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best gloves for punching bags

The fighting footwork drills are one of the most crucial aspects of boxing. Also, in case you are brooding over the question that is kickboxing a good way to lose weight, let us tell you that the answer is YES! Starpro has it all figured out for you and is offering the best quality boxing training gloves and jump rope to get ripped. In addition, the heavy punching bags and double-end bags exhibit a strong punch workout. In order to generate quality and inspiring boxercise circuit ideas, Starpro heavy bags allows the beginners as well as professionals to develop a better workout and training routines. Referring to the question that is kickboxing a good way to lose weight, Starpro provides vital sources for workouts to get ripped and build muscle.


When it comes to cardio, boxing training is one of the best workouts. Several companies claim to provide high quality or best gloves for the punching bags. Well, the main target to manufacture or design these gloves is targeting your entire body.


Points To Consider For Best Boxing Gloves

Perfect punching skill is no doubt great for your career, but it is very important to choose a boxing glove pair side-by-side or the best kickboxing glove. There are important questions that you should ask your own self when looking to purchase a glove for the fight. There is always a difference between boxing and Muay Thai gloves, so make sure your purchase is right. Read the reviews of the specific product, along with the durability and price. Some of the consideration are:

  • Material
  • IMF or injected-foam mold glove
  • Layered foam inner foam
  • Wrist support
  • Thumb attachment
  • Size
  • Palm grip bar


Why Size and Shape Matter a lot In Boxing Gloves?

Nowadays, there are several brands that are providing top boxing gloves for women, men, and kids. The size and shape may vary, but their major responsibility is to provide both comfortable and protective gear. Usually, the following sizes are widely available:

  • 6-oz
  • 8-oz
  • 10-oz
  • 12-oz
  • 14-oz
  • 16-oz

The more safe and comfortable you are, the more you can train or punch properly. Take your decisions wisely, when you are choosing a glove for training or fight. If the size and shape are not the right suits to your personalized needs, then it may let you down.


Which Gloves Do You Need?

Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bags

A common problem that comes up for anyone new to boxing is choosing their first pair of gloves. How do you know you’re picking the right boxing gloves from the huge range on the market?


Consider Your Boxing Gloves on A Priority

There is a common issue that often comes to the mind of women boxers, which gloves to choose. The first pair that you are considering is considering the best one from the huge online market. A variety of options are widely available to help you start your training. Hands are usually small in the case of women. Aside from this, the following things are of the prime priority:

  • Know your size
  • Know your weight
  • Choose recommended materials
  • Pricing
  • Type of gloves
  • What to wear under boxing gloves

Put A Pair Of Gloves With Maximum Positive Reviews

Whether you are buying small, medium or large gloves, these need to be fit well as well as flexible for your movements. Also, your hands should never slip inside the gloves. Sizes are never standard for men, women, and kids. Buy one from a manufacturer with at 90% positive reviews. Even if the product is widely popular worldwide, don’t forget to secure your hands with hand wraps.

Do some research online, when you are looking to purchase superior and comfortable boxing gloves for bag training. The more your training will be intense, the more you can get the proper shape of an athlete. Fitness always matters a lot, when you are looking to become a professional boxer or kickboxer. Never compromise on the quality of equipment, because a single mistake can leave you unfit for the longer period.


Heavyweight Gloves Are Beneficial In the Beginning

When you are a beginner, the first thing to consider is picking the right weight. The more padded the gloves will be, the more it will be heavier. Protection always comes with the right amount of padding; that is why beginners must start with heavier punching bag gloves. In comparison with the lightweight gloves, these are good enough to try different combinations.


Punching Bag Gloves Help in Attaining a Better Heart Rate

Best boxing gloves for punching bag

Whether you are doing boxing training for fitness or a fight, the main focus is getting complete control of weight, strength, agility, and pace. Get a pair that is good to use at home or at the gym. While you have a punching bag and glove in training, you don’t need any other equipment to wear on. A large number of people of different professions are using boxing training for a better heart rate and active mind. They know how helpful it is with respect to their fitness, along with mental and physical health. The best workout can be experienced, if you have something in your mind, such as an ideal boxer.


