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Like other sports, if your kid is into boxing, then starting at an early age will provide many benefits. Kids have a lot of energy and providing them boxing gloves will help to use the energy in a positive way. But the question is how to get the best boxing gloves for kids. There are so many types of boxing gloves available in the market for kids, so finding the best one can be confusing.


There are many cheaper options too, but the cheap boxing gloves are made of poor quality materials and they also don't offer durability. Cheap baby boxing gloves might also lack the required padding to ensure maximum protection in order to cut costs. Boxing is a great fun activity that parents can do with their children to spend some quality time.

How to Find the Best Boxing Gloves for Kids

Children can learn many lessons by participating in sports and physical training that they might not be able to learn in a traditional classroom setting. While taking up any kind of sport like basketball, football, and even boxing, there are physical risks too. When it comes to boxing, for avoiding any kind of physical harm, you need quality boxing equipment. Boxing gloves and other accessories ensure maximum protection of your hands while making it a fun activity.

If you want to find the best boxing gloves for kids for the first time and save your trips to the market, then you must look for the following features.


If you opt for the durable material, it will last longer and withstand more wear and tear over time. For equipment that you can use for a longer time, choose the quality materials. For the outer surface of the gloves, vinyl, and leatherwork well and you can also get gloves with a mix of these two.


If you are in the market and want to buy youth boxing or kids boxing gloves, the foremost thing to consider is safety. Children supposed to enjoy this physical activity and have fun. But if this ends up in an injury, pain or discomfort due to poor quality gloves, then it will be difficult for them to continue the sport.

For this, you must look for the gloves that have enough padding to ensure maximum protection. There are different types of padding that absorb the shock and protect your wrist and knuckles. Injection-molded foam padding is one of the best that works to redistribute forces created by the impact. It is an excellent option to prevent injuries and you can easily find this technology in the market.


Cool things attract children. If you were a kid, you would also look for something that is trendy. Kids prefer products that have unique and intricate designs with vibrant colors. Along with buying a visually appealing pair of boxing gloves, you must keep in mind durability and safety too.

Wrist Support

In boxing, most of the injuries occur in the wrist. The bones of kids are more fragile as compared to adults. Their wrists are more prone to hyperextension and hyperflexion because their muscles are not fully developed.

There are numerous types of wrist straps and among them, the most comfortable is hook and loop wrap-around closure system. Gloves with hook and loop are easy to put on and take off while training just in a few seconds. Hook and loop provide adequate support, but lace-up style gloves closure offer more protection.

There is a drawback of the lace-up system, kids can't take them on or off by themselves, they need a second hand for it. Parents can buy a pair of gloves with hook and loop closure system for the training and lace-up closure ones for competition.


For kids, boxing is meant to be a fun activity and an enjoyable experience. So, it is crucial that all of their equipment, whether it is boxing gloves, shoes or hand gear, must be comfortable. Discomfort will distract them and instead of having fun, they will end up in frustration.

Make sure that the inside material of the boxing gloves for kids is soft and flexible so that it doesn't restrict the hand movement of your kid. Comfort means finding the right fit for your child. The gloves shouldn't be so small that they won't allow your kid to close their palms properly. And they shouldn't be large as they will slide around their hands and become annoying for them. To find a perfect fit for your kid, make sure to pick a size that fits properly without causing any restrictions.

Quality of Youth Boxing Gloves

The quality of youth boxing gloves is usually the same as that of professional boxing gloves. The main ingredient of these gloves is gel and foam padding which is also present in professional boxing gloves. The outer surface is covered with synthetic leather, vinyl or leather. To make them last longer, premium quality materials are used in their construction. They undergo heavy-duty construction and stitching to withstand wear and tear.

The padding, foam, and shapes of kid’s boxing gloves are no different from that of adults, but there might be a difference in their closure systems. Gloves for kids come with Velcro wrist strap to make them easy to use for kids. There is a wide range of top quality gloves in different colors and designs all over the world, but among them, one that stands out is the Starpro Boxing Gloves. Starpro uses the world’s best quality materials for the construction of gloves which not only last longer but also provide high protection.

One important thing to remember is that gloves stretch after some time. So don't buy the gloves that are too comfortable because they will loosen up after several uses.

Is Boxing Safe For Kids?

As a parent, you must be concerned about whether boxing is good for your kid or not. Most people, including doctors, believe that boxing is a sport in which kids are rewarded and encouraged to hit each other, which is absolutely wrong.

