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For the majority of the beginners, they don’t know what self-defense martial arts they ought to learn, which is also quite understandable when one has so many options at hand. This dilemma might not be as understandable to people who know only trivial things about martial arts; however, it might make perfect sense to a true martial artist. It is no lie that the selection of the right kind of martial art for self-defense is quite crucial if one wants to make the best use of it all their lives. Apart from self-defense, there are other rewarding aspects of martial arts as well, such as the overall well being of oneself. Trust us, the majority of the people who have been top their kickboxing classes fell in love with the martial art during their first day at the class.


Since we are living in an uncertain world where crime and violence prevail everywhere; the importance of understanding and knowing the best martial arts for self-defense and fitness is quite important. Apart from self-defense, martial arts serves other purposes as well, such as learning self-discipline, maintenance of physical fitness, and the reduction of mental and emotional stress. Martial arts are for all; men, women, and children. It is recommended to have your children learn martial arts for self-defense in the earliest part of their lives so they can grow up feeling confident, courageous, and mentally strong so that they can meet life challenges with a fighter and survivor’s mindset. Apart from self-defense, many people keep wondering which is the best self-defense martial art or what is the best form of martial art for self-defense. In this article, you will learn everything about martial arts and self-defense; also, in connection to the best martial arts for female self-defense.

Moreover, if you are wondering about the best self-defense martial art for beginners, then you don’t have to worry for we have it all covered for you. At first, let’s discuss the importance of martial arts in general before we proceed to check out the various kinds of martial arts and which one works best in connection to self-defense. Referring to martial arts and self-defense, it is crucial to carry a contingency plan with you at all times be it in the form of a self-defense weapon or knowing the best self-defense fighting style in the world. The best skill and ability one can possess is the skill to save oneself from potential attackers and muggers for they are prone to lurk anywhere in the dark corners of the streets or even in the parking lot during the bright daylight.

With regards to the best types of martial arts, there is a huge variety to learn out there; however, we will be discussing only those martial arts that will have a benefitting purpose with regards to self-defense. The below-given list includes some of the best martial arts styles that are explicitly used for self-defense including Jujutsu, Krav Maga, and Aikido. This short guide will definitely assist you through making the best decision with regard to the best form of self-defense to learn even if you are looking forward to it for personal fitness or weight loss.

  • Some Important Aspects to look out for

What is the Best Self Defense Martial Art for Beginners?

    First things first, before we start looking at our options, let’s have a look at some of the downsides of learning martial arts. For instance, it will cost you money and will require discipline and dedication. Not to mention the fact that depending on which type of martial art you go for, you might require relevant equipment as well, such as boxing gloves, boxing bags, heavy bags, mouthpiece, headgear, etc. Furthermore, the initial days will be tough; your body will feel sore and you will have the urgency of taking a couple of days off. Therefore, you will have to ask yourself the question about how deeply committed you are to the game. Your success will definitely depend on the answer; in addition, the answer to this question varies from person to person. If your purpose is to learn the best martial arts for self-defense and fitness then you are definitely on the right track.

    • Best Martial Arts for Beginners

    After you have thoroughly made up your mind that you will learn the best martial arts for self-defense, then we can proceed to the next steps. Firstly, you ought to understand that there is no age limit which means that you can get enrolled in a karate class at the age of 5. Even at the age of 50, you are still able to join the martial art class of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The range of self-defense martial arts is huge which means that you can also try your hands on the recent self-defense martial arts of Krav Maga or you can opt for the traditional version of martial arts of Taekwondo. If you don’t have the time for joining a gym, you can also get a punching bag and relevant equipment at home and start your own session of MMA.

    Let’s talk about the various martial arts with regard to whether you are eligible to learn these or good at others…

    1. Boxing

      Yes, you read this one right! Boxing is an essential part of martial arts. In fact, boxing prides itself as one of the purest forms of martial arts in mankind's history. Not to mention the fact that it is a highly effective form of MMA as well. The boxer’s movements of the head along with their footwork and powerful punches make boxing as one of the martial arts for self-defense and fitness. If you are good at boxing and ever confront an attacker, you will find it as the best self-defense martial arts of all time. Apart from being an effective martial art for self-defense, the sports of boxing and MMA are worldwide famous and highly popular amongst the masses.

