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What Are The Best Female Boxers Of All Times?

We all know that boxing is an unbelievable sport that is watched by people around the world. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that boxing has the power to bring the fans and supporters to their seat’s edges while they cheer for their idols. Boxing is all about technical strategies while possessing a strong mind and body. It also provides a good source of entertainment. No one can refute the fact that a good boxing show has the tendency to make everyone feel enthralled and happy. Talking about the greatest boxing legends of all times; there are many renowned names, such as Muhammad Ali and Tommy Hearns.


Referring to the best female boxers of all time, it is typically considered to be a sport that is dominated by males. Nonetheless, women play a crucial role in the boxing world as well. Furthermore, women have also played a crucial role in the boxing world with their amazing boxing skills. In fact, you might be surprised to know that many renowned females have had the guts to divert from the stereotypical paths laid down by society and dedicate their lives to boxing while becoming excellent masters of it. The best female boxers of all time have an amazing fanbase as well who support them from all around the world. These hottest female boxers of all times give their fans the same amount of excitement as do the male boxers. In this article, we will deal with the appreciation of the girl boxer fighter who is as tough and sturdy as their male counterparts and leave no stone unturned while indulging in the best fights of their lives. The below-given list will give you an insight into the five most attractive and famous women boxers of all time.

1. Lucia Rijker

Nicknamed as the world’s most dangerous woman, Lucia Rijker is one of the most famous female boxers of all time. The former kickboxer hails originally from the Netherlands (Amsterdam); she began her amazing boxing career at the earliest age of six years. Moreover, she joined the world of professional boxing in 1996. Despite the fact that Lucia Rijker started her career with kickboxing, she proved herself as brilliant as a boxer. Her professional record is made up of an immaculate score of 17-0 which proved a great success during her route up to the rank of the best girl boxer fighters. Most interestingly, her immaculate score of 17-0 included 14 knockouts that were obtained via scintillating knockouts. Apart from her amazing score, Lucia Rijker is also the winner of the title of the World Super Lightweight (WIBF) and the Junior Welterweight (WIBO) which makes her a world champion of multiple division. She won these titles on miscellaneous occasions. Apart from being the best female boxers of all time, Lucia Rijker entered the awesome film industry of Hollywood. Amongst her most famous Hollywood movies is the “Million Dollar Baby” which also won an Oscar.

2. Ann Wolfe

Nicknamed as “Brown Sugar”, Ann Wolfe is one of the best boxers in UFC. Due to her enormous fighting skills, Ann Wolfe is well known as the middleweight sensation of the world. Ann Wolfe is well known as the strongest female puncher; in addition, she is also one of the most famous women boxers of all time. The boxing career of Ann Wolfe lasted between the year of 1998 and 2006. Her boxing record comprises the score 24-1; in particular, her score includes at least 16 knockouts. She won the title of the world championship of light heavyweight (IBA) in 2004; moreover, she also holds at least three different world championship titles in various weight categories.

Despite the fact that Ann Wolfe has retired from the professional boxing world, she still is attached to the world of boxing by working as a prominent boxing trainer. Referring to her retirement in 2006, Ann Wolfe gained worldwide popularity by knocking out Lisa Posted and Cassandra Giger. The most inspiring aspect of this best female boxer is that she used to be homeless in her past. Not to mention the fact that she worked in construction as well. Her tough climb to success has led her to become an amazing mentor of youngsters with the help of a number of gyms. Last but not least, this powerful woman also starred in the blockbuster Hollywood movie ‘Wonder Woman’.

3. Laila Ali

Laila Ali is definitely one of the best female boxers of all time. Not to mention the fact that she is also one of the hottest female boxers. In fact, she also earns her name in the list of the most famous female boxers which is also due to her famous surname of “Ali” that relates to her famous father, the great legend Muhammad Ali. Amongst her eight other siblings, Leila Ali has truly received the legendary side of her father for she is one of the famous women boxers of all times. Leila Ali has definitely made her dad quite proud of her hard work and a great number of victories in the boxing ring. At first, Leila Ali used to work as an owner of a nail salon; however, later on, she changed her mind and took up the boxing profession. During her boxing career, Leila proved a tremendous success by winning all of the 24 boxing rounds out of which at least 21 were won through spectacular knockouts. She has won many titles of the world championship, such as IBA, WBC, WIBF, etc. After leaving her boxing career that lasted from 1999 to 2007, Leila Ali joined the world of television by becoming a famous television celebrity along with appearing of miscellaneous television shows including the worldwide popular show of “Dancing with the Stars”. Leila Ali is also one of the most attractive boxers of all time. She has a huge fanbase which is also due to the fact of being the daughter of the ultimate boxing legend of Muhammad Ali.

4. Regina Halmich

German has its fair share in the best girl boxer fighters as well. Regina Halmich has rightfully earned her place amongst the famous women boxers due to the fact that she made boxing popular in the European continent. Hailing from the German city Karlsruhe, Regina Halmich has obtained the title of being the second-best female boxer of her time and the female boxing history. In fact, many boxing experts deem Regina Halmich as the best girl boxer fighters of all times from the time onwards she decided to lace up her boxing gloves and wrap her hands in boxing bandages. During her boxing tenure, Regina Halmich kept terrorizing and defeating her opponents from the year 1994 up to the year 2007. Her incredible score during her boxing career earned her a solid score of 54-1-1 that included at least 16 victories that were obtained via knockouts. Among her various won titles, there was also the title of super flyweight and junior flyweight (WIBF). After her retirement from boxing, Halmich earned a successful place in the world of business as well with her successful launch of a cosmetic line. In this way, Halmich has not only become a successful businesswoman but she has also modeled for a variety of German magazines and a handful of other websites.

5. Cecilia Braekhus

If you are looking for the hottest female boxers of all times, Cecilia Braekhus carries a certain place in this list as well. Apart from being one of the most attractive boxers of all times, Braekhus has earned prominent titles in the world championships as well, such as IBO, WBO, and IBF. This is also one of the main reasons that Cecilia Braekhus has been nicknamed as “The First Lady”. She remained undefeated in at least 33 bouts; most interestingly, she is the first female boxer who has won all major boxing titles in alphabetic order. This distinction is shared merely by four other boxers in the history of boxers including Bernard Hopkins and Terence Crawford. Nothing is stopping this female boxer from gaining victories; even at the age of 36, she is still going fast and furious with having recently won another title of the best female boxer of the year 2017.

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