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No matter what profession you adopt, everyone is a beginner at one point. The same applies to box sport. 99% of the boxers throw punches at random, the first time they hit a punching bag. There is nothing wrong with this, but this is not the most effective way to master your striking technique.

There are many boxing apps for Android as well as iOS available not only for beginners but also for intermediate and advanced fighters. These apps help you to progress quicker in the sport and training sessions.

For a training session to be effective, it involves planning, organization and proper results tracking; that is the reason Android or iPhone boxing apps are so useful. A boxing app assists you to train as well as track progress. It will ensure that your stamina, technique, strength, and form improve consistently. With the boxing app, you can strive to enhance your goals and fighting aspirations.

The problem here is that there are countless boxing apps available and finding the perfect one becomes tricky sometimes. Here we are providing some information on the top boxing apps so that you can decide better which app is suitable for you and your training goals.

Benefits Offered by Boxing Apps

The boxing apps found online can help you in a number of ways:

  • The boxing apps remove the need of training from an expensive boxing coach every time you want to get a boxing session in.
  • They help to set the strategic goals that are based on your past performance
  • These apps allow you to train more intentionally and strategically in each and every workout
  • Boxercise app allows you to track your progress
  • When a person sees how he or she is progressing in training, eventually he or she will enjoy the added motivation

Requirements for The Best Boxing App

  • It needs to be perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced level trainers
  • From this app, you can choose the workout type depending on your own level and hardness of combinations you want to perform
  • The app should also include boxing defense techniques
  • It should be highly adjustable, which means that you can set the number of rounds, length of the rounds, the intensity of your boxing workout and the rest
  • The instructions should be clearly visible on the screen of your device
  • Last but not least, the app should be free and the Pro version should also be of few bucks

Best Boxing Training Apps

Boxing is a great sport that helps you to build endurance, agility, and stamina. Many people desire to learn boxing, but not everyone possesses the motivation and stamina to keep going. If you are an enthusiast and desire to learn boxing, try these boxing training apps that will surely polish your skills.

With the boxing app that calls out punches, you do not need to go to the gym to get training or coach. You can train yourself like a boss.

1.     Boxing Training

Boxing Training is a famous boxing app developed by Fitivity Inc. for both Android as well as iOS users. Having a complete boxing program for beginners as well as professional boxers, it assists in learning punches, sparring drills, offensive combinations, and many other techniques.

Apart from these features, it is also a self-defense app. With the audio guidance of this app, you can learn boxing and self-defense without the help of any trainer or coach. There are also customized workouts for each week.

With this Android as well as Apple watch boxing app, you can learn boxing blocks and boxing punches at home. Train yourself day by day, increase your stamina and learn every strike step by step. There are also offline videos for every punch and you can play the video without the internet.

By using this app every day, you can challenge yourself and level up while learning the punches. Advanced punches are unlocked whenever you level up.

2.     Boxtastic

Boxtastic is the best free boxing app for Android and iOS. It is the training workout app for the heavy bag that helps to lose weight and get fit. It is also a perfect option for shadow boxing. Just like the professional boxing gym, this app call punch combinations for you to throw.

Through the workouts of this app practice your punching skills, improve your fitness and lose weight. This app has been customized to fit your needs in a perfect manner. It offers five workouts to choose from:

Boxing 1: This workout consists of random punch combinations to set the heart racing and keep the mind fully focused.

Boxing 2: In boxing 2 workouts, there are traditional and fixed punches that boxers can practice every day at their home to improve the basic boxing skills.

Ultimate Boxer: This workout generates a random boxing bout every time. Punches are called between 1 to 7 seconds, exercise command is called between 5 to 200 seconds, all this is done to replicate the fatigue of a boxer.

Boxercise: High-Intensity Interval Training boxercise workout.

Real Fight: Real Fight consists of 16 different bouts. The person throws the very same punches at every same time as the boxer does in his real fight.

3.     Boxing Star

Boxing Star is a well-known boxing app for android and iOS that will help you to become a pro boxer. With this app, you can learn to duck, weave, dip and dodge, avoiding your opponent's attacks and strike back with a powerful and perfect counter.

Collect the powerful custom gloves and combine these gloves with powerful skills and gear up defining your own fighting style. It will help you train harder every day and fight against other players. This app is developed by Four Thirty Three for the iOS and Android users.

4.     Kickboxing

Kickboxing app combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. The high-intensity workout provided by this app challenges the elite athlete as well as the beginner in the same way. With this fun and challenging workout, you can improve your self-defense, flexibility, and coordination, burn calories as well as build stamina and lean muscle.

Kickboxing app is the perfect choice for those who want to improve heart health and stamina as well as those who are looking to burn calories for weight loss. The punches that are performed with power and precision strengthens the upper body and helps in toning the muscles.

The kicks eventually strengthen your lower body. All the movements done precisely by this boxercise app will help you get a solid base. By this, you will not only improve your boxing techniques but will be able to perform day to day tasks more easily.