      Some of the most renowned boxers are Muhammad Ali and Jorge Masvidal. If you are looking forward to adopting boxing as your martial art for self-defense then you will be learning a number of different fighting techniques. You will also learn how to deliver fast, accurate, and powerful punches. You can find the boxing training centers nearly at all localities for this is a highly popular sport and martial art. Boxing serves not only as a great workout source but is also amongst the best martial arts for self-defense and fitness. Boxing will enable you to excel with regards to footwork, delivering powerful, fast, and speedy punches, reaction time, and head movement.

      2. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

      This form of martial art involves some serious grappling that is ground-based along with chokeholds and locks of joints. BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is definitely amongst the best martial arts to learn for self-defense for it enables a weaker person to defend themselves against the bigger and stronger ones. All they need to do is to learn the proper grappling technique along with leverage. BJJ is definitely amongst the most amazing martial arts for self-defense to learn.

      If you are opting for BJJ, then you need to look at how your ordinary training day will look like. Firstly, you will have to indulge in an exercise known as ‘shrimping’ along with a variety of “rolls”. These exercises allow you to learn how to fall in order to be able to get up again. In other words, it allows you to break your fall in the best possible way. The relevant techniques ought to be practiced a frequent number of times until the students and learners of this martial art begin to excel in it. In connection to the best self-defense martial art, BJJ allows one to learn miscellaneous grappling and fighting positions along with the use of the various positions to one’s advantage. Typically, at the end of each of the training class of this martial art, the students are asked to perform a ‘rolling’ and ‘grappling’ session.

      Referring to the question about what is the best form of self-defense to learn, you will have to think about your preferred fighting method. If it involves grappling on the ground, then you ought to choose the BJJ as your favorite form of self-defense martial art. If you are looking forward to excelling in MMA, even then the know-how about BJJ will give you an upper hand. Lastly, BJJ teaches some of the best self-defense techniques which can come in handy during many of the real-life situations.

      3. Muay Thai

        For a beginner, Muay Thai is one of the best self-defense martial art to learn. Originally, this martial art was initiated in Thailand and refers to a sport style that involves kickboxing. You might find it hard to believe that even kids of younger age i.e. 5 years do learn Muay Thai in Thailand. For the Thai people, Muay Thai carry the same significance as Baseball for the American nation. An amazing fact about Muay Thai is that it is also referred to as the sports of 8 limbs; these limbs also comprise knees, elbows, punches, and kicks. In addition, Muay Thai also includes another technique, namely the clinch technique that is utilized in other forms of martial arts as well, such as wrestling and judo karate.

        Edson Barboza is one of the most renowned Muay Thai fighters. In addition, Edson is quite successful at the UFC as well. If you are wondering how your normal training would look like, you ought to know that the training totally relies on one’s instructor. You might be asked to start your training sessions with kicking and punching a heavy bag on your first day which might actually cause the swelling of your limbs. Nonetheless, whatever your instructor asks you for, you ought to know that the pain will eventually stop as you get better at the training sessions. Simply put, Muay Thai is an intensive form of the best self-defense martial art for beginners which definitely involves the conditioning and controlling of the core and the shins.

        In case you are wondering whether Muay Thai will prove the best form of self-defense martial art for you, then you ought to know that the answer to this question depends on your preferred fighting style. In other words, if you prefer a standing fighting style, then Muay Thai will definitely prove the perfect start. Furthermore, if you are striving to become an excellent MMA fighter one day, then it is highly recommended to take your start with learning the martial art of Muay Thai.

        4. Krav Maga

        What is the Best Self Defense Martial Art for Beginners?

          Not many people are familiar with the term “Krav Maga” which is another form of the best self-defense fighting style in the world. The literal meaning of “Krav Maga” stands for ‘battle contact’. Originally, this self-defense fighting style was developed by the defense force of Israel. This martial art is effectively designed to handle and maneuver oneself in real life-fighting situations. Apart from the mandatory kicking and punching techniques, Krav Maga also serves as the best form of self-defense to learn how to disarm an attacker which is very useful in war-stricken areas.

