5 ways boxing can help you stay fit in quarantine!

Boxing is all about speed, strength, hand-eye coordination, power, endurance, and agility. To hone the athletic skills as that of an athlete, you can try boxing as your quarantine fitness activity. Boxing is not all about physical strength as it allows you to have a better focus and mental health. With COVID-19 jolting your routine, boxing can help you in staying fit, focused and positive. You can stay fit in quarantine and can get the great shape and enhanced health by trying it out in your home. Stay inside, box and enjoy your new fitness routine.

Improved Cardiovascular Health with Aerobic Exercises

Nothing is better than aerobic exercises when it comes to burning calories and losing weight. Improved cardiovascular health can be obtained by doing aerobic exercises. The aerobic advantages you get by boxing are unmatched as it helps your heart and lungs to function better. You can start with basic jumping, running and later moving to kickboxing. More the sweat production, more would be the benefits. You cannot go to the gym during quarantine and this is the best time to explore the health benefits you can get by boxing. If you do not have a treadmill at your place, no need to worry as aerobic exercises are going to help you in reaching the oxygen consumption level of 35ml of oxygen.

If you train hard and remain determined, you can reach an 80-85ml oxygen consumption level.

All you need is boxing gloves like Hi-tech training boxing FAT gloves or amateur boxing gloves for kickboxing.

Enhanced Total-Body Strength with Boxing Workout

Boxing workouts amazing in the sense that they provide you an exceptional amount of strength that you can utilize for losing or maintaining your weight. Punching, jumping, running and kicking needs great strength and once you start doing it, you do not need to go to the gym. All you need is your bodyweight and you are good to go. For boxing workout, you need boxing gloves and speed striking ball or punching bag. Boxing workouts are amazing in a way that allows you to engage your entire body along with your mind. This will strengthen your lower body, upper body, core, and your mind as well. The best part about boxing workouts is that you do not need gym items or nay other products as you can do it with your bodyweight. Boxing workouts and martial art workouts are the best available option that you can try to stay fit in quarantine.

With martial arts workout, you can burn up to 600 calories per hour.

Martial arts workout and boxing sculpt your entire body like your arms, legs, shoulders, and core in the best manner. Not only this, but you will also be amazed to experience the positive vibe and mental peace with enhanced focus.

Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination by punching the speed bag

Hand-eye coordination is usually less discussed because it is largely linked with boxing only. You need hand-eye coordination in every sphere of your life. Various research findings have demonstrated the fact that better hand-eye coordination ensures faster reflexes. People who have exceptional hand-eye coordination have better physical coordination. People who tend to box in their young days have better physical coordination even when they get old. This offers you better balance and you can use this balance for your difficult yoga postures.

For enhanced hand-eye coordination, you require a punching bag or speed striking ball.

You can use wrap gloves for this activity. When you punch the speed bag, you have to punch it again right it bounces back which offers you speed and strength. This is an amazing exercise as it allows you to focus on the target and hit it again upon reaction. It will be a tough thing at the start but with practice and training, you will become a pro.  

Decreased Stress

COVID-19 has brought so many changes in everyone’s life and stress tops the list. With confusion and uncertainty, people are stressed as they have no idea what is going to happen next and how this chaos will end. You cannot develop a vaccine but you can surely get your hands on boxing workouts to reduce stress. Every physical activity plays a vital role in reducing your stress level.

Boxing activities increase endorphins which work as a form of meditation leading to boosting your mood and decreasing stress.

This workout is going to improve your sleep cycle. You cannot get all these benefits by relying on a walk or run alone. Boxing workouts are amazing as they provide you an exceptional outlet for stress. The entire activity includes intense exercise followed by moderate recovery periods. Many people claim that they forgot everything while punching the bag. They were least concerned about their job and about the issues they have in their life. The mental strength you get by punching the bag is exceptional and the best part is that you are sculpting your legs, arms, core, and shoulders while beating your stress out. No exercise other than boxercise is going to give you physical and mental strength in this tough time.

Improved Body Composition

Boxing allows you to have improved body composition. Boxing is a full-body workout. You do not have to worry about fat on your arms or legs as this one workout will help you in shedding your overall weight. Other than weight loss, you can maintain your weight by shedding your fat mass and increasing your muscle mass.

In a nutshell, boxing and martial arts workout is unmatched because it not only focuses on your physical fitness but also on your mental strength. You get a lower stress level and enhances physical strength by boxing. With a punching bag and gloves, you need not worry about increasing weight and belly because you can stay fit and healthy while in quarantine. COVID-19 and quarantine are going to end soon and we are sure you do not get to step out with increased weight so boxercise inside and stay safe, fit, and healthy!