BJJ is a distinguished martial art form and its audience is augmenting with each passing day. Like every other sports form, injuries are inevitable in BJJ but the injury can be prevented in Bjj by following important things. As BJJ is mostly focused on joint locks, takedowns, and leverage, the injuries become inevitable in Bjj. You might have heard about worst Jiu-Jitsu injuries but the shocking part is that no BJJ competition has seen the worst injury to date.

Research analyzing the data of 6 years and it showed that MMA had the highest rate of worst injuries.

Injury prevention in BJJ is possible and it is equally possible to avoid injury in BJJ because this combat does not allow any kind of strikes. This means that BJJ is not as deadly as the other forms. Another important factor is that no heel hooks and neck cracks are allowed in the combat and this again makes the game less dangerous. However, orthopedic injuries cause great damage. Jiu-jitsu arm bar is the worst Ji Jitsu injury reason and it causes great damage to the muscles and elbow of the fighter.

The rate of injury in BJJ competition was significantly lower than the injury rates reported for judo, taekwondo, wrestling, and MMA competitions.

As per Rener Gracie, there are several kinds of injuries but the most common affect the muscles and the other one is considered the worst injury in BJJ and that is an injury to tendons, nerves, and ligaments. Though the injury to the muscle is painful since it is localized, it can be treated within a few days. On the other hand, the injury to nerves and tendons is extremely painful, and proper care and consultation are needed. This is a serious kind of injury and one has to take serious care in such a case. This usually happens when a fighter overextends his knee and ends up tearing his ACL. At times, the initial stages of injury are not very painful but they turn into a big issue in the later stages.

Rener Gracie had pain in his leg after combat and he took it as a quadriceps injury. Later on, he was unable to walk and upon consulting the doctor, he came to know that there was hernia in a disc of his spine. This led to surgery and it took him 10 months to start over again.

At times, it appears that BJJ injury is a muscle injury while it is not. At times, it turns out to be a nerve injury and one must consult a doctor to heal it instead of managing it himself. The following are the few significant BJJ injuries that one needs to know about!

The lower back injury

The lower back injury in BJJ is caused by:
  • Shallow stacking
  • Spinal twists
  • Hyperextension
Without a doubt, they are the most common injuries as most of the BJJ fighter utilize their muscles in the pelvic area in full guard. Depending on the side of their opponent in the combat, they might get their muscles pulled as their opponent pulls his body awkwardly. Lower back injuries might take more time but the best solution is to see a doctor and get some rest before training again.

The neck injury

The common cause of neck injury in BJJ is:
  • Deep stacking
  • Can opener holds
  • Neck cranks
  • Posting with the head
Like muscle injuries, neck injuries are also quite common as many fighters get it when they are trying to break and get out of a headlock. Posting one’s head and rolling it also leads to a neck injury. Usually, people take slipping of the disc as muscular pain which can be lethal. The easiest way to identify a nerve injury is to see if the sensation or throbbing pain travels to your arms and fingers. Seeing a doctor without any delay is the only solution.

Knee injury

Knee injuries are usually caused by leg locks and sweeps. This affects the stability of the knee of the fighter as the muscle or ligament is affected by a leg lock. Hyperextension of the knee is the major cause in many cases as additional pressure is experienced by the knee. The intensity of the tear is to be checked in such cases. A full tear can only be healed by surgery.

Shoulder injury

Shoulder injuries are not very dangerous but they are common in BJJ. It occurs due to arm locks, shooting, and posting. One must keep his elbows close to avoid shoulder injuries otherwise he will be attacked and the fight will lead to arm bar or wristlocks. Like knee injury, this can be great damage to your ligament as it can also be a full tear.

Ear injury

Shooting and grappling cause ear injury. One can avoid a cauliflower ear by becoming a grappler. It can be dangerous at times as it is a process and not a moment. This happens when the cartilage in the ear gets damaged. This causes the blood to rush into the ear and if it is not drained properly, the chances of blood solidifying in the ear increase. This can be avoided by:
  • By resting and draining
  • By wearing a headgear
  • By being less aggressive
Injuries are inevitable in BJJ but healing them instantly and choosing a suitable doctor for your treatment is the key.