          It is usual to use guns and knives made of rubber during the intensive training sessions of the martial art of Krav Maga. The truth about Krav Maga that the fighting techniques typical for this martial art not eligible to be used during the MMA fights as these can be led to disqualification. Nonetheless, the fighting and self-defense techniques taught during the Krav Maga martial art include some real-life fighting techniques that can be quite useful during the nasty street fights where there are no rule and regulation since everything revolves around surviving and getting out of the nasty situation ALIVE!

          In fact, the nasty fighting and survival techniques include delivering throat punches as well as attacking and gouging the eyes of the opponent. Undoubtedly, such fighting techniques can have you definitely disqualified for life out of MMA; however, at the same time, these fighting techniques can come quite useful when you are facing a life and death situation where your survival is at stake. For this very reason, the fighting and training sessions of Krav Maga are typically quite intense. The best aspect of these intensive training sessions is that they also teach the students how to fight effectively while they are physically exhausted and tired.

          In other words, the whole purpose of this martial art is to bring the trainee or student down to their knees on their breaking point when they think that they won’t be able to continue anymore. It is their breaking point from where the real training sessions take an interesting turn while they focus on making the student learn about how they can survive in the most dreadful situation in life. This is why the students and learners of this best self-defense fighting style in the world emerge as stronger and tougher at the end of their training session. Some of the worst aspects of this self-defense fighting technique include painful experiences, such as joint breaks and kicks to groin area which are also part of the routine training sessions of Krav Maga.

          Referring to the question of whether Krav Maga is amongst the best self-defense martial art to learn for beginners, it depends on personal choice. In case you are looking forward to becoming part of the intelligence or simply become an international spy, then we recommend that you learn Krav Maga. However, if you are trying to become part of the MMA champions, then Krav Maga is definitely not your thing for it could cause a lifetime disqualification from the championship. Also, it is important to point out that Krav Maga can cause serious injury during the training session due to the continuous pressure on the joints.

          5. Taekwondo

            If you would attempt to rank the best form of martial arts for self-defense according to its followers, then the martial art of Taekwondo would be at number one. Apart from being at the top of the list with respect to followers, Taekwondo is also part of the Olympic Games which makes it all the more interesting. The miscellaneous fighting techniques of this martial art include a series of punches, kicks, as well as basic throws along with elaborated extensive kicks and fast-paced punches. If you are looking for healthy martial art to learn for your kids, then we recommend getting them enrolled in the best taekwondo classes. This will not only assist them in making friends and socialize but also with the building up of self-confidence and self-esteem.

            According to a recent study, getting your kids enrolled in a self-defense martial art training class makes them mentally stronger too for they will develop a stronger mind along with a stronger body that will assist them in facing life challenges with vigor and strength. Anderson Silva is amongst the best taekwondo fighters of the world and an inspiration to many people and kids. Many of the MMA fighters started their career by learning taekwondo.

            If you will opt for taekwondo as your best of self-defense to learn, then you ought to have a better understanding with regards to what your normal training day might consist of. There will be days when you will have sparring training sessions; whereas, there will be others when you will be required to drills that assist with the maintenance of balance and control. Apart from the usual kicking and punching, there will be other techniques as well that are not as stressful yet highly effective. This martial art revolves around letting the trainee or student learn about how they ought to stay calm and quiet while being under intense pressure which can also come in handy during many real-life situations. In addition, taekwondo also assists in keeping one’s emotion under strict control which can come handy in self-defense and other survival situations as well.

            If you are wondering whether taekwondo will prove as the best form of self-defense for you, you ought to know that this aspect heavily relies on the type of taekwondo gym you are about to join. Some of the taekwondo gyms are specifically designed for children which means that these won’t prove much beneficial in case an adult wants to join them. Nonetheless, one of the best aspects of taekwondo is that there are many martial artists and relevant gyms out there; therefore, it wouldn’t be much of a trouble to find one near your dwelling place.


            We have been mentioning MMA from the very beginning of our discussion about the best form of self-defense to learn for beginners; therefore, you might be naturally triggered to know a bit more about this form of martial art. You ought to know that MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts which is also one of the best self-defense martial arts of all time. As you might have already guessed, MMA stands for a mixture of the fighting techniques used in the different types of martial arts. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a stand up fighting style or grappling that is near to the ground; MMA will never let you down for it comes handy in all kinds of situations that involve self-defense and fighting for one’s survival.

