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Beginners or teens should learn all the basics to get the most out of their workout exercises. Punching bag exercises for beginners build strength and cardiovascular stamina along with self-confidence and developing the self-protection techniques that are great confidence booster. Punching bag exercises for beginners are a full body aerobic exercise that help in losing weight, improving balance, coordination and strength and toning up the muscles. So, punching bag workout training are helpful in many ways like a beginner can burn around about 10 calories per minute while doing punching bag exercise.


What Exactly Is A Punching Bag Exercise?

A punching bag is a workout exercise gear that helps in enhancing fitness levels and overall health. To hit a punching bag, it entails quite a lot of energy and it tests one’s stamina and strength. Mostly for people who hit punching bags and due to it, their full-body engagement helps in burning calories while supporting main muscle assemblages.

This punching bag is fairly a simple piece of workout gear that delivers outstanding results no matter what your exercise goal is. Punching bags are a prized addition to a commercial gym or home spaces no matter your workout focus is a whole-body workout, defined muscular body or whetted defensive expertise. Remember, a punching bag usually weighs between 50 to 150 pounds and when you hit a punching bag properly while doing exercise, it helps you lose weight without even causing any harm to your health. Moreover, it trains your muscle groups and improves your upper body stamina and bone-building strength overall.

How Punching Bag Exercises Involve Full-Body Engagement?

Punching bag exercises are way more intense, burn fats and help in enhancing self-defense. But you need to tailor the movements to hit the punching bag as you need to involve the upper body and lower body in the workouts. Whenever one-hit punching bag, fist, feet, knees, the whole body experiences a great confrontation. So, the body gets activated while engaging shoulders, arms, chest, back, and legs.

While doing uppercuts and hooks, arms and back are used, while your chest and shoulder strengthen more when you do straight punches. Same as that if you have to increase muscle mass, then you must attempt to change your punching bag exercise routine to focus on different parts of the body.

Punching Bag Exercises For Beginners

For beginners, it is recommended to take punching bag exercises at their own and include them into their regular workout routine step by step. But, it is essential to follow proper techniques and combination methods. Read on as we have shared some effective and efficient punching bag exercises for beginners. So, wrap your hand, wear gloves and get started with your training exercises.

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Firstly, begin with basic punches and then carry on with the punch combinations to intensify your workout exercises. Basic boxing punches on punching bags include but not limited to jabs, crosses, left and right uppercuts, and left and right hooks. You can also combine these punches to enhance different areas of your body or to improve specific combat techniques. Such as;

  • Jab–cross
  • Jab-cross-jab-cross
  • Cross–hook–cross
  • Jab–cross–hook–cross
  • Jab–hook–cross
  • Jab–cross–jab–cross–hook–hook

Focus On Punching

To get the most out of your punching bag exercise training, focus on your punching skills while keep on learning and practicing proper techniques. Below are the basic punches that as a beginner you will need to practice and master:


Jab is the first basic punch that you learn in punching bag exercise training. Performing jab is an effective punching bag exercise for beginners. Drill these punches by moving around the punching bag and throwing jabs from different directions and angles.


Jab-cross is a one-two combination technique to practice once you are satisfied that you have learned to throw proper jabs from every angle. This method commences with a jab followed by a cross. In this combination, you will use the left hand to throw a jab and while this punch will be on its way back, you will throw cross with your right hand.


No matter if a jab-cross may sound easy to some individuals but it can take weeks and sometimes months for beginners to learn this combination well. After you feel you have learned the jab-cross combination well, include another jab-cross-jab -cross and like that make it four punches combination now. That is how you will increase your speed slowly and it will also let you practice footwork. Do not forget to keep your hands up during punches.

Work On Lower Body

Adding kicks to punching bag exercise routine for beginners is also crucial. This will help in burning extra 15 calories every 10 minutes. Get expert in these three basic kicks on the punching bag that are a front kick, roundhouse, and sidekick. Athletes who have more weight may burn more fat while the ones who weigh relatively less may burn less fat.

Apart from this, other kicks that beginners can include in their punching bag exercise routine include hook kick, back kick, sweep kick and more. Remember to keep the body close to the bag while also throwing elbows and knees.

To save beginners from any inconvenience, we have saved their research time and mentioned below an easy and simple punching bag exercise routine that they can follow to make a start with:

Loosening up/Warmup

10 minutes jumping rope

20 crouches

20 pushups

40 crunches

Shadowboxing (Three Minute Rounds)

Basic jab, cross and hook punches

Rest for 30 seconds

Repeat it four times

For punching bag exercises for beginners, it is advisable that they try to hold on to three-minute rounds initially and then progressively increase the round to five-minute as they achieve stamina. But remember not to be too hard on yourself at first and give yourself a minute’s rest in the middle of each round. Improve yourself and hold onto your movements while carrying on with punching the bag, no matter if you are even just punching it at a low pace.

Finishing The Round

50 push-ups

50 crouches

100 sit-ups

Rest as little as you can to build strength

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