Consider Right Foam Padding For Protection

If you are an amateur, the first thing that often comes in mind is the color. No matter you love red, black, blue, white, yellow or any other color, keep your safety on a prime priority. Make sure, these gears keep your alert during the whole punching bag training session. Prefer one with the right foam padding, and also the one that is manufactured in leather or artificial leather. Online sources are good enough to find both protective and comfortable gloves.


Safety Comes First To Place Powerful Jabs on the Bag

A comfortable pair of gloves doesn’t mean you will feel comfortable all the time. It is possible that the foam padding that provides safety to the knuckles are not of good quality. A lighter punching bag glove may not good in terms of safety due to less padding inside. It is necessary for a trainer to place powerful jabs on the bag during long intense training. If the glove is not up to the mark in terms of padding, then the trainer will feel hesitation. Aside from correct shape and size, get one that has the right level of padding. Make sure, these are providing a good grip with hand wraps or innerwear.


Fitting Comes First For Punching Bag Training

Snug-fitting is a priority of every boxer, no matter he/she is doing training, sparring or fighting in the ring. As far as the punching bag training is concerned, the following options are preferred:

  • Lace-up gloves
  • Velcro gloves

Always avoid such boxing gloves, having hooks at the wrist closing. These are not reliable, and it may create some real problems while you are placing punches on the bag.


Why You Need Best Protective Punching Bag Gloves?

  • Saves all the 27 bones in your hand
  • Protect and take care of your hand while throwing hard punches

The best way to protect your hands inside gloves is wearing hand-wraps on your hands prior to putting the gloves on. This helps in avoiding sprain, soreness, and fractures. As far as the size of wraps is concerned, these are usually 10 to 15 feet long and slightly elastic. Hook your thumb, wrist, and hands to your knuckles. It is important to keep this right, and avoid tight grip; otherwise, it could disrupt your blood circulation in the hands.


Confirm the Glove Remains Non-Toxic and Absorb Sweat in Training

Starpro Best boxing gloves for punching bag

It is great to put a gear with good cushioning. Moreover, it is best to have an anti-seismic, heat insulation, moisture-proof and anti-chemical corrosion gear for long intense training. Check reviews to confirm that the glove is non-toxic and absorb sweat. This helps in avoiding infections and other skin related allergies that are simply not good for a combat sport professional. Additionally, it is essential to keep your hands dry from sweat. To keep the natural bending of the hand, consider one with proper fist peak and thumb. Try one that is ideal, in line with the ergonomic principle and comfortable to wear.


Choose Best Gloves for Punching Bag with Wrist Stabilization

Generally, best gloves for punching bags are made of leather or artificial leather. With Hydra-Flow mesh on the inner palm, you can keep your hands cool and dry for longer training sessions. In addition to this, the shock protecting foam is always a major requirement to get optimal protection against injuries. For wrist stabilization, Velcro closure technology is best that makes these gears a top choice. Well, a number of brands are doing their promotion online, but for a perfect fit, wrinkle-free donning and right price, Starpro Sports is a one-stop-shop. Their seamless surface gloves have good shock protecting padding foam for your safety and comfort.

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Get a Pair of Gloves with Warranty and Exclusive Customer Service

Consider premium quality, when you search for the leather or artificial leather punching bag gloves. Both are good for superior safety and also guarantees long-lasting durability. If you are a beginner, you must put one with additional wrist stabilization. Both lace-up and Velcro are fine, but the latter one is a fine approach to avoid a hassle in wearing. Many brands are claiming that their products are 5-star, A+ and so on. When you are buying a boxing glove for longer use, make sure it has an extended warranty with exclusive customer service.


Prefer Heavier Boxing Gloves to Develop Stamina

Whenever you have a chance to watch a professional boxing training session, notice the hands of boxers are not going down from a certain level. Most of the time, it is in the guarding position. Not every time, the opponent is giving you the chance to place punches on his or her face. So it is necessary to adapt both defensive and attacking fighting styles. To develop stamina, training with weighted gloves is always the prime priority. If you are perfectly able to move your hands wearing weighted gloves for 10 rounds or so, then it is best for fight nights. These gloves help you place powerful punches, and no doubt it is a valuable tool for a successful career.


