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Starpro Boxing Classes for Teens

When you are in your teens, you want to become Elvis Presley or Roger Federer or Lionel Messi or Michael Schumacher or Brian Lara. Not many youngsters aspire to be Mike Tyson. Boxing may be a sport only enjoyed in video games, play station, computer games or movies like Rocky. It is certainly not every day that you ask a teenager about his dreams or future goals and you hear the reply, “I want to be a great professional boxer”. Parents, too, do not encourage nourishing of hopes and ambitions which rely on boxing. Furthermore, due to the potential hazards in it related to physical health, it is not the coolest thing to strive for in 2019. Thus, not many teenagers are joining boxing classes – the flipside is that not many boxing classes for youngsters are available in the first place.   


Let us discuss some of the most important advantages for teenagers in taking boxing classes and pursuing it regularly with hard work, consistency, and enthusiasm irrespective of whether they have an iota of desire to go pro in the future or not.

Safety Aspect

Before signing your teenage children for any boxing classes, ensure they are linked with an official governing body of sports. Such organizations are approached through the IBA (International Boxing Association). A club must adhere to some specific precautionary and safety measures. Teens should be wearing headgear for special protection, gloves, and mouthpieces while sparring. They have to be keenly monitored by professional coaches who make it a point that learners do not adopt techniques that are false. Whether sparring or punching heavy bags, students should wear hand-wraps which prevent them from injuring wrists or hands.

Punch Factor

Boxing trains teenagers how to punch in various types of moves and situations. These are the cross, jab, hook & uppercut. Youngsters get to know the right mechanics of the body required in throwing different ways with intense power and sheer speed. These abilities assist youngsters in competing inside the ring defending against dangerous people or bullies outside the ring.


Brilliant footwork is indispensable to the boxing arsenal. Young boxers have to move in the ring for delivering the punches or avoiding them from opponents. They should learn the proper distribution of weight on every foot for granting maximum power to their punches. Both footwork and punching improve balance and coordination in young boxers.

Physical Training

This does include jogging, jumping rope & sparring all of which help in improving the cardiovascular fitness of teenagers who invest much time as well in a strengthening of legs and arms. Training for youngsters does stress on exercises like crunches, push-ups, and squats. Boxing prepares youngsters for the best possible physical shape for enduring the demanding and lengthy rounds of matches.

Psychological Advantages

Boxing does offers youngsters various psychological benefits that are required in everyday life. Better physical condition, health, and performance at the ring elevate the youth’s level of confidence. Fighting opponents and punching bags require perfect concentration and focus which may impact performance and attentiveness in the class at school or college. NY Boxing Gym states that boxing controls aggression and anger among youngsters because smart teens learn quickly that losing your temper in the ring is not productive at all. Young exciting boxers acquire the extremely positive traits of determination and self-discipline to complete matches or severe workouts with success.


Boxing: An Anti-Violence Drug In Youngsters?

Boxing can reach that place which other sports cannot. How? It involves youngsters on their own merits acknowledging that aggression and frustration are also the trademark of teenage life and can be channelized positively as well. It embraces the underground world capturing school dropouts which other types of social activities simply cannot. It grants youngsters who are not good at anything else a lot of self-esteem and personal worth. They no more consider themselves losers - the hysterical pursuit of proving oneself via bravado is no more needed. They don’t think they need to have fought and can proudly avoid them like gentlemen. Boxing inculcates that extra but much-needed confidence at school for being on the toes and, later, in successful job interviews and tests. We have already witnessed young boxers transform from recluses to inspirational heroes.


I hope this short yet informative article has successfully dispelled the myths surrounding boxing, especially for youngsters. It can be cool, beneficial, healthy and safe at the same time if you are willing to go that extra mile with seriousness, practice, precaution, perseverance, stamina, and agility – and if you have already done that, then you can make a career in it which is far more lucrative and financially rewarding than any engineer, doctor, banker, government official, school principal, senior manager, lecturer or chartered accountant. Thus, money is not an issue at all if you are really an epic boxer like Amir Khan!