  • In boxing, kids do not interact with each other physically and there is no risk of getting injured. Sparring is a different thing and no kid is allowed to do it before getting adequate training.
  • In the training session, your children don't punch bags or other kids. Under the supervision of a trainer, they begin with some movement exercises to enhance their motor skills. They learn some stretching exercises and beginner punches to have full control over their body and on the sport and all this happens in a safe environment where peers surround them.
  • Boxing is a sport that is not damaging for your kid. They might get more hurt by playing football, tackling and sliding.
  • Boxing training is also an excellent way to keep your kids off the streets and help them to get rid of the negative emotions in them and excess energy.
  • Moreover, trainers teach your kids how to react in a panic situation, guide them to have control of their emotions and how to react if there is any conflict.
  • Boxing gloves for babies are designed to fit their smaller hands and to offer protection. So, parents don't have to worry about the weak and fragile wrists of their children.

How to Buy the Best Kids Boxing Gloves

Finding the best kids boxing gloves is a challenging task. For this, you can rely on the quality, price, brand reputation and reviews. There are many options available in the market and you can select the best one by this guide.


Reviews of other users are the best way to find out whether the product is worth buying or not. These are basically comments from other people who have used these gloves by themselves, have experience with these or may know better products than this. All this provides us an unbiased and excellent idea of the most suitable product.

From the reviews, you can easily know whether the stitching is secure, padding is comfortable or kids liked them or not. The information you get from reviews is much better and more reliable than the information provided by the company itself.


Everyone has a different budget and needs when it comes to baby boxing gloves. You can surely find a perfect pair of boxing gloves for your children that makes them happy and are according to their experience and training level. But this task requires your effort.

Boxing gloves for kids are not too expensive. Instead of buying an expensive pair, focus on the durability and quality of the product.


If you are a boxing follower, you must be aware of the top brands which guarantee to offer supreme quality products. When it comes to boxing gloves, there are many top brands that are recognizable and trustworthy.

The brands which specialize in manufacturing boxing gloves for kids are the best option to opt for. But you can also consider the new brands using the modern and latest technology for a better experience.


All sports require good quality equipment to get the most from them, especially in boxing. To make sure that the boxing experience of your kid is productive and enjoyable, the high-quality accessories and equipment is a must.

Everything from the material to stitching, fall in the category of quality. A quality pair of boxing gloves is not the one that is manufactured with good quality material but the one that ensures proper protection, durability, and high performance. Lack of quality in any of these features impact the performance of kids and can lead to injury. Bad quality boxing gloves also can't bear wear and tear and you will have to buy a new one after just a few fights.

If you want to prevent any injury and don't want to spend more money, then go for high-quality materials.

Types of Kids Boxing Gloves

People believe that there are two types of boxing gloves, kids lace-up boxing gloves, and laceless boxing gloves. But there are many other kinds of kid’s boxing gloves.

Bag: As you can assume from the name of these gloves, they are used for training with a punching bag. These gloves are not as padded but offer adequate support and protection to avert any wrist strain. If your kid trains for a longer time, bag gloves are the best option. Kids can wear these gloves all day long without feeling any fatigue.

Competition: Competition gloves are the best and highest quality boxing gloves. These are used only for the competition which means that they are least used. These gloves are not heavy, just like the training gloves and also have less padding as compared to other types of gloves. Pros wear these gloves and if your kid is at the beginning stage, he or she will get to wear these after a long time.

All-Purpose Training: These gloves are perfect to wear when your kid is training with a bag or a sparring partner. The all-purpose boxing gloves are the ideal choice for those who can't afford multiple pairs of gloves. With adequate padding and wrist support, these gloves make sure that your child can train longer without getting hurt.

Sparring: Sparring gloves lie in between competition and training gloves. These gloves help your kid to have a proper fight without any injuries. These have an adequate amount of padding needed to practice for longer sessions. These gloves are heavier than the competition ones and the primary purpose of adding weight is to limit the amount of power from the kid as more power might hurt the kid as well as the sparring partner.

Benefits of Boxing for Kids

Boxing is a highly recommended activity for kids and youngsters. Apart from physical and social benefits, boxing is good for the mental health of your kids too.

Physical Health Benefits

The physical health benefits of boxing are as follows:

  • It improves hand-eye coordination.
  • It helps to prevent childhood obesity as children are involved in physical activity.
  • It improves general cardiovascular health and fitness.
  • It helps to gain balance, agility, and control over footwork.
  • Boxing builds upper body strength.

Mental Health Benefits

The psychological impacts and influences of boxing include:

  • Kids learn discipline and respect by practicing this sport.
  • It helps to develop emotional control.
  • Kids become able to identify the inner strength and as a result, their confidence level improves.
  • It helps to build character as kids interact with different people during training.
  • Boxing boosts the mental focus of kids.

Social Development

During boxing, your kid meets the new opponents. Most of the kids train individually. However, they get the chance of meeting new friends who are also preparing for boxing. Some boxing leagues also provide an opportunity for children to explore new places in the world. Kids deal with other children with different backgrounds and this type of exposure promotes healthy mental and social development of your kid at an early age.

