  4. 84+ kg 14 oz


What Kind Of Kickboxing Gloves Need To Be Used By Beginners?

Starpro Choose the best kickboxing gloves for beginners

A few decades ago, beginners preferred to use special lace-up gloves. However, with the advancement of technology Velcro is considered the right option. Lace-up gloves are not widely available in both local and online stores. Before every training session or a fight, lace-up gloves need more time to adjust with your hands and wrist. Unlike lace-up, Velcro doesn’t need a lot of effort to put on. So when you are searching for black or brown leather gloves, keep your safety and comfort on a prime priority. Choosing the best kickboxing gloves for beginners is just as tough as finding the best punching bags (all sizes) & stands for drills.


Choose the Best Protective Kickboxing Gloves to Prevent Sudden Shocks

Choose the right kickboxing clothes for your training sessions. Make sure, these are of the right size for long and intense sessions. Shoes and other protectors are very important to consider before a fight. The reason is that legs are at high risk, so wearing good quality shoes and protectors help in preventing sudden shocks. This is a high-intensity sport. Give your mind a signal to keep calm, and attack when it is the right time or moment. Never start in the hyper mode, as it may lead to knockout in the early stage.


Adapt the Right Technique with Professional Kickboxing Gloves

There are a huge number of amateurs, who are doing training, sparring and participating in fights to earn a reputed name in this sport. Always target new things, and stop thinking that you have all the skills. Liking someone’s style doesn’t mean you can pick him or her style. Yes, you can adapt the technique, but always try to add something beneficial in it. There are many professional athletes, who tried to be like someone else but end up better than them.

Start taking 5 to 6 days a week training session to get good grading with the passage of time. Consider yourself lucky, if the crowd is loving your style and welcome you every time you enter the ring.


Throw Hard Punches with Quality Kickboxing Glove for Beginners

Beginners are more prone to injuries due to lack of experience. Free movements are necessary for training, sparring, and fights. This is possible with recommended or quality products, available in the online stores. A right pair of kickboxing gloves is the prime priority if you want to throw hard punches on the punching bag or to your opponent. A glove with the right leather or leather-like material, shock protecting foam padding, Velcro closing and rest of the stuff should be checked properly.


How To Protect Yourself With Right Kickboxing Gears?

Starpro Choose the best kickboxing gloves for beginners

Like any other combat sports, risks are attached in kickboxing. If you are not taking safety precautions, you will most probably end up with the injuries. The more the physical contacts there will be, the more you have to protect yourself with state-of-the-art gears. Professional brands like Starpro are providing good quality and best kickboxing gloves for beginners to ensure you have a safe session in training, sparring, and fights. Compromising on the quality of gears will let you down in front of your supporters. The intensity of this sport is always high, so one cannot win a fight without focusing on the following factors:

  • Skill
  • Technique
  • Opponent’s weaknesses


Stretch and Relax Your Muscles before Making Movements

Muscle strains and sprains are the common forms of injuries sustained during the training. Beginners are always advised by their professional trainers to take care of these risks. Like other sports, it is good to warm up properly before going to the gym for long intense training. This warm-up will stretch and relax your muscles to a certain level. Additionally, do light aerobics to achieve a good level of fitness. Kickboxing is a tough sport, so free movement is necessary to set yourself ahead of your opponent.


Follow a Careful Approach in Kickboxing Training

A careful approach is required as a beginner, and one must be careful before any intense situation. Push to the highest level of intensity, when you have done a lot of workouts. This is one of the workouts to get ripped and build muscle. All you need is consistency and routine. Follow this with the instruction of your trainer or master, and never exert yourself extra. Always be the one, who you really are. In the beginning, it is good to freshen up yourself with the basic level of kickboxing training. If you are feeling tired in the starting stage, then you might be overstressed in the middle of your training.


Keep Yourself Hydrated With Quality Kickboxing Products

Starpro Choose the best kickboxing gloves for beginners

Take water intake properly to keep your body hydrated and fresh. Without a healthy body, your brain will not give active signals to your body. Aside from water, some rehydrating drinks are also advised to prevent different issues. Prevent muscle cramps, while you are training as a beginner. The more you keep your body away from such cramps, the more you can be a fitter combat-sport athlete. Use clothes that are comfortable, perfectly stitched and fit. This helps beginners avoid serious injuries. Still, if you have a strain or cramp, take a few days to break, rest and treatment according to the advice of a doctor.


Follow Safety Precautions in This Combat-Sport

Fitness is the first priority. As a beginner, remember you have to keep your body fit and ready for this combat sport. Follow some safety precautions of your master to avoid injuries during the workouts. If you are prone to injuries at the beginning of your combat-sport career, then you may not turn into a top professional.


Pursue a Kickboxing Career with the Aim to Boost Fitness

One of the most important factors to pursue your career in kickboxing is that you are fascinated with this sport. Growing up watching the fights of popular athletes ultimately makes your mind, how to be a successful athlete. Never try to be an angry type of person. This will not help you learn this sport in a professional way. Aside from this, never get angry on the opponent all the time. This is not a crime-fighting. Instead, this is just to engage you in a healthy activity for both mind peace and body fitness. As soon as you are getting mature, you will learn different techniques from your trainer as well as your own failures.


Learn Kickboxing with Confidence

Starpro Choose the best kickboxing gloves for beginners

Before choosing a career in kickboxing, look why you are desperate to learn it. What is the driving force behind this sport? Whether you want to achieve fitness goals or want to become a top athlete. With confidence, you can stand up with the right ideas. Building confidence is essential, but it can’t be possible without the right body shape. Everyone has their role models and heroes in their respective fields. This makes them desperate, why they want to look like these individuals. The driving force behind a goal or objective is always some situation or a person.