            One crucial aspect that makes MMA an amazing and simply great form of martial art refers to the benefit of being able to include one’s own fighting style into the traditional MMA fighting techniques. For instance, Royce Gracie who is originally a master of BJJ is amongst the top contributors to transforming MMA into a great martial art today. Disregarding the fact of whatever form of martial art for self-defense you will choose, each will have its own set of pros and cons.

            Now, if you have made up your mind to start learning MMA for self-defense, then your routine training day is more likely to comprise a number of drills and fighting techniques that include but are not limited to wrestling, grappling, kicking, punching, Jiu-Jitsu and so on. During the intensive training sessions, you can be hit frequent times; therefore, you ought to keep in mind that sore muscles will be a norm in the starting days of your training sessions. Apart from being the perfect martial art for fitness, MMA is also amongst the best self-defense fighting style in the world.

            If you have a great budget, a strong will, and determination along with ample time, then learning MMA will be one of the most powerful and benefitting martial arts. This form of martial art will demand you to invest in other equipment as well, such as shin guards, a variety of the best boxing gloves and sparring gloves, headgear, heavy bag, punching bag, and mouthpiece. Last but not least, there are various risk factors as well that are part of the intensive training sessions of MMA; for instance, you can cause injury and get injured during the MMA learning and training process. If you are okay with the previously mentioned considerations, then you are good to go with MMA being your self-defense martial art.


            It is a well-known factor that Judo is amongst the oldest forms of martial arts in the world. Despite the fact that Judo includes no forceful strikes and punches, the fighting techniques of chokes and strikes can be quite useful when it comes to self-defense. In addition, Judo is part of the Olympic Sports as well which makes it all the more interesting. Ronda Rousey is a popular mane when it comes to the youngest Judo world champions. Not to mention the fact that she is a champion at MMA as well. The various styles of the Judo throws can be effectively used for self-defense. However, Judo might not be as effective with regards to being offensive and trying to hit someone.

            What is the Best Self Defense for Women with Regards to Martial Arts?

            We are living in an uncertain world where self-defense has become a priority for all irrespective of the fact whether you are a female or a male. The sad truth, however, is that females become are more prone to become victims of mugging and sudden attacks; therefore, they need to be more alert and carry a contingency plan with them at all times. Women can learn all kinds of self-defense martial arts as well; in fact, we believe that all girls and women need to invest some of their time, effort, dedication, and energy towards learning at least one of the best martial arts for self-defense and fitness.

            What are the Possible Advantages of Learning Martial Arts for Women?

            What is the Best Self Defense Martial Art for Beginners?