  • All the kickboxing techniques provided by this app are designed by 3D modeling along with HD videos
  • It tracks calories that are burned every day
  • For the workout training of this app, you will not require any gym equipment. You can use this app anywhere and anytime both for men and women
  • Training programs are grouped according to the level of difficulty including beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • This app requires only 10 to 30 minutes of total body workout per day
  • It is developed by a certified personal trainer

5.     Precision Boxing

The Precision Boxing app serves as your guide for high-level boxing training. It acts like your own boxing coach that calls out techniques and combinations. This app delivers practical and intense boxing sequences to execute in shadowboxing, on the heavy bag and the focus mitts. These techniques include head movement, defense, offense, and body shots.

You can choose from high combination modes and set the pace for steady punching or the high-volume output. Set the length of the round, the number of rounds and other desired settings can be done conveniently. This app also helps you to find others who have similar goals and helps to stay connected with them.

6.     Boxing Trainer

Learning boxing is not only essential to fight, but it is also a convenient way to stay fit no matter what your age or gender is. Boxing trainer app has been launched by the renowned boxing instructor and boxer Michael.

This app will guide you through all the fundamentals of boxing, including stretching, hand wrapping, and punches. In the training session, all the main punches have been included such as left and right jabs, left and right uppercuts, doubles, triples and left and right hooks.

After learning the basics, this Android and apple watch boxing app will move you to boxing workouts of varying intensity with ongoing motivation by Michael the boxer in his signature no-nonsense style.


  • 13 exclusive videos of Michael which will teach you the main punches
  • You can play your own music from iTunes library
  • More than 100 different audio punch combinations
  • Full-size photos of over 50 stretches for warming up
  • Custom boxing workouts from 1 to 12 rounds
  • There are varying intensity levels including low, medium and high
  • More than 20 different inspirational audio quotes

7.     Boxx

Boxx is the ultimate home boxing training app that provides free fitness classes including boxing, strength, cardio, and yoga. Whether you want to improve your striking technique, lose weight, boost confidence, get fitter or enhance energy, this app offers a workout for everyone.

Boxx is an effective boxing training app and using this app; you can access your workout on any device, anywhere, anytime. This app is designed by the best trainers in the UK who will keep you engaged and motivated.

The best part of this app is that you can also choose other classes apart from boxing like yoga, nutrition and workout plans. The boxing workouts offered by this app combine shadowboxing with HIIT. You can enjoy a killer mind-body workout that relieves stress and increases your energy levels.

The app contains a sheet of lessons of different skill levels for those who desire to learn boxing. With this app, you can approach the online coaches and mentors to get efficient lessons from them. Depending on your schedule, you can benefit from both short and long session exercises using this app.

8.     Dodge Boxing

Dodge boxing app will help you in your boxing workouts to increase resistance and improve reflexes. You can set the app according to your preferences, level, and sessions of shadowboxing. This app also allows you to track your progress and keep an eye on the exercise you have done at what level.

It is the perfect app for those who are looking for a free boxing training app for Android and iOS. This app has been developed by Alejandro Gutierrez. By this app, everyone can learn to box no matter their fitness level, age or gender.

In the workout of this app, there are more than 50 different stretches so you can also entitle this app as one of the best stretching apps to stretch your body. Apart from workout instructions, there are 100 different audio punch combinations along with 20 different inspirational audio quotes.

9.     FightCamp

FightCamp is the most effective home workout and boxing app that calls out punches. This app is basically a library of more than 250 boxing and bodyweight workouts along with more than four new ones that are added each week. By this, you'll never get bored or have to do the same workout twice.

The six experienced trainers will help you hit your punch goals each round with this app. Also, get motivated through each workout.

FightCamp is the best boxing training app that Men’s Health called The Best Interactive Home Workout of 2019 and Forbes Magazine called one of the Best On-Demand Fitness Streaming Platforms of 2019.


  • Fresh workouts every week
  • Learn from the Best trainers of LA
  • With this app, you can stream to your TV
  • This app offers interactive punch goals and leaderboard
  • It follows the pattern of 3 minutes of intensity, 1 minute of rest and repeat
  • This app helps to develop the boxing skills

10.  Mayweather Boxing

If you are looking for the best free boxing app for android and iOS, you have come to the right place. Mayweather is a popular name in the field of boxing and now they have come up with their boxing training app.

This app is designed in the game form and the trainee earns points by completing the exercises. This app helps you to promote to the advanced levels and you also get the desired results from the training sessions.

By this app, you can also get connected to mentors and trainers of boxing and get some beneficial tips from them. This app is available with both free and subscription options having different features.


Before using any boxing app for android or iOS, you must be aware of the general boxing knowledge. For this, you can opt the best boxing news app to stay updated with your favorite sport. Even if you are planning to do training at home, you need to attend an introduction session at a local boxing gym nearby to learn about proper striking techniques and how to prevent injuries while training. Apart from boxing training, these apps will also help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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