Choose Leather Kickboxing Gloves According To Your Level of Practice

Practicing long intense training with leather kickboxing gloves involves precision movement as well as determination. It is always great to punch the heavy bag with strength and accuracy. The more you train, the more you can knock out your opponent during fight night. Aside from joining a professional training institute, it is very important to learn as quickly as you can. There are a number of athletes around the world, but few of them are at the level of greatness. Versatility and unique punching and protecting abilities stand you apart from the rest. For this purpose, first, choose which glove is best suitable for your needs.


Why The Highest Level Of Skill Requires Professional Gloves?

Starpro is one of the popular brands that aim to provide top-quality kickboxing gloves to professionals and amateurs. It is always a bad idea to enter a fight ring without protective and comfortable gloves. No matter you are at the highest level of your skill, the wrong kind of equipment will leave you in big trouble. In addition to this, you may also cause injury to the opponent. Make sure, the gear you have is designed with genuine leather or 100% PU REACH approved hi-tec artificial leather. This way, you will be free to place as many punches as you can.


Why Right Kickboxing Gloves Are Necessary Along With Following Other Rules?

Almost all professionals know that this combat-sport has an ancient Olympic origin. The history goes back to the 7th century BC. When it comes to major development, we can find that during the 17th century there were several well-known boxers. Aside from following the specific rules and regulations of this popular sport, it is necessary to choose the right leather boxing gloves for punching bags and workout mitts along with other gears. When you have the right equipment for this sport, then the next thing is to develop skills. Do some research online for the perfect leather boxing gloves.


Why Low-Quality Gloves Are Not Preferred?

Cheaper options may attract you at the beginning of your career. You should understand that a low-quality product is not good enough for both training and fight. With protective and comfortable Starpro Boxing gloves, you can get perfect wrist support. Hitting is always the same, but it is only possible when you are comfortable with what you have worn. Choosing a good pair of best leather gloves to mean you have a serious concern for your safety. Many professionals, as well as amateurs, can make strong punches if they have the right gear. The gloves have an impact when you are fighting with an opponent in the fight night. The attacking areas are always the head, chest, ribs, abdomen, shoulders, and arms.


How to Boost Your Techniques and Quality of Punching?

Starpro Choose the best kickboxing gloves for beginners

It is always important to know, which qualities you have. This will definitely boost your techniques and quality of punching. Do not put your safety on a side, and never choose too light or lightly padded gloves. There is a risk that you will end with damaging your hands. Always do proper research and finalize the brand or their specific product wisely. There are several online stores, from where you can discover the best kickboxing gloves.


Keep These Objectives in Mind before Buying a Kickboxing Glove

Always choose the best kickboxing gloves for beginners with a few objectives in mind like:

  • Never stop learning
  • Never give up (Mistakes are just an opportunity to learn)


No Compromise on Safety

When it comes to padded gloves, choose a shock protecting product that protects your hands, fingers, wrists, and knuckles. This also reduces the impact of opponent’s punches, when you are using your gloves for your own safety. The impact of punches is always high if you are not wearing the right gear. Depending on the beginner’s level, there is no compromise on safety. Although your safety must not compromise at any stage, it is essential to learn the basics at an early age. Depending on the preference of glove, different brands are available both in local and online stores. All you have to do is some research for your boy or girl.


What Sizes Are Best For Beginners To Develop Skills?

For both training and fight, there are different types available. It depends on the level. If your son or daughter has an interest in kickboxing, then the best-preferred size is 6-oz or 8-oz. Also, different companies provide their gears in different foam padding. This is necessary to avoid shocks, bruises, and injuries to the hand. Of course, no one wants to injure his or her hand while training, sparring, and fighting. Fear of injury always restricts an athlete to develop advanced skills. In addition to this, the rest of the gears must have a specific size and weight. With the passage of time, you can use a bigger size glove but at the beginner level, the lighter one is fine.


Choose a Snug Fit and Safe Kickboxing Glove

As a matter of preference, it is necessary to understand the rules of training and competition. Along with that, you must know what your physical traits are. Never choose a gear that is not suitable for your physique. Additionally, choose a snug fit and safe product that provides you the protection as well as the comfort you need. Velcro gloves are easy to wear due to the fast-closing grip. Well, lace-up gloves have their own importance due to the right fitting. These are also known as traditional gloves, because of offering customized fitting. No matter what is your preference, shock protecting foam is the prime priority.


Consider Protection Instead Of Vibrant Colors

Starpro Choose the best kickboxing gloves for beginners

At the beginner level, you can use both leather, PU artificial leather, and vinyl gloves. Leather and PU artificial leather are the most popular ones due to material quality as well as longevity. Once again, it is your personal preference and affordability. Several colors are available, but color must not be your top priority. It is possible that a glove that is available in many attractive colors is not high in terms of quality. Consider protection and comfort instead of vibrant colors.


Neutral Online Sources Are Right for Best Kickboxing Gloves for Beginners

With several brands available online, choose a brand that has a reputation for top quality products. In the sport of kickboxing, the reputation of gears matters a lot. Some of the brands are better in terms of quality, and some are mediocre. Price never show, whether the product is better or what? Check reviews online at different neutral sources like Amazon and forum sources. Make sure your thumbs are not exposed, while you are training, sparring, or fighting. Hard punches may stiff your thumb if you are not wearing protective gear or glove.


Choose the Best Kickboxing Gloves with Reviews

Different sizes and designs gave your kid the right skills to adapt. Still, it is your responsibility to check whether these are padded with the right foam. Thumbs must not be exposed, and this may cause bruises while a beginner is training or sparring. Protection is always of the prime priority, and this never comes without comfort. If your focus is diverted from punching bag to your knuckles or hand adjustment, then you may not train professionally. Never compromise on the quality. This can be judged by the reviews of consumers.

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