Push Your Body to Its Outer Limits with Different Combinations

Starpro best boxing gloves for punching bags

Enhancing cardiovascular endurance with the best punching bag drills sizes and stands for home works great when we talk about combinations. What makes you special from the rest is trying different combinations with speed. When you are increasing the weight of the glove for your bag training, you are pushing your body to its outer limits. Do everything in the right way, as in this way you can overcome greater resistance. This kind of technique will confuse your opponents that how you develop this speed and stamina.


Choose Boxing Gloves with the Right Specifications

Whatever the fighting style you have, using the right pair of boxing gloves is of the utmost priority. Without a best fit and comfortable glove, it is very difficult to protect yourself or make self-defense. Always train like a professional, as a little mistake or negligence can let you down in the fight ring. When it comes to finding the top quality or best boxing gloves for the heavy bags, make sure you are not compromising on the quality. Having a trainer doesn’t mean, you are free from all of your responsibilities. The trainer is responsible to guide you each and everything that you are lacking. But in the fight ring, it is totally up to you which style is best.


How Boxing Gloves Training Keeps You Stand Out?

While you are training, your major focus may be hitting punching bags, focus pads, and Thai pads. Don’t take long and intense training as punishment for your hands. Instead, train in a way that keeps you stand out in the long term. Top boxers like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson were not great at the early stage of their career. They earn a name after years of training and the right skills. If you are training, expect a lot more out of your hands. The first thing to do is choosing the right boxing gloves to start your journey in style. If you are a kid, then choose right kids boxing gloves that give you a start to get ready for the next 30 years at least.


Why Leather Or PU Artificial Leather Boxing Gloves Are Best?

When you are looking to buy leather boxing gloves, make sure it has the quality of leather. It is very common that the manufacturers are using cow leather. Some are also using buffalo leather gloves. If we check the difference between cow and buffalo leather, the first one is more costly and preferred. On buffalo leather, you will find some marks. Still, it is as durable as cow leather. Cost matters are a lot if you are at the initial level of your career. You can use PU artificial leather training and fight boxing gloves. These are very popular and widely popular due to their durability. Starpro is a well-known brand that is providing both original and artificial boxing leather gloves.  Always keep the specifications in mind, as a boxing glove in leather is always 0.5mm to 1mm in thickness.


How to Find a Wide Variety of Boxing Gloves?

Starpro best boxing gloves for punching bag

A wide variety is available in both local and online stores. It is often difficult to find sufficient time to purchase a pair of your needs. If the store is not located in your locality, then open your PC and order a pair of protective boxing gloves for your training or fight. Online purchasing is the right way to get the best out of your time and money.

When looking to buy a boxing glove in terms of fitting and wrist support, both Velcro and lace-up boxing gloves are recommended. Velcro is a smart choice, as it doesn’t need a longer time to wear on. Still, lace-up boxing gloves are in demand due to the customized fitting. Whether you need training or sparring boxing gloves, think wisely, because both are different in terms of technicality.


Recommended Boxing Gloves

Go for the cheaper type, if you are not sure whether you are into this combat-sport for a longer time or not. It is great to keep going and invest in a pair of over $50. The ideal range is widely available in the range of $80-$150. This is the price that can provide an extensive number of benefits as you progress.


Crucial Ways to Take Good Care Of Boxing Gloves

There are some crucial ways to take care of your boxing gloves, as prolonging their life is of the prime priority. Here are some of the ways:

  • Dry out your gloves completely after long intense training
  • Store these gloves in a cool and out of direct sunlight
  • Use a leather conditioner to preserve the life of boxing gloves


Storing your gloves in a cool place will automatically keep it away from moisture damage. To keep it away from the unpleasant odor, use leather conditioners. This also prevents cracking and tearing. Moreover, it keeps your product in the best condition for longer use.


Reputed Boxing Gloves Brands

A number of brands are available in the local and online markets, but it is your choice to choose your own style padding technology. Leather or artificial leather is good for durability, and to avoid the cracks. Still, it is good to choose only reputable brands like:

  • Starpro
  • Adidas
  • Title
  • RDX

For punching bag training, protection and comfort are all you need. When you start your practice on the heavy bags, gloves of Starpro are the right choice. For professional and exclusive customer support, their 24/7 service is one of the best.