Self Defense

Boxing makes kids learn hooks, crosses, jabs and uppercuts, which ensures that you kids can defend themselves in the hour of need. The footwork and proper technique they learn through boxing enhance their awareness and speed.

Boxing Gloves for Kids and Youth Boxing

Kids have delicate hands as compared to adults, so the boxing gloves for kids need some extra padding. These gloves also need some attractive and cute patterns imprinted on them to develop more interest in children in this game. The characteristics of kid's boxing gloves are the same as that of adult's boxing gloves, but they provide extra security and protection. To offer you a better understanding and idea, we have given the ten best boxing gloves for kids that you can buy.

Starpro Junior Pro Gloves

Starpro Junior Pro Gloves are designed to keep kids fit. They offer endurance and strength to every sports enthusiast kid. These gloves not only provide complete protection for hands and wrist but also strengthens their core muscles. They turn your training sessions into an enjoyable and comfortable experience as well as minimize the risk of any injury during training. It is an ideal and secure choice for kids who professionally train and do boxing.

  • The comfortable wrist closure design and IMF padding inside these gloves make sure that your kid shows outstanding performance in training sessions as well as in competition. To keep the hands comfortable and prevent bacteria from thriving, Starpro has designed a breathable vent design with Hydra flow mesh. The moisture-wicking sweat palm averts the discomfort caused by sweating.
  • These gloves are made of long-lasting as well as wear and tear-resistant Korean PU Duratec material which falls in the category of artificial leather. The outer black texture of the gloves is soft with Starpro logo and is highly rebound, breathable as well as comfortable. These gloves fit snugly to the hands of your kids for their boxing training exercise. Also, the design of these gloves is perfect for preventing sprain wrist and is a comfortable wear.
  • Your junior deserves the best equipment. Starpro Junior Pro Gloves has especially been designed with optimal shock absorption features. They will make your champions fight like a pro.
  • These gloves have been constructed according to the natural curvature of your kid's hands. With extraordinary cushioning, Starpro gloves offer pressure distribution and maximum shock absorption. The wrap around the strap of these gloves is 8cm wide PU/Velcro, making them ready to put on and take off by your little boxers.
  • The superior quality of Korean material used for the preparation of these gloves ensures the utmost comfort for the little ones in every punch.

Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves

The black and red color combination with a cool Venum logo incorporated on the outer surface, these gloves are quite appealing for your young ones. These gloves are the perfect option if your kid is at the introduction phase of boxing. The most exciting part for kids is that these gloves are available in a variety of colors, so your kid can have a pair of his or her preference. Baby boxing gloves don't mean to compromise on quality, these gloves are made of premium quality synthetic leather and the curved anatomic shape is adapted perfectly according to the small hands.

The quality of these kids' boxing gloves is the same as the quality of adult boxing gloves. The Velcro closure makes your child put on and take off these gloves by his or her own and he or she will not seek help from you for that. The variable sizes help you to find the perfect one. The multi-density padding keeps the little hands comfortable and secure inside the gloves. Apart from shock absorption, the attached thumb minimizes the risk of injury and twisting of the thumb. The ergonomic design of these gloves is easy to clean, but a drawback of these gloves is that they don't ventilate well.

Everlast Laceless Gloves

Everlast Laceless Gloves are soft padded and durable boxing gloves for babies. Constructed from the superior quality synthetic leather, these gloves are perfect for your kid during boxing training sessions. The red color makes them appealing and attractive for children and the logo of Everlast is incorporated on the cuff of the gloves.

The design of these gloves is easy to put on and take off by young ones. The simple elastic cuff closure provides more convenience as compared to kids lace up boxing gloves. You can use these toddler MMA gloves for training and competition too.

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves are stubbornly long-lasting and durable toddler MMA gloves. Made of hard Maya-Hide leather, these gloves offer maximum impact resistance for your kids. The shell shock gel in these gloves is compact and doesn't make these gloves heavy weighted. On the first curvature of these gloves, there is EVA-LUTION foam which allows natural punch formation of your hand and doesn't restrict any movement.

The incorporated QD-1 lining enhances sweat evaporation and keeps your hands dry. The aerated holes in the inner surface avert sweat buildup and make the gloves last for longer periods. Apart from all this, these baby boxing gloves due to dense latex padding equally distribute the force throughout the glove and reduce the impact. The Quick-EZ hook and loop enclosure supports the little wrists and provide a perfect fit so that the glove doesn't slip. On the curves over knuckles, there is sponge X padding that offers unmatched protection against force.