            •   Significance: Martial arts have known no age limits; it doesn’t matter whether you are a young female or middle-aged, you are always capable of learning the best martial arts of your choice for self-defense. All you need to do is to go through the miscellaneous options that you have with regards to martial arts and self-defense and choose the one that suits your style the best.
            •   Positive Impacts: The knowledge and mastery of at least one type of martial arts have tremendous positive impacts on the mind, spirit, and body. You will feel an uplift in your self-esteem and self-confidence. Additionally, you will also learn to be more alert and mindful while paying more attention to your immediate surroundings.
            • Self Defense Tactics: Martial arts enable you to learn a number of innate self-defense tactics; in other words, women and girls will earn how to maneuver self-defense techniques along with applying the right kind of strength at the right times. While tapping into their intrinsic capacity to beat a stronger opponent, women learn how to make effective use of their learned fighting techniques and skills.
            • Boost in Confidence Level: The act of learning the right kind of martial arts, the females definitely add a boost to their confidence level. With the increase in the learning of the accumulated defense skills, women learn to eliminate all kinds of negative feelings, including doubts and fear. During the learning process, the self-esteem of the women experiences a significant boost too. Not to mention the fact that the mind experiences a tremendous mental fortitude, as well as one, continues to climb up the ranks of the martial arts of their choice. Apart from this, the women learn to gain immense self-control when it comes to playing it cool and keeping one’s emotions under check in challenging and difficult survival situations when one’s life is at stake. Furthermore, this aspect will also lead to the learning of self-discipline. In other words, martial arts has tremendous benefits in the life of adults as well as kids. Martial arts is for everyone irrespective of their gender, age, and race.
            • Improvement of Socializing Skills: like-minded people always find common interests; this is why a martial arts class can be a great source of socializing and improving one’s social skills. The females going to the same martial art class will find a platform of mutual support and sisterhood. The martial arts are typically structured and organized in such a way that one can form close bonds with their trainers as well as sparring partners if they have opted for MMA and another relevant form of self-defense. The students form friendships and keep supporting each other while they work together with their way up to the ranks of the relevant martial art.
            •   A Necessary Boost in one’s Health and Physical Fitness: the greatest advantage of learning the best martial arts for self-defense and fitness that one gains physical stamina along with a boost in one’s physical health for the classes provide a great source of workout. In case you are wondering what to expect from a routine martial art class, let us tell you that it will lead to the buildup of optimum endurance resulting from the intensive training sessions, flexibility, and cardio. In order to stay flexible and physically fit along with the aging process, it is important to start the training sessions with a short warm-up session.
            • Development of Motor Skills: the development of motor skills is a vital part of the intensive training sessions. With the advancement of age, women tend to develop better motor skills due to the best martial arts to learn for self-defense. This will also save them from coming in contact with accidental injuries that are prone to happen along with one’s advancement of age.
            • Calories Burnout: If you decide to learn the best self-defense fighting style in the world, then you will not only be opting for carrying a contingency with you at all times; but, you will also be having an authentic source for burning some extra fat and calories. An intensive one-hour workout session will enable you to bury a minimum of 500 calories. The best martial arts for female self-defense enable the females to enhance and better their physical reflexes that come quite handy during a number of situations of self-defense.
            • Stress relief: Engaging in aerobics or physical activity is definitely a vital source for getting rid of depressing thoughts and stress. Since we are living in an ultra-modern world that also happens to be quite fast-paced, the accumulation of stress is considered to be normal. There is no better way of getting rid of stress and pent-up negative emotions than learning the best self-defense fighting style in the world. While you will be punching and kicking the punching bag, you will find your mood getting improved with each of the punches and strikes.
            • Mindfulness: Last but not least, martial arts also serves as the best street self-defense that teaches the females about mindfulness as well. The learners get a better understanding of their weaknesses and learn to address them in an appropriate manner.

            What is the Best Self Defense for seniors?

            What is the Best Self Defense Martial Art for Beginners?

            Irrespective of the fact whether you are a young citizen or a senior one, you deserve a contingency plan as well. As one personage, one’s body tends to become weaker; whereas, their movements become slower. Therefore, senior citizens can fall easier victim to mugging and criminal attacks. Before we address the main concern, let’s make one thing clear first: your age and your bodily limitations are no hurdle in your learning process. The mere acknowledgment that you are capable of defending yourself with the best self-defense fighting style in the world suffices to keep you mentally complacent.

            If senior citizens start to study and learn martial arts slowly but steadily then they will have the knowledge about the bodily reflexes that can help them during survival situations. Not to mention the fact that it can also cause a boost in their range of motions, level of confidence as well as self-discipline. The intensive training sessions also allow senior citizens to get a better understanding of the limitations of their physical and mental caliber. However, before getting actively started with martial art training for the best form of self-defense, it is crucial to assess one’s physical health as well as physical ability. Furthermore, as a senior citizen, one must keep in check to not overdo things and cause unnecessary pain and injury to oneself.

            With respect to the best self-defense for seniors, one must keep in mind that physical strength can be only built slowly but steadily. If they are facing some sort of physical limitations and incapability, they ought to let their instructor know so that they can start with the physical drills and exercise that suit their level of skills and physical capability. Often, it is quoted by the majority of the instructors that the martial art of “Thai Chi” is one of the best self-defense martial art for beginners as well as senior citizens. Thai Chi typically involves slower and more measured body movements that have a relatively lower impact as compared to other best forms of martial arts for self-defense. However, some other options of martial arts of best self-defense for seniors include Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, and Wing Chun.

            To conclude:

            referring to the question of what is the best martial art for self-defense, you will have a wide range of options. It doesn’t matter whether you are a male, female, or a kid, you can always learn the best form of martial arts for self-defense and physical fitness.

            What is the Best Self Defense Martial Art for Beginners?
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