Available in a variety of colors, these gloves are built to offer total security, durability, and comfort. These are constructed according to the size and shape of the kid’s hands and also according to their bone structure. Along with high-quality padding, they are quite light to use and don't make your hands feel fatigued. The outer layer of these gloves is made of robust materials offering more and long-lasting resistance to wear and tear. The interior is equipped with soft cushioning that minimizes abrasions and bruising.

Farabi Kids Boxing Gloves

Farabi Kids Boxing Gloves come with the Nano-spores technology that helps in ventilation and soak the moisture to keep hands dry. The vented holes are strategically placed inside the palm mesh providing an attractive look and it allows fresh air to pass through the gloves. All this keeps the hands of your kids relaxed at the time of long practice sessions. These boxing gloves for babies are made of synthetic leather material that resists impact.

They are available in a variety of designs and color combinations. The swift-Z loop closure offers a better grip for the gloves around the wrist, making them easy to use whereas kids lace-up boxing gloves are quite difficult to put on. These gloves are ergonomically designed to fit the small hands of children. The X-Mould technology further makes these gloves a secure option for younger ones.

Ringside Extreme Youth Boxing Gloves

When it comes to youth boxing gloves, Ringside provides one of the bests. The injected molded foam padding system inside these gloves makes sure that the hands remain safe and prevent injuries. The incorporated flexible hook & loop wrist closure system provides extra support to little wrists.

The synthetic leather used for these gloves is durable, making them last longer and the material is also easy to clean, making cleaning a hassle-free task. The inner side of the gloves is ventilated, making airflow easy and promotes evaporation of water and sweat.

Elite Sports Kids Boxing Gloves

Elite Sports Kids Boxing Gloves are available in 10 color options and you can choose the one your kid likes. The durable and long-lasting MAYA HIDE leather is used for the manufacturing of these gloves, which enhances their performance and also makes them easy to clean. These gloves are of different sizes and fit comfortably on your kid's hands. They are ultra-lightweight and quite convenient to maintain. With the pre-curved anatomic design that fits hands perfectly, your kid will focus more on training rather than maintaining the perfect fist closure.

There is a stretchable leather strap incorporated in these gloves that provides a safer and adjustable wrist closure to minimize any injuries or sprains. The impact of foam and triple-density gel padding inside the gloves provides the needed protection to your kid for training harder. These kid's boxing gloves have a 3D cooling mesh that keeps hands dry and cool, providing proper airflow and ventilation.

Dtown Boxing Gloves for Kids

Dtown kid’s boxing gloves aim to provide fun to every child, youth and toddler while playing boxing with their parents or friends. These boxing gloves for babies are beneficial in minimizing the risks of injuries during playing. The high-quality materials used in the manufacturing of these gloves strengthens the core muscles of kids and are available in different sizes. The PU leather in these gloves provides high resistance against force and the breathable mesh keeps the hands dry.

The foam padding of these gloves not only offers excellent cushioning for protection but also provides heat insulation. Available in four vibrant colors and two sizes, these gloves are the perfect option to enjoy your family fun. For support and secure fit, there is a large Velcro enclosure with elastic. The inner surface has 5 air holes for proper ventilation and the natural curved handshake shape of the gloves ensures safer training.

Cheerwing Kids Boxing Gloves

Kids love cartoon characters and Cheerwing has used this strategy in its boxing gloves for kids. These toddler MMA gloves are perfect for children age 5 to 10 years. The supreme-quality PU leather and EVA foaming used in these gloves make them durable for longer periods of time. Your kids can use these gloves for punching bags, training, striking, MMA, focus pads, competition, grappling and punch mitts.

To ensure superior wrist support, Cheerwing has incorporated elastic wrist strap in these gloves, which also makes them easy to use for children. These gloves provide a perfect fit for kids so your child can start training at an early age. Along with lightweight and reliability, there is another advantage of these gloves and that is low price. A drawback of these gloves is that kids can’t use them for professional use.

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves

Sanabul Essential gel boxing gloves make sure that the little hands remain protected inside. Available in different vivid colors combined with black, these youth boxing gloves go all-black for an outstanding look. The gel-infused feature of these gloves takes the hits for the kids and prevent injuries. The gloves are lightweight and for long training, it is a perfect choice. Your kid will not even feel that he or she was wearing gloves all day long.

The mesh palms keep your hands dryer and fresh. The natural curvature design of the gloves offers proper fist closure. Apart from youth boxing gloves, Sanabul also designs boxing gloves for men and women.


Boxing might seem dangerous for kids at the start, but it is actually a beneficial and safe sport for kids and teenagers. Boxing gloves play a vital role in ensuring the safety of your kids. They are available in numerous colors, designs, and sizes. Regardless of brand and price, your ultimate goal while buying baby boxing gloves must be comforting. Some boxing gloves fit better than others, so it is recommended to do proper